An angle grinder is a very useful tool not just for work around the house but for commercial projects as well. With the varied capabilities of an angle grinder, it is essential to choose a model that will work for the tasks you have at hand.

Since angle grinders are relatively easy to find, you can be overwhelmed with the number of choices on the market. Luckily we have done a bit of work to help you narrow things down. These are the 10 best angle grinders on the market in 2021, plus we help you choose the best one for you. 

What To Look For In An Angle Grinder

Power Source

The angle grinder is either going to be electric or battery powered. Both types of angle grinders can be useful, but they certainly have their differences. For hard to reach places without electricity nearby, the battery-operated angle grinder is a great choice. You also won’t have a heavy cord pulling down on you if you are doing overhead work. 

However, the battery-operated angle grinders typically don’t have quite as much power as the corded models. The corded models with a constant flow of power tend to do a better job of keeping work more consistent. Choosing the proper power source is essential. You won’t be able to go back and change this feature of your angle grinder. 


Most angle grinders on our list are going to be 4.5 inches. This is a standard size for a compact angle grinder, and it tends to work out quite well for most projects. There are some 5 inch angle grinders here as well. You must know the size of the model you choose as it will determine the blade size that you need as well. Some angle grinders come with a few blades to get you started. However, blades will need to be replaced often. 

Handle Position 

The handle position on an angle grinder is important. Depending on what type of projects you are working on, you may need to move the handle position around. The handle should be adjustable, and it should be easy to move without the use of a tool. Having to stop your work to adjust the handle continually adds unnecessary time to the task at hand. Get something with an easy to set handle position and make sure that you are comfortable working on your project. 

Best Overall

1. Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

Key Features

Lightweight and compact

6.0 amp  motor 

2 Position Side Auxiliary Handle

Safety features

Sealed Switch 

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Our Take

The Bosch 4 ½ Inch Angle Grinder sits at the top of our list. This angle grinder is lightweight and compact, yet it still has plenty of power to complete a job. The motor is a 6.0 amp that can be used in professional type cutting and grinding situation. Some angle grinders are only suitable for light work, but the Bosch holds up well even during challenging projects. 

If you are someone that thinks the angle grinder will be a popular tool in your house, comfort is essential. The Bosch angle grinder has plenty of adjustability. A two-position handle helps you get the grinder to a position that feels comfortable for you. 

When your Bosch angle grinder needs some work, it will stop functioning altogether. This is what Bosch calls a Service Minder Brush System. You won’t be able to work the tool until you give it the proper attention it deserves. This is an excellent option for the long term durability of the product. 

Best Premium

2. DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, Paddle Switch, 4-1/2-Inch

Key Features


Dust Extraction system 

Active vibration control


Retractable Utility Hook 

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Our Take

Dewalt tools are very often some of the more expensive choices on the market. The good news about the Dewalt products is that they tend to be very durable and hold up over time. Many Dewalt products also work interchangeably with each other. This way, if you purchase all of one brand, you may be able to get certain parts to work together. 

The Dewalt angle grinder features a brushless motor that will help it run for longer periods. You will also notice that this is a smooth grinder. In fact, if it jams up, there is a high torque reaction to help you feel it relatively a bit less. 

As lightweight as the Dewalt angle grinder is, it’s hard to believe the things that it can accomplish. Having a lightweight but powerful angle grinder is a great feature. You won’t get tired of using your tool, yet you will still get the job done quickly.

One thing worth mentioning about the Dewalt is that it works very well for overhead work. If you will be in a difficult position using your angle grinder, this is an excellent choice from Dewalt. 

Best Value

3. CRAFTSMAN Small Angle Grinder Tool 4-1/2-Inch

Key Features

4 ½ inch grinder

6 amp motor 

Tool free guard 

Very fair pricing

Comfortable handle 

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Our Take

The Craftsman Small Angle Grinder Tool is one of the lowest price options that you will find on the market. However, even for the low price, you are going to get a high quality tool. The Craftsman has just as much power as our top choice, the Bosch. 

When you need to make adjustments to your Craftsmen angle grinder, you will not need a box of tools to do so. The tool-free guard will allow you to quickly get this grinder set as you need it. The handle is a three position handle that will give you more access to the piece that you are working on. 

In addition to having three pieces, the handle of the Craftsman angle grinder is also comfortable. The handle is over molded and contoured to make it feel as though it naturally sits in the hand of the user. Whether you are working on a quick project or one that will take several hours, this Craftsman is a great choice to consider. 

4. Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2″ Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder

Key Features

7.5 amp motor

Weighs 4.5 pounds 

Long tool life 

Continuous operation settings

Large paddle switch 

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Our Take

When you first look at the Makita Angle Grinder pricing, you may think it is a bit high. However, when you realize that this grinder comes with the case, the grinder, wheels, and even a Makita diamond blade, you will know you are getting a good value. 

The Makita has a small barrel grip that is only 2 ½ inches wide. This helps to ensure that your hand will not get tired if you are using the angle grinder for an extended period. This Makita has settings that allow you to keep it operating continuously. 

The continuous operation switch is essential for longer projects. The outside of the Makita was produced with material that will keep dust and debris away from the angle grinder’s interior housing. Essentially the seals and the motor are going to stay in better condition. This will significantly increase the lifespan of the tool. The Makita angle grinder is one you will own for a very long time. 

5. Metabo HPT Angle Grinder

Key Features

It comes as a package set

6.2 amp motor

Quick off feature


Smaller grip 

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Our Take

If you like everything about the Makita angle grinder, other than the price, this Metabo is an excellent choice to consider. This is another package deal that will come with the grinder, the case, and several wheels to use as well. 

The 4 ½ angle grinder is the perfect size to work on a variety of projects around the house. For safety and ease of operation, Metabo does a great job with the quick off feature and ergonomic handle. With the side handle, you will be able to improve your control and even set this to work for the left-handed craftsman. 

You will notice that just like the Makita, the smaller grip is going to help keep your hand from getting tired while working with the Metabo. With a one year warranty, this Metabo comes with everything needed to get yourself cutting and grinding today.

6. PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool, 4-½,-Inch, 7.5-Amp (PC750AG)

Key Features

7.5 amp motor 

Small and compact size 

Professional level quality 

Fair pricing

4.5 inch wheel

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Our Take

Porter Cable makes tools that are built for both home and professional use. This Porter Cable Angle grinder comes at a very fair price, but it offers plenty of power and performance. In fact, for the price, this is one of the most powerful units you will find on our list. 

The Porter Cable Angle Grinder is a cast metal design that is durable and will hold up for many years. Angle grinders are often exposed to quite a bit of flying debris, and it is essential that their casing is strong. 

One of the things that we enjoyed the most about this Porter Cable angle grinder is the large on/off trigger switch. Regardless of the project that you are working on, you will have access to the switch. Sometimes, it can be dangerous or difficult to take your hand off and turn the angle grinder off when working on a project. With the Porter Cable, you will not have to worry.

7. KIMO 20V Brushless Cordless Angle Grinder

Key Features

It comes as a complete kit

Battery operated

Brushless motor

9000 RPM Motor

It comes with long lasting battery 

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Our Take

All of the other options on our list have been corded angle grinders. The only battery operated angle grinder that made our top ten was the KIMO Brushless Cordless Angle Grinder. When you switch to battery power, it is essential to remember that you may lose a bit of functionality. 

For lightweight projects and areas where you don’t have access to power, battery-operated angle grinders are a great choice. However, for those who will be doing commercial type projects for long periods of time, the battery power probably is not the best choice. 

This KIMO angle grinder has a brushless motor, and it is very stable and smooth. The longer runtime of a brushless motor makes it quite a bit more efficient to use this KIMO. The KIMO is one of the quietest angle grinders on the market, thanks to its battery and a 9000 RPM motor. Even though you will spend some time charging the battery of this model, the KIMO Comes with a long lasting battery. 

8. MANUSAGE 7-Amp Angle Grinder

Key Features

5 inch 

7 amp motor

High safety protection 

Easy to use 

Detachable side handle 

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Our Take

The Manusage Angle Grinder comes with a 7 amp motor and some great safety features. If you need something that is a bit larger, you will enjoy that this is 5 inch model. Most of the others on our list are 4.5 inch angle grinders. 

One of the things that makes the Manusage stand out is the ergonomic design. This is a tool that allows the user to feel as though they are in control the entire time that they are operating. There is a side handle that you can attach in three different directions. The angle grinder’s body is relatively lightweight and won’t tire someone that is using it for extended periods. 

With the thick protective cover over the body of the model, you will find that there is a very low chance of this angle grinder overheating. For the power, durability, and lightweight design, this is a great angle grinder for the money. 

9. Skil 8 Amp Corded Angle Grinder- AG242001

Key Features

8 amp motor

Lots of control

Safety lock 

Wrench storage 

High power for the size 

Our Rating

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Our Take

If you are a person who spends some time working with your hands, you likely know the benefit of Skil tools. Skil tends to be a brand that helps bring lots of power for a very fair price. The powerful Kil 8 corded grinder is good for a variety of smaller household type projects. Although we wouldn’t recommend this for a commercial level grinder, it does an excellent job at home. 

Our favorite feature is the three-position handle. You can attach the handle in several ways that allow for maximum control. When you need to make these handle adjustments, you won’t have to worry about where the wrench is stored. Inside the side, the handle is the wrench needed to adjust the position of these handles. 

In addition to the convenience factors, the Skil is also a very safe angle grinder. The safety lock with the paddle switch will make it hard to start this up accidentally. In addition, you will easily be able to shut down the angle grinder if needed. 

10. Hammerhead 6-Amp 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grin

Key Features

Easy guard adjustment

Wrench located inside the handle

6 amp motor

3 position side handle

Fair pricing

Our Rating

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Our Take

The Hammerhead 6 Amp Angle grinder is the last choice on our list. Although we still think this is a good angle grinder, it doesn’t seem to have the Bosch or Craftsman’s longevity. However, there are some convenient features to this tool. If you are looking for a lower priced option with great features, the Hammerhead could be a good choice. 

On the side of this angle grinder, you will find a three position side handle. This allows workers to have much more control and a firm grip over the grinder while working. With the Hammerhead, you will also have the ability to adjust the guard without having to break out a toolbox. 

Overall this model gives you everything you need in an angle grind. The paddle switch and safety lock help ensure that you are truly ready to work before it powers up. Keep this option in mind if some of the higher priced options are out of your budget. 

Buyers Guide

Now that you have a better idea of which of the angle grinders on the market will stand out from the rest. It’s time to narrow down which one will be the best fit for your workshop. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of an angle grinder. You will have to consider the type of work that you are doing and how these features will match up. Overall an angle grinder can be a very versatile and helpful tool. Make sure that you add the right one to your workshop. 

Speed & Power

Most of the angle grinders in our review were right around six amps of power. This is fairly standard for these smaller angle grinders. These tools are powerful and portable, and they will help projects to get completed quite a bit faster. 

If you choose something with lower power, you could run into some trouble on specific projects. When you use the angle grinder or more difficult material like concrete or brick, you will not only need the right blade; you will need power. 

Think about the project that you have to complete before you purchase your angle grinder. The more power you have, the easier it will be to get work done fast. The only downside to power is that it can be a little more challenging to control your angle grinder if you are new to working with power tools. 


Angle grinders vary in price from around $40 to over $140. The major differences between the lower and higher price models are the power source. The battery operated models tend to be quite a bit more expensive as they require the purchase of a battery in addition to the grinder. 

The other price variance that you will see is with the package sets and deals. Typically an angle grinder can be sold as just the grinder, or it can come with a case, extra blades, and more. Since the angle grinder tends to be a versatile tool, you will see that the price for a slightly better all in one kit is probably worth it. 

Motor Type 

Some angle grinders that are priced a little higher are also going to have a brushless motor. A brushless motor tends to be a bit more appealing to users than a standard brushed unit. The main benefits of a brushless motor are that they tend to be more efficient and have reduced noise and heat. 

This is great if you are working on an extended length project that will need your angle grinder on for a long time. The motor will be able to continue to work without you have to give the machine a break. This brushless technology tends to be expensive, but most find it to be worth it. 


All tools have handles; however, the best angle grinds are going to come with adjustable handles. The adjustable handles on the angle grinder make it so that you can use this tool in a variety of different locations. Whether you are working overhead or in a hard reach the spot, you can adjust the handles to work for your needs. 

This adjustability is especially important if you are a left handed person and tools tend to feel backward for you. The handle of an angle grinder will likely need a key to be able to be adjusted. Our favorite options are the ones that keep the key stored directly in the handle. You won’t have to worry about losing this, and you can quickly adjust to fit your needs. 


Whether this is your first project with an angle grinder or you are replacing an older tool, safety is essential. Most angle grinders will have some type of a guard on them to block and sparks or flames from coming your way. Angle grinds that allow you to adjust the guard without breaking out a tool box are very convenient. 

Another safety feature to keep an eye on is how you will turn the tool on and off. The angle grinders that have an easy to reach on and off switch are much smarter. You will be able to turn the grinder off while finishing up instead of having to stop and look for the on/off switch. 

Lastly, make sure that the grinder has some protection for overheating. When working on a project, you may get a bit carried away, and you will need a unit that shuts off if it is getting too hot. Pay attention to the safety features as they are added bonuses when purchasing an angle grinder. 

Professional or Home Use 

When purchasing an angle grinder, make sure that it is geared for the level of use that you are going to need from it. For those that plan on making a career from using their angle grinder, the more expensive heavy duty models are necessary. 

If you plan to use the angle grinder a few times a year for various projects, then the cheaper or more value home models will be a good choice. Remember that not all tools are capable of handling daily use. They will burn out in the middle of a project if they are not high enough quality. For home use and standard projects, any of the models on our list will be a perfect fit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Angle Grinder Used For? 

An angle grinder is a power tool that works really well for metal type projects. If you need to cut, grind or deburr metal, the angle grinder is a go to choice. You can also change the blade on an angle grinder and use it for polishing and finishing or projects as well. 

In addition to working with metal, an angle grinder can be used to cut tile and stone as well. The blades on the grinder will change based on the material you are using them with.  Some people like the capability and control of the angle grinder so much, they will use it on wood projects as well. 

It will take a bit of time to figure out all of the many uses for your angle grinder. This is a tool that will most certainly earn its spot in the garage! 

Are Angle Grinders Dangerous? 

As a hand held power tool, there is always a bit of danger involved in using an angle grinder. The important thing to always remember is to follow the safety precautions. For starters, you should be wearing protective equipment when working with an angle grinder. 

In addition, you should be using the safety devices that come with the angle grinder itself. The guard is an important thing to have in place and should never move. Although this may seem counterintuitive, choose an angle grinder with plenty of power. 

Having enough power can help you get through a project without so much force, and it can help make angle grinder cutting much safer. 

Can An Angle Grinder Be Used As A Saw? 

As we mentioned, angle grinders are an excellent choice for getting old paint off or cutting off a rough corner of metal. If you also have a few cuts to make and would rather not take out another tool, you can use an angle grinder. When using an angle grinder as a saw, make sure that the cut is only a straight one. 

An angle grinder can’t be used on an angled cut as it is not a safe way to use the blade. You also must make sure that the blade you have on your angle grinder is capable of making a full cut. Some blades are designed more for a sanding or deburring type motion. 

Are Cordless Angle Grinders Worth It? 

Battery powered technology has changed in the last few years. What batteries are capable of today is an entirely different thing than just a few years ago. The cordless angle grinders are so easy to use because they are portable. You won’t have to worry about a cord getting in your way, and we love them for overhead work as well. 

The problem you will see with the cordless angle grinders is that your power will decrease rather quickly. The more you use the grinder the faster the power will decrease, and you will end up having to wait for it to charge back up. This can make the project last quite a long time. 

One solution is to purchase an extra battery or two. This can help you keep batteries rotating and get your work done faster. The only problem with this is going to be the expense of the extra batteries. 

Are Angle Grinder Discs Interchangeable? 

Angle grinder discs are interchangeable. As long as you purchase discs that are the proper size for your angle grinder, then you can easily switch them out. Make sure that the unit that you purchase will accept discs from other brands. Sometimes you will get stuck with only being able to use one brand of disc, which can be frustrating. With the unique abilities of an angle grinder, it is smart to purchase various blades. The angle grinder will be a tool that you keep reaching for. 

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