Electric Snow Blowers: A Short Introduction

An electric snow blower is an incredibly convenient tool for around the home and one you must add to your at-home toolkit for Winter. This simple yet robust electronic device just is plugged in like any ordinary equipment. Just plug in your electric snow blower and it’s ready to help move built-up snow from pavements and driveways.

This nifty addition is very easy to use as manual sweeping of snow could result in injuries. Whereas this electric snow blower does most of the hard work, providing it to be a safe and efficient method of snow removal from your property.

Electric snow blowers are specifically useful in areas of heavy and regular snow. But there has been an increase in the number of different types of snow blowers in the market. So it can be difficult to find one that fits your needs exactly. That’s where our advice comes in!

This review is designed to help you pick a snowblower that is specifically catered to your exact needs. It entirely depends on the type of fit and design or uses that you want it for? Do you want a smaller one or an industrial size for bigger areas of cleaning snowfall? Are you looking for a single-stage snow blower or a two-stage snow blower?

In this review, we look at some of the best electric snow blowers in the market that are available right now. But first, let’s get into what you need to consider when buying an electric snow blower.

What To Consider When Buying An Electric Snow Blower


Having a lightweight snow blower is very important as it can get tiring handling a heavy blower, which slows things down. Therefore, a lightweight model helps speed things up making it an easy and quick process. There is less strain on the individual; making it very compact so that it can fit into relatively small spaces.


Snowblowers need to be durable so that it is worth the investment and the reliability of electric snow blowers are higher than ever due to its incredible build quality and an additional yearly guarantee- providing better reassurance about the quality of the product.

Discharge Chute Control

The discharge chute control refers to the place where snow is expelled from. A stronger powered two-stage electric snow blower is more likely to control how far the snow lands. Chute controls increase the convenience of the process of snow removal. By speeding things up, and reducing the hassle it may be worth the investment.

Electrically Powered

Electric snowblowers are known to be much better than gas-powered ones as it requires low maintenance and no need for any regular oil changes or new spark plugs, making it more efficient and easier to upkeep. Thus, this makes the electric feature an added bonus as it proves to be much more economically beneficial to your daily needs.

All it needs is a quick wipe after use and store it in a cool, dry place and it is good as new! Some electric snow blowers can even be rechargeable, and therefore are eco-friendly which is a great added bonus.

Top 10 Electric Snow Blowers In 2021

Best Overall

1. Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

Top Features
  1. No maintenance costs
  2. 180° adjustable chute- far throwing distance
  3. Suitable for larger driveways/areas
  4. Lightweight & compact
  5. Great value
  6. 15-amp motor
  7. Type: corded electric
Our Rating

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Our Take

This compact, lightweight yet powerful electric snowblower- 15-amp units and only 35lbs – has all the necessary features of good quality, fully functioning tools and also can be stored in small spaces. Although it is an electric powered snow blower, it has the power of gas-powered snowblowers making it more economically efficient and a worthwhile purchase. The addition of a 180° modifiable chute helps throw snow away at a whopping 25 meters into the air, leaving no room for error with its quick and convenient method of expelling snow away from driveways.  The bonus of bright LED lights promotes extra safety for individuals that are beginners, especially when removing snow in the dark. This nifty equipment combines both the maximum power and performance for only a small price.

If you want a simple yet effective electric eco-friendly, low-maintenance snowblower for household use, then this is the perfect fit for you. Its affordable price of $170 makes it accessible to most people and can perform better than some expensive gas-powered machines. The added features of a steel auger combined with a powerful motor makes it one of the easiest and efficient tools for hassle-free snow removal with a cheap price tag.

The SJ627E model includes a scraper bar to prevent any damage to personal property and also is provided with a chute clean-out tool to clean up snow debris, enabling this model to be a worthwhile investment for those who require moderate usage.

Most Affordable

2. Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower

Top Features
  1. 13-amp motor unit
  2. LED Lights
  3. Adjustable 180-degree chute
  4. 20″ clearing width
  5. No gas refill required
  6. Type: Corded
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Our Take

The Greenworks 20-inch corded Snow Thrower is powered by a 13-amp motor unit making it quite a sturdy piece of machinery. It comes in 2nd place to the Snow Joe if you just want a simple household snowblower with a slightly more affordable price tag but still want something that gets the job done. It’s durability yet compactness is one of the advantages of this specific snow blower as it weighs only 32lbs, ensuring that it is very easy to operate. The auger assistor in this machine makes this accessible for older individuals who may have difficulty handling, so this makes things simpler but providing extra support. One of the main benefits of this snowblower is that for its affordable price of approximately $120, it can clear up to 20” of snow at one time and also contains a 180-degree chute control which is surprising for such a budget-friendly machine.

Our take is that although this snowblower is slightly cheaper, the Snow Joe has a more powerful built-in motor and can throw 2 more inches of snow making it slightly more worth the extra bucks spent. Also, there have been some downfalls to the Greenworks one as it has slight trouble handling wetter snow as the chute clogs when turned too far to the left or right. However, there has been mention of an easy fix by simply getting non-stick spray to prevent that. The pole that attaches to the chute is hard to install for some and may not be as durable but for the price- point it is worth it for minimal clearances.

Best for Heavy Snowfall

3. PowerSmart DB2801 Cordless Electric Snow Blower

Top Features
  1.  80-Volt, 6.0-Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack
  2. Medium weight- 71 lbs
  3. 21 inch snow clearing width
  4. Brushless motor
  5. 180-degree rotating chute
  6. Type: Cordless battery-powered
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Our Take

An electric snowblower with a powerful cord-free 80-Volt, 6.0-Ah Lithium-Ion upgraded battery pack is a brilliant performer. This PowerSmart snow blower boasts a 21-inch clearing width and 12.5-inch intake height making it effective to break up moderate to heavy snow. Use this beast of a machine on sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and any other mid-size area to clear even the heaviest of snowfall. 

LED lights are a nice touch, meaning you can use this product at all times, even when the days are getting shorter and light is getting lower. The hassle-free cordless system makes this snow blower versatile and maneuverable, with a 180-degree rotating chute that is compact and lightweight. This makes the snow removal process smoother. The maximum distance it can propell snow is 40-feet: a decent distance for a domestic machine. 

Overall, our take is that this machine is really handy for mid- usage to high-usage households and is extremely beneficial as it has great safety features adn a powerful range. This is one to keep an eye out for and it is also quite popular amongst buyers for its ability to plow through thick snow. It can be harder to go through very wet snow but careful maneuvering limits any potential damage. The one downside is that it is quite heavy, but the weight comes with a powerful punch, so can be totally worth it!

4. WEN 5662 Blaster Electric Snow Thrower

Top Features
  1. Throws 490lbs of snow per minute.
  2. 18” Clearing width
  3. Lightweight
  4. 180 degree rotational adjust chute
  5. Type: Corded
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Our Take

This snowblower is quite similar to the Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower in terms of its motor power and price range of being under $100 making it quite an affordable tool for occasional household usage. However, a great positive about this equipment is that this comes with an extra 2-year warranty which is very useful if there are any possible foreseeable problems. It’s 18-inch snow clearance width combined with the 13.5 amp motor pair to make an efficient piece of machinery equipped to handle moderate snow levels of 7.8 inches deep on a budget. This electric snow thrower is lightweight and its 6-inch wheels make it easy to maneuver so it would be perfect for beginners.

Our take is that this electric snow thrower does beat some of the more expensive ones such as the Toro 38381 as it has a relatively good motor unit power of 13.5 amps and also removes the same width of snow for just a fraction of the price. The machine also has a 180 degree rotational chute similar to the Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower which helps maximize the direction of the snow blower adding to the effectiveness and efficiency of this tool. Also, the two-year guarantee just is the icing on top of the cake as it offers buyers extra security just in case any technical issues may happen.

5. PowerSmart DB5017 Electric Snow Blower

Top Features
  1. 15- amp motor unit
  2. Lightweight – 35 lbs
  3. 18 inch clearing width
  4. 180 degree chute control
  5. Safety latch
  6. Type: Corded
Our Rating

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Our Take

The PowerSmart DB5017 15 Amp Electric Single Stage Snow Blower packs a punch with its 15- amp motor ensuring its durability and high strength. The 18-inch clearing width is a great function helping it clear up to 9 inches deep of snow in one single pass making it very convenient and efficient. The snow can be thrown over 30ft which is higher than other brands where the common distance is approximately 20ft. The electric part of the snow blower makes it hassle-free as there is little to no maintenance needed and no gas or oil changes, so it is easy to maintain.

A specific benefit of this tool is its versatility as it can be used for medium-sized driveways to bigger parking lots in supermarkets. Another excellent additional function is the safety button which can prevent any accidents if started by mistake as it quickly detects this and stops the auger from functioning. This is also quite affordable as it is around $120 which is cheaper compared to the Toro machines and a 2-year warranty is offered to top it up. Many Amazon reviewers have also mentioned that it is a hassle-free yet economical snowblower which is perfect for novice users and has specifically stated that it is worth the money. Our take is that this is one of our top favorites judging it on its price range versus its efficiency.

Cheapest Reviewed

6. Greenworks 12-Inch Snow Shovel

Top Features
  1. Lightweight compact
  2. Corded electric
  3. Adjustable handlebars
  4. Type: Corded
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Our Take

This different variation of the Greenworks snowblower is much smaller and has an 8-amp built motor so it is suitable for shorter areas of snowfall clearance. It has a 12-inch clear width which is good, but it is the cheapest of just under $100. As it is smaller, it is lightweight and compatible, making it easy to use and convenient to store in tight spaces. It still clears a suitable amount of snow and throws it approximately 20 ft up which is impressive for a small version of the snowblower.

This machine prides it’s convenience as it has an easy push to start button making it hassle free. Plus it doesn’t use batteries or gas so you don’t have to worry about running out of power. Also, it does its job perfectly and usually is better purposed for smaller patches of snow. Our take is that it definitely depends on an individual’s specific needs but this specific one doesn’t have LED lights nor 180 degree chute controls and has a lower quality powered motor so it may be better to invest in one with more manpower so that it can clear a bigger width of snow at one time. Also, this one is corded so you need to plug it to mains and it has to be relatively close in distance to the area that is being cleared.

7. EGO Power SNT2100 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower

Top Features
  1. 21-inch clearing width
  2. 35 feet throwing distance
  3. LED headlights
  4. Multiple speed controls
  5. Type: Cordless
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Our Take

The EGO Power SNT2100 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower is quite a different snowblower compared to the others as it is battery powered and is cordless so it removes the inconvenience of tangled wires and you can maneuver it at any distance. However, this type has to be charged and usually, the batteries aren’t included so it may be worth looking for one with batteries included. This retails for around $430 so it is quite a hefty price but it depends on the individuals’ usage of this tool. If you are looking to clear heavy-duty snow for a lot of days in the year, then this might be a worthwhile investment.

Reviews have said that it can clear up to 16 inches deep of heavy snowfall and can clear many driveways and sidewalks before having to be recharged. It is also easy to move around as it is relatively lightweight but is heavier compared to the rest on this list. It is also very quick and leaves no marks on the driveway making it very efficient. A customer stated that this is very heavy duty as it has helped clear up snow after massive storms. Overall, this machine is very efficient and could be seen as a worthwhile investment, but it depends on your needs specifically and the amount of usage you want to get as it is quite expensive compared to the rest.

8. Snapper XD 82V 20-Inch Electric Snow Blower

Top Features
  1. 2 sets of LED lights
  2. 20-inch clearing width
  3. 20ft throwing distance
  4. Brushless motor technology
  5. Type: Cordless
Our Rating

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Our Take

The Snapper electric snow blower has a brushless motor that aims to provide maximum power and efficiency during its usage. It has a 20- inch clearing width and 10- inch clearing depth so it can clear light to mid-sized snowfall. Also, the Snapper electric snowblower is equipped with 2 sets of LEDs which makes it slightly different from the others as it increases visibility during poor weather conditions which helps increase safety.

This nifty tool ranges for approx. $280 which is slightly higher than the average price range for electric snowblowers, but the batteries and chargers are not included so this may all add up. Our take is that there are much more affordable snowblowers that do just a great job like the Greenworks range or Snow Joe which is ranked top for its affordability compared to its effectiveness. Reviews have also echoed that this is an adequately performing machine but we feel that for its slightly higher price, it may not be the best option.

9. RYOBI RY40860 Cordless Electric Snow Blower

Top Features
  1. 21 inch clearing width
  2. Cordless electric
  3. 40 ft snow discharge
  4. 13 inch clearing depth
  5. Type: Cordless
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Our Take

The RYOBI RY40860 Cordless Electric Snow Blower is another one of the few snowblowers here that use lithium batteries with long lifespans and can be recharged making it very eco-friendly and a good sustainable way of living. This removes the need for any maintenance costs or gas/ oil changes.

This has the second largest clearing width of 21 inches of snow and can clear the highest depth of snow compared to the rest. This snowblower is built with many added features such as being cordless which adds to the convenience. It also can discharge snow up to 40ft into the air making it very powerful and durable.

The battery and charger are included for this model which is more economically efficient compared to the EGO snowblower. However, it is the most expensive machine on the list at around $550 so it may not be worth the price as there are the most affordable alternatives. It mainly depends on your specific needs for the equipment, this is more for business use or high usage households as it is very strong and can lift the biggest area of snow at one time.

10. Toro 38381 Electric Power Curve Snow

Top Features
  1. 15- amp motor unit
  2. 160 degree adjustable chute
  3. Ergonomic handles
  4. 700 lbs of snow moved per minute
  5. Type: Corded
Our Rating

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Our Take

The Toro 38381 18-inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower has many benefits such as the 15-amp motor, making it a sturdy machine which well equipped for ideal snow conditions and lightweight purposes. Its ergonomic handles ensure that there is no inconvenience for the individual as they use it. The price range for this specific model is around $300 which is a little pricier than other electric snowblowers for its adequate qualities.

Our take on this snowblower is that it may not be worth the money as there are slightly cheaper yet one which clears more inches of snow at a time so this may be quite inefficient to get. Also, although this product is well sought out by purchasers, many reviewers have expressed their downfalls with this product amongst other aspects including damage to their driveway, handle issues, and excess wear and tear. In addition, members have stated that this snowblower only performs well in lightweight snow conditions making this product quite unreliable and inconsistent. These combined issues may make it not worth the price point as other snowblowers listed above perform similarly for just a fraction of the price.

Electric Snow Blower Buyer’s Guide

There are many features to look for when choosing the perfect electric snow blower for your needs. You might be a homeowner who needs it just to clear up your driveway. Or you may be running a snowblower business and find that a commercial-grade machine is more to your liking. This ultimate guide will show you what typical features you should look out for when buying an electric snowblower. Don’t forget to check out our heated jacket review to keep yourself warm whilst clearing the snow!

Clearing Width/Depth

It is imperative that you focus on this feature as it will improve the efficiency and convenience of how much snow is cleared at a given time. For lighter snowfall, a smaller clearing of around 12” to 18” is perfect as it can work well without causing too much stress on the machine.

If you experience more heavy and wet snow, then it is better to invest in an electric snowblower with a bigger clearing of around 18” upwards. If use snowblowers almost every day, then we would also advise you to invest in an 18 inch one or wider. This is because it cuts the amount of time spent and is much faster.

Cordless Or Corded Electric Snow Blowers

This depends entirely on the individual themselves. Corded electric snow blowers are usually electric and require no batteries. They can also clear up a large amount of snow, but you should be prepared to get a temperature resistance extension cord and outlet.

Also, you may be restricted by the cord length and can only go so far so it affects convenience. However, corded is much cheaper than a battery-powered snow blower. Plus they require no need to spend extra on batteries and you won’t need to recharge them.

Cordless electric snow blowers are steadily increasing and on the rise, so it is relatively popular amongst buyers. They are excellent as they power up instantly, and are more convenient as you won’t have tangled wires. But they are more expensive and can affect its performance level so there is a trade-off between convenience and performance. We would recommend going for a corded model as it is cheaper and performs well on the whole

Adjustable Chute Control

An adjustable chute control helps throw the snow away from the pathway, making it very effective in doing its job. A wider rotation of 180 degrees is more beneficial as it can remove snow and throw it further away in the opposite direction of the desired area. Thus, this makes the clearing process much faster and more effective.

however, it may be more expensive, so it depends on your budget and what features you want in an electric snow blower. Most people believe that it is better to invest in a higher power and clearing width over chute control. Having a higher power will help in completing the job quickly.

Electric Snow Blower FAQs

Where is an appropriate place to store my Electric snow blower safely?

We would advise you to store your electric snow blower in a cool and dry room. This is so that no water can ruin the machine’s life span. Especially since most of the components of electric snowblowers are made with metal parts that will rust. Before you store your snowblower, you should wipe it so that the remaining snow won’t melt and cause issues.

Also, if it is too hot in the room, it can cause the equipment to malfunction. In addition, it is essential that you keep your snow blower away from any access to children for safety purposes.

How do I choose the best position for the adjustable chute?

Most electric snowblowers would have an adjustable chute with varying degrees of rotation. Move the chute away from the pathway that is being cleared to prevent obstruction. Make sure it doesn’t face any buildings or parked cars as it would throw snow there. The most efficient places to aim for would be towards the outer perimeter of your property.

The snowblower seems to have a delay in starting during colder weather. How can I improve this?

When starting the engine, give it some time so that it can warm up and then switch on the controls. This may take a few minutes depending on how cold the weather is.

It is important to maintain aftercare so that the durability of the equipment is preserved. This also varies for different machines, so it is best to consult the manufacturer’s handbook for more information.

Why is my Electric snow blower not working or not moving forward?

There may be various reasons for this problem, and it depends on the type of machine that you have. Usually, you should check if there is any ice causing the machine to be stuck and push that away. Then check the wheels to see if there is any remaining snow stuck there.

A more uncommon problem may be due to damage to the wheels. If this is the case consult the manufacturer’s handbook for spare parts.

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