If you have an infestation of cockroaches you understand that they can be difficult to completely get rid of. They tend to live in the hardest places in your home to reach and they only come out at night. You can find roach killer products to help easily, plus, they come in a lot of different forms.

A roach spray will only kill roaches on direct contact, but that does not mean the killer is spread throughout the infestation. You will need to set up bait for the most effective extermination.

The cause of your infestation could also have many different sources. For instance, wood roaches will seek shelter in your home during the cold months. Smaller roaches may come at any time of year since they seek food and water inside of your house.

Depending on what roaches you have in your home, you will have better luck with certain types of roach killers. In this guide, we will be covering everything that you need to know about roach pesticides, brands, and the top picks for extermination attempts.

We will be starting with the product features that you want to find in these items and what else you need to look for when buying a high-quality roach killer.

Roach Killer Important Features

How Long Effectiveness Lasts

First, you want to be sure that you know how long the roach killer lasts when you use it. The length of effectiveness is entirely dependent on two aspects. The first is how quickly the active ingredient starts to break down, the second is how much of the pesticide that you use.

Most options have a minimum lifespan of about a month, with a maximum lifespan of two years. If you have a large infestation at home, you will need to have plenty of traps and killers at your disposal. Since, the effectiveness of the killer will drop if many roaches take part in it.

When buying and using a product, you will want to make sure that you always check out the directions. The packaging should let you know when you need to replace your pesticides and how long that you can expect them to last.

If you let the product run out before the infestation is gone, the roaches will likely come back- with more.

The Bait Form

Roach killers will sometimes come with a form of bait. There are usually two types, which can include boric acid, fipronil, hydramethylnon, or other chemicals. The first bait form uses sugar to attract the roaches, then a poison to kill them. This form can kill the roach instantly.

The second most popular form of bait also uses sugar as an attractant, but the poison is not as strong. It is designed to kill the roaches over the course of several days. While this process is happening, the roach is leaving behind poison traces that other roaches take in.

When the poisoned roach dies, other roaches will eat its body- spreading the poison throughout the rest of the colony. You will need to use this type of bait if you have an infestation that will not seem to go away.

Safety Factors

Safety for pets and children should also be an important consideration when buying a pesticide product. You want to make sure that you are using safer options if you have kids or animals at home. The options do tend to have weaker poisons, but they are better for your family’s health.

Top 10 Best Roach Killers

Best Overall

1. Combat Roach Killing Bait

Key Features

Designed to kill from the nest

No mess bait

Kills during the day and the night

Supplies child safety features

Our Rating

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Our Take

Combat Roach has always supplied high-quality products that work wonders at handling investigations. This kit comes with eight bait stations that you should set up behind appliances and under your furniture.

Once you have them set up, they can last up to three months, so you do not need to replace them very often. The company also mentions that the bait stations are resistant to children. That way, you do not have to worry about them getting into the pesticides.

If you have a big roach infestation, you will want to use this form of bait with other products for the best results. We chose this as our top overall pick because the pesticide works wonders as a trap in every room. Most users recommend that you leave them out for long periods of time, underneath furniture or in the kitchen- where roaches are the most likely to hide.

Best Liquid Bait

2. Hot Shot HG-95789 Roach Killer

Key Features

Kills roaches and eggs

Uses an advanced liquid bait formula

Kills roaches in a matter of hours

Offers a money-back guarantee

Our Rating

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Our Take

This product is one of the best liquid bait options on the market, it also comes with a great price, since you get 6 baits in one pack.

The liquid bait uses a formula that is designed to be extremely attractive to roaches. The brand states that their formula uses both sugar as a food source and water – which is what the roaches are searching for.

The company also states that the poison carries a very lethal dose, leading to the roaches being dead in just a matter of hours. If you need to react quickly to a growing infestation, this product is very beneficial to have. The bait stations are easy to set up since you simply need to place them where you have previously spotted the pests.

It is worth noting that these types of bait will draw out a lot of roaches at once, which can be disturbing for some people to see. Just keep in mind that this product is powerful, so the ones you see will die very quickly.

Many users said that this roach killer just takes a few days to start showing you noticeable results. In the meantime, you can also make use of other products, such as a spray. They work well when you spot a roach that is far away from your liquid trap.

Best Gel

3. Combat Max Roach Killing Gel

Key Features

Starts working in a few hours

Provides control with large roaches

Great for hard to reach places and cracks

Provides long residual effects

Our Rating

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Our Take

If you need to line an area, this gel will work the best. It is perfect for lining areas inside of your kitchen, such as along your sink, fridge, and other counters. It takes just a couple of weeks for you to see noticeable results. Using another product at the same time can help to speed up the process.

To use it, you will want to place a few small drops of gel where you see the roaches. The product asks that you wait three days. After that, you should notice that the roaches start dying.

Users thought that this product was high-quality and provided results similar to a professional exterminator coming in and doing the job for them. They also mentioned that you will need to sweep up in the kitchen (or other areas where you often see the roaches) since the poison tends to work quickly.

The price is also decent, for the amount that you receive with your order. If you are only putting down a few drops every couple of days, you will be able to get a lot out of the tube. Users also mentioned that the liquid is very attractive to roaches, with a drop drawing between 4 and 5 roaches shortly after being placed down.

Best Budget

4. Harris Roach Tablets

Key Features

Includes 145 tablets

Safe use in homes with pets

Attractive to roaches

40% boric acid

Kills the entire colony from the nest

Our Rating

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Our Take

You can get 6 ounces of this boric acid for around 5 dollars, which is a great deal and helpful if you need to exterminate roaches on a budget. The 145 tablets that you get can be used to treat at least 12 rooms. Plus, they last a long time when you keep them dry.

Users loved that the tablets were discrete and easy to use. You simply place one under your appliances and the poison is hidden from view- but still effectively handling an infestation out of sight.

Since they are a tablet, they are also easier to keep out of reach of children and pets. They do not spread around like a powder poison, so you do not have to worry about the pesticide getting into places you do not want it.

Users say that it only takes about two days to see a noticeable drop in the number of roaches. Then, after those two days pass, you will only be seeing dead roaches.

Overall, we appreciated the number of tablets that the company gives you – at such a low price! Even when you are on a budget, you can still get your home roach-free using this product.

5. HARRIS Roach Killer Liquid Spray

Key Features

Kills after the spray sets and dries

Comes in a gallon pack

Odorless and will not stain your fabrics

Approved for use in homes with pets

Extended trigger sprayer

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Our Take

Users say that this product works quickly, in about two days. This is excellent, especially if you need to get an infestation under control right away. They also said that you do not need to use a lot of the product to start seeing results.

Overall, many users seem to agree that this is a very reliable product. It can be used to kill off an entire infestation, without other pesticides or baits- as long as you know where the roach colony spends most of their time.

Users also recommend that you spray a barrier around the baseboards of your walls in all of your rooms. From there, you will want to spray vents, passageways, and door frames. That way, if a roach tries to move from room to room or migrate out of your home, they will die. You can also spray the roaches directly if you have access to them. This product has no fumes, so you do not need to worry about strong odors when using it.

6. Terro T360, 1 PACK Ant and Roach Bait Stations

Key Features

Comes with stay-fresh tab

Attract roaches, ants, and silverfish

Can be used in countertops and under appliances

Pests will carry a lethal dose to their nest

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Our Take

This product works best as a supplemental poison when dealing with roaches. You can leave it wherever you see roaches and the ingredients will work to draw them in. They consume the roach killer, then bring it back to their colony.

Over time, this process will kill the rest of the roaches in the nest. Since it also attracts and kills ants and silverfish, it works perfectly as a pesticide if you have multiple kinds of infestations in the home.

However, many users have had varying levels of success with this product. Some people say that it worked perfectly, while others say that it only succeeded in drawing more ants to them. The effectiveness of this product might be affected by the type of pest that you are dealing with.

Most users tend to buy this product for ants, although it still may work well with roaches. As long as you follow the directions that come with your order, you should be able to exterminate some roaches.

Since this is not a potent poison, we recommend that you use another poison alongside this one. For instance, another gel trap, tablets, or some kind of roach killer spray would be beneficial.

7. Raid Max Fogger

Key Features

Penetrating fog for killing roaches and fleas

Reaches deep into hard to reach areas

Kills roaches residually for up to two months

Kills many pests, not just roaches

Our Rating

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Our Take

This product is great if you have many different infestations at your home. The brand states that their fogger can kill ants, carpet beetles, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, pillbugs, moths, spiders, ticks, and more- including roaches.

If you have any pests in your home, they will continue coming back until you get a pesticide killer into all the smallest cracks and crevices of your home. Fogger products are excellent for doing this, although the material will get all over your belongings. Make sure you properly clean your rooms afterward.

Users say that you might have to fog two times before you start seeing results from this product. However, after that, you will only see dead roaches.

Users also mention that this should not be your permanent solution for roaches. You can use other roach killers alongside it, which is recommended if you want to get results fast.

You do not want to be at home when you use this product- it is not healthy to breathe in. You will want to turn it on and then leave for at least four to five hours. When you return, you may want to air out your home if possible.

8. Ortho 0220910 Home Defense Insect Killer

Key Features

12-month effectiveness

Kills most common household pests

Easy to use, not tiring

Continuous spray

Creates a long lasting barrier

Our Rating

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Our Take

This defense insect killer is best used to draw barriers around your home. It does not stain, is odor-free, and dries quickly. It comes with a wand that is comfortable to use. Overall, this item is designed to kill many different types of pests.

Users do bring up that this item is not suited for dealing with an infestation on its own- you will need to have other products at your disposal. This killer spray is more for protecting your home from new insects entering, all you need to do is spray it near all windows, doors, and other entryways. Users recommend it as backup protection while you are working on getting rid of an infestation so that the pests can not return.

Keep in mind that this product does work by leaving behind a dry film. It is removed over time, meaning you will need to add more spray when you notice that insects are starting to return.

This item does work well with roaches, although it is not specifically designed for them. You can use it if you want to prevent the roaches from returning to your home.

9. Black Flag Roach Motel Insect Trap

Key Features

Works for 4 months

Kills multiple species of insects

Keeps dead pests hidden

Our Rating

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Our Take

If you do not want to look at the roaches after they are dead, this product keeps them hidden from view, giving it the name “Roach Motel”.

The product also targets multiple species including cockroaches, crickets, scorpions, spiders, and possibly more. It attracts them, then traps them inside. This order does come with multiple traps, so you can set them up wherever you suspect there is an infestation in your house.

Users mention that this sticky trap works a lot better than other brands of traps. They do say that they will not get rid of the roaches from the source, but it works excellent at thinning down the roach population in your house.

Depending on your infestation level, you will need to change them more often. Some users said they only had to set a new one out every four to five days, while others had to change them every morning because they were so full of bugs.

The biggest downside to this item is the smell, however. Many users also brought up that the traps have an awful and distinct odor. This product would not be pleasant to have set out in a small apartment since the scent would build up quickly and be extremely noticeable.

10. Advion 383920 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control

Key Features

Works fast

Comes in an easy to use tube

Our Rating

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Our Take

This product apparently works very fast. It can cut through an infestation in just three days since it holds more poison than a spray does.

However, some users did have issues with being sent an expired product. If this were to happen to you, you would need to contact the company and ask for your money back or another order of the gel.

In about a week, most users say that most of the roach population will be gone. You will want to use this product with another roach killer since this one will not stop them from producing eggs. Still, it works wonders at reducing the number of roaches in your home.

The best part of this item is that you do not need to use a lot of it at one time. Simply set out two or three drops in your kitchen or bathroom, and you are all set to go. The drops will start attracting roaches as soon as they become active.

Users recommend that you put drops near your fridge, sink, and other areas on the counter and floor- as long as you do not have pets or small kids that could reach it.

Roach Killer complete Buyers Guide

This section is dedicated to informing you on why the product is useful and what the features do. It can be difficult to determine what type of roach killer will work the best for you, but you will hopefully have a lot more insight after reading this brief guide.

Let’s get started! This is what you should look for in a roach killer, if you want to purchase a high-quality product.

What to Look For in a Roch Killer


You want to know what kind of application format you are working with. Some pesticides can be messy and even dangerous to apply. Roach traps and motels tend to be the best in terms of safety, since you do not have to touch the bugs or poisons directly.

Sprays have nozzles that allow you to point the pesticide away from yourself and fit the insecticide into cracks. You will want to point them away from yourself and it would be a good idea to use a mask or other protective equipment when using.

Finally, you want to use gloves when you handle any types of powders. They can be harmful to your skin. Gels are very safe, since they are easy to squeeze out of the tube without touching. However, you will still want to make sure that all materials are kept out of the range of pets and children.

Odor Free

Another beneficial feature that you want to have, would be odor free ingredients. Some roach killers are packed with very strong chemicals, which can smell awful. If you fill a small room with roach killers, it will be very powerful and possibly overwhelming.

Some pesticides use no odors or add scents to cover up bad odors.

The Price

Of course, you will want to consider the price of the pesticides you are buying. You can find plenty of products for between three and five bucks. Although, you can also find roach killer products for much more than that.

The cost is often impacted for the brand and the ingredients that makeup the formula in the pesticides.


If you have children or pets, you probably will not want to throw Boric acid all over your floor where they can reach it. Insecticides can be harmful to small pets and children, so make sure that you are aware of where you are placing the roach killers.

Some products are much safer for pets and children than others. You will want to check out reviews and the formulation of the product to determine if it is alright to use around your family.

How to Use Roach Killer

If you want to use roach killer, you will have to follow a different process depending on the form of pesticide you are using. For instance, Boric acid will lure out roaches and kill them. You will need to place the powder under any appliances, furniture, cabinets, and other cracks where you suspect the roaches travel often.

If you are using a spray, you can use it in the same areas. You will likely be working with a nozzle and hose for that form of killer.

For a gel, you simply need to place a few drops around the areas where roaches frequent. It attracts them and poisons them when they consume the gel. The potency of the product differs- some might work faster than others will.

Overall, your best bet will be to read the packaging thoroughly and follow the directions as best you can.


When it comes to roach killers and getting rid of an infestation, there are a lot of questions that come up. These are the answers to the questions that we came across the most often in our research.

What is the best way to get rid of roaches?

First, you will want to identify the problem areas in your home. You can do this with a flashlight at night. Once you know where the issues are, you can set up your traps and sprays. We recommend that you use a combination of traps and sprays.

You will want to focus your attention the most on places where you have seen them- the kitchen is the most popular place for roaches to hide out. They often stay under your fridge or counters during the day, then emerge during the night to search for food.

How can I get rid of roaches fast?

Boric acid is one of the fastest options for a roach killer. It works efficiently and is great if you plan on removing roaches without the help of a professional.

However, it can be too strong for homes with pets and children. Plus, Boric acid often comes in a powder form, which can be blown around your home. Still, it is very powerful and effective at dealing with roaches.

Why do I have roaches in my clean house?

Roaches search for water, since they need to have a source to survive. This can be why they find themselves in a clean home. If you do have roaches, it does not immediately mean that your house is dirty. The roaches simply were able to locate a source of food and water in your space.

How do I find out where roaches are coming from?

One of the easiest options is to wait until night. When it is dark outside, the roaches wake up and become active. You can figure out where their nest is by quickly turning on and off the lights- you should be able to see where the roaches are running to.

The areas where they tend to scurry back to are where you will find their nests. When you know where the roaches are living, you should be able to focus your extermination attempts in that area.

Where do roaches come from in the bedroom?

Roaches tend to hang out in the kitchen the most often, since they have access to a constant supply of food and water there. However, if you notice them coming from your bedroom, it is likely because there is a source of food in there.

Roaches are not picky, they will eat anything they can find. If you eat in your bedroom, there are probably crumbs in there that the bugs have found. You will need to clean all food out of your room, then start using traps and different pesticides to completely get rid of them.

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