DIY can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re a beginner to home improvement. Re-decorating a bathroom can seem even more terrifying, there are so many components you need to consider! From how long does it take to renovate a bathroom, to the overall cost of the work. Plus what should or shouldn’t you touch, certain elements that should really only be done by professionals, such as a plumber.

Through our guide, we cover how to approach and undertake a full bathroom renovation. We make sure you know when you should get help, and how long to expect the renovation to take.

Where to start on A Bathroom Renovatoin

The answer to this is, know what you’re working with. Outlining the room as it is and how you want it to be are at the end is critical. Take note of where the water pipes run into the room and where the electricity points are.

Obviously, this is important for your re-design but it also makes the renovation a lot safer. You don’t want to accidentally drive a nail through a water pipe!

Bathroom Design Considerations

Once you have all your room measurements and you know your restrictions, you can begin to get creative. This is the fun part, make sure your style comes out and have some fun!

I mention knowing your restrictions because without acknowledging them you become unrealistic and can run into a lot of dilemmas later on. Restrictions might be your budget, the layout of pipes and wires, and the number of people you can get to help out. Don’t forget you may be without a functioning bathroom during the renovation. A more complicated design will take longer to complete, so keep this in mind in your design.

Don’t forget design regulations, including the International Residential Code which is employed in a large amount of the US. It includes things like avoiding obstructions when placing the toilet, how far the toilet should be from a wall (no closer than “15 inches). Also included are minimum shower sizes, doors, outlet types for safety, ventilation, and various ergonomic features.

Setting out these early rules will mean you can create the best bathroom for you whilst staying realistic and safe.

How Long To Renovate A Bathroom

When working out how long it will take to redesign and install a new bathroom break down the project. The following steps detail the order and approximate time to spent on each stage.

Removing the Old Fittings

It’s time to dismantle, remember electrical appliances must be switched off and removed first. Then any furniture and showers or baths. Remove showers and basins carefully ensuring water supply is cut off or you may end up using your bath as a boat!

Make sure to remove all the sealing and any other fittings. This step can take a long time when renovating your bathroom, extra hands are very useful to speed it up. We suggest this will take a day to completely remove everything from a standard bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Removal

Then comes the removal of tiles from the bathroom walls. You can definitely do this yourself, but you need to have patience. With a bolster and chisel at the ready, you can prize off the tiles you have in the bathroom. Never hit a tile directly or you may end breaking through the wall. Prise off the tiles from the side to lever them away from the wall without damaging it.

Of course, it’s common sense to use safety protections such as safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask so you don’t have to breathe in all the dusty and cracked tiles. In an ideal world, this method should allow you to be able to prepare to put new tiles up with little preparation.

Repositioning Bathroom Fittings

If things go to plan you can now move on to modifying plumbing and electricity. We would strongly advise professional help here. Only modify if you need to as it can be quite costly and time-consuming.

If your design doesn’t require moving anything in regards to the sanitaryware you may not require this work. When considering how long it will take to renovate your bathroom ask yourself if you need to reposition your bath or toilet. These require specialist assistance and will add days to the project.

New Bathroom Floor and Tiles

Time to renovate your wall tiles now, and of course your floor. Most importantly you need to make sure you are able to use your wall covering in the bathroom and that it can withstand the dampness.

Tiles require different preparation for other coverings, the walls don’t need to be quite as smooth as they will hide it. You may even want to use both tiles and painting on the tiles too- there is certain paint for this that works well.

The floors must be laid before any baths etc. are installed. The method can be similar to walls as you need a flat surface to work with.

They also need to be suitable for damp environments as water is likely to get everywhere in a bathroom! Make sure any floor is sealed correctly.

Sanitaryware Installation

Next, you can install sanitaryware. Shop around and find the most suitable for your bathroom idea, color scheme, and also budget. I’d highly recommend investing a towel warmer. They help avoid damp in a bathroom and they make it lovely to come out of the shower to a warm snug towel.

Where do I need help With My Bathroom Renovation?

Of course, anything electrical or involving plumbing I would ensure you get help unless you are trained in the skill. They can also advise if you choose the wrong light, for example, one that wouldn’t work in a damp environment.

Additionally, Make sure to put some budget aside if things go wrong. For example, tiling can often go wrong and will require additional help in fixing. This may be due to uneven walls coming from removing tiles, or not fitting them well.

Trying to do as much as you can alone does save money, but it may work out worse if you try to go completely solo.

Final Word

In conclusion, renovating your bathroom can be tedious and somewhat difficult and expensive. It also means you can have control over how you feel about one of the most important rooms in your home, a space to relax and be by yourself. How long it takes to renovate your bathroom will ultimately come down to your skill and differences in the redesign.

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