If you live in a majority winter are, you must become an expert in removing snow from your car, driveway, and nearby areas to kick start your day. There are numerous ways to remove snow, and everyone has their own preferred methods.

However, with improved technology and advancement in machinery and equipment, removing snow and ice have become relatively easy. You can use a snowplow shovel, snow blower, electric snow bowler, or gas snow bowler to get rid of even the most difficult ice that accumulates outside.

If you want to go down the DIY route, then you can build a homemade snowblower. But it’s also just as simple to make a snow melting mixture to help clear your driveway. 

Snowplow Shovel 

A snowplow shovel is the easiest and most useful for small areas like driveways and outside of your home. You can either use Push or Lift, depending upon your expertise and ability to handle. From medium-wet to dry snow, the best suitable shovel is an aluminum blade shovel. If you want to use a snow pusher, then a plastic blade snow pusher with 24-inch width is perfect for the job.

However, only attempt if you are physically fit and strong. It is hard work moving heavy snow in freezing temperatures! There are larger steel snow pushers as well with 27-inches with 47-inches handle. If you are strong enough, you can probably handle these, otherwise, look for something more convenient and suitable for your requirements.

There are also much larger wheeled and tracked snow pushers available for medium-wet snow. These are used for flat surfaces but are difficult to use around corners or stairs. 

Ice Melting Mixture for Snow Removal

You can create an ice melting mixture for domestic use. This can be made by combining one teaspoon of dish soap, one tablespoon rubbing alcohol, and a bucket of 0.5-gallon water. Use this liquid under challenging areas that are usually the corners and narrow areas where shovels can’t reach.

Ingredients for DIY ice and snow melting mixture:

  • 1/2 Gallon water
  • 1 Teaspoon dish soap
  • 1 Tablespoon Rubbing Alcohol

Place all the ingredients into a bucket. Mix well and apply liberally around the areas you walk and drive on. Several applications may be required if there is a lot of snow.

Remove Snow With Bowlers And Throwers

There are different types of snow bowlers, such as single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage operated by wheels, electric, gas, or petrol-based. Some people don’t want to buy or rent an electric or gas snow bowler, so they create a homemade snow bowler.

Snow removal equipment can be expensive as well, depending upon the type of machinery that you need for your location. But it’s an investment as you will have to deal with it every year. Make the best choice as per your site and the type of snow you face to be as prepared as possible. Snowblowers are the most common in areas that receive heavy snow every year.

A riding snow bowler is not easy to control, but with practice, you get used to dealing with it. Usually, a two-stage snow bowler is best for your driveway as its self-propelled features wouldn’t need much energy to cut through the heavy, moist snow.

A three-stage snow bowler increases the capacity of the load you are dealing with at a time. However, its efficiency is quite similar to a two-stage snow bowler. For smaller jobs, regular snow bowlers are ideal as they have more maneuverability and smaller for storage. 

Electric Snow Bowler

There are various types of electric snow bowlers that are available for dealing with difficult snow. If necessary, you can rent these for a short time as well. They are more environment-friendly compared to petrol-based.

However, you need to have an electric supply near the area you are clearing. Sometimes, an extension cord also comes handy while using an electric bowler.

Gas Snow Bowler

When there is a lack of power sockets nearby, a gas snow bowler comes in handy for removing snow as you don’t need a cord to perform the activity. For a driveway over 50 feet, a gas snow bowler is more appropriate. The only limitation you face with them is the amount of gas in the tank and size when maneuvering it around. 

Remove Snow with Loaders

Skid-Steer Loaders 

One of the most popular vehicles for their flexibility is Skid-Steer loaders. Skid-steer loaders are flexible, making them some of the most popular vehicles for clearing snow. They can handle significant snowfall with the right type of attachment. Since they work with many types of add-ons, skid steers are easy to adapt to your needs.

There is a wide variety depending on add-ons, wheels, and models. There are skid-steer loaders with heated cabs to keep you warm during snowy days. Plus you can rent them as per your requirement.

All-Wheel Steer Loaders 

All-Wheel Steer Loaders They have more functions available compared to Skid-Steer loaders. They turn more easily and can reach narrow spaces to remove snow. By using this equipment, you can save damage to the ground as well.

While you are renting one of these in an area that is colder at night, try renting the ones that have enclosed cab or have a heated jacket at hand. When you are working for long hours, it is not recommended to use open cabs. 

Backhoe Loader Snow Removal

Backhoe loaders are advanced-level equipment that can work in extreme conditions. Their cutting-edge ability to navigate is beneficial in the smooth operation of snow and ice removal.

They can handle heavy and wet snow. Several attachments can be used, but you should look for models with quick couplers and cushioned rides, so your crew can switch attachments. There is an additional function of heated seats in backhoe loaders. 

Wheel Snow Loaders

These are high powered snow bowlers which makes them great for long paths and driveways. For locations that have a lot of snow can be handled quickly and very safe to use.

Often built with large windows and rearview cameras, giving you a broader view of cleaning snow in bigger sites. They are perfect for wide areas but not recommended for narrow spaces. However, if you have attachments of skid steers, you can use that with a wheel loader. 

Utility Vehicles For Clearing Snow

Utility vehicles can help you clean unpaved areas, rugged terrain, and off-road snow. The best among them is four-wheel and snow tires ones. They enable better operate on the slick and craggy ground. Like other electric bowlers, they also come with various attachments.

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