How To Make Your Home Office Look Professional

In these new times we spend more time at home than ever before. If there is one room that should be improved it is your home office. Make it look smart and professional and stand out from your peers!
Perfect Professional Home Office

These odd times have called for a change in the way we live, interact with one another, and work. As much as I hope we can all go back to how things used to be, this new norm we’ve all adapted to means working from home in most sectors is actually more feasible than most of us thought. One thing is for certain, a professional home office can make all the difference.

Is Home Working the future?

Is this the future of work? I honestly hope so, all this getting used to it can’t be for nothing! Experts say that prior to this lockdown, employers have seen working from home as more of a treat for a lucky few. Things have definitely taken a turn since then as we see the perceptions of the practice change for good. Companies have seen employees working at “a surprisingly productive level” and experts predict that there might be a shift in the age-old 9-5 desk job. 

Increased freedom opens up endless possibilities on how and where we work. We’ve all taken some time to adjust but it’s amazing how far we’ve come with today’s technology. We’re always only a few clicks away from connecting with the world, even in the comfort of our own home.

Throughout the months where we had to spend every waking moment at home (Zoom meetings and all), it was necessary to create a conducive and professional space to work in. Now that there may be a possibility that working from home will be more of a norm than a treat. What better way to start keying in those plans of a home office?

8 Tips For A Professional Looking Home Office

Here we will outline how to make the best of your space and hopefully give you an idea or two for your home office. Together, let’s find out how to make your home office look professional, inviting, and cozy!

1. Plan It Out Your Layout

A great layout can make all the difference in an office. Think about your lighting, plugs, storage, and space to move around. It sounds more tedious than it looks but free online tools like Floorplanner can help identify where you want your furniture and essentials to be.

2. Invest In A Desk And Chair

Comfort is the second most important thing in a home office. Make sure that you have a solid desk, at a correct height for yourself. A chair must also be the right height for you and provide ample back support. These two items can help make it much more bearable to work from home.

3. Play With The Lighting

You need functional lighting for close up work and concentrating on a screen during the day. But to really create a luxurious ambiance, add some stylish floor lamps or low hanging pendants to create the perfect balance of professional home office and home life. 

If you have video calls then it might be worth investing in a light for your face. This helps to make you look even more presentable and professional.

4. Add A “Meeting Table” Or A Couch And Coffee Table

For a smaller space, opt for a small and simple dining table for two. However, if you’re blessed with a bigger room, a leather couch, and a coffee table will do the trick! Spice it up with a feature wall that gives an extra dimension to the room.

5. Add Some Life To Your Home Office

Lacking windows? Studies have shown that adding house plants to your space can boost your mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity. Not to mention, it helps to reduce stress and fatigue!

6. Make Sure It Sparks Joy

You’ll want your space to possess items that spark joy. As Marie Kondo mentioned in her book, it is a loose translation of the Japanese word ときめく (tokimeku). It means “to flutter,” as your heart would when you feel excited.

7. Play Some Tunes

Nothing elevates a space quite like some good tunes in the background. Invest in some good wireless speakers and have it placed on a high shelf in your workspace so the sound travels around the room nicely. 

8. Keep The Clutter At Bay

There’s no use in spending so much effort to redesign your workspace when you’re just going to leave files out. It’s important to remember that clutter can interrupt your workflow and headspace. Keeping it well organized after the end of the day is crucial.

Professional Home Offices Are Here To Stay

To create an environment at home that motivates you to get work done takes time and effort. Just like anything good in life, it’s worth it. If this is the future of work then it’s time to start cracking on with some proper plans.

Build the professional home office to enjoy spending your weekdays (or weekend if you’re unlucky) in. Pull up a Pinterest board and start pinning! Inspiration is out there. I hope this article inspires your next DIY project and keeps work fresh even from home. 

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