Few tools are quite as satisfying to use as a backpack leaf blower. There is nothing quite like the feeling of sweeping all those fall leaves off your lawn using the power of air: it really does feel like magic. But just how should you store and care for one of these machines?

In this article, we’ll explore how to store a backpack leaf blower and how to properly take care of it for smooth and problem free use for years to come. Seasonality does pose a problem for many pieces of 2-cycle garden equipment, because you only need regular access to it for a few months of the year.

Storage ideas

Long L Hook

One of the most common solutions to keeping your leaf blower out of the way is to hang it from on a wall. This approach not only gets it off the floor, but also provides a convenient way to store the nozzle in an upright position which further reduces the space it takes up.

You’ll need a pair of long L-shaped wall hooks, with at least one of which being a two-pronged type. You’ll use the two-pronged version to hold the backpack from the top carry handle in a vertical position. The second hook will attach to the hand grip of the nozzle, taking the weight off the nozzle handle and preventing it from damage over the winter and spring.

Custom Shelf

Another popular storage method involves making a small shelf that can support the backpack from below. This approach carries many of the benefits of the hook approach discussed above, in that it keeps the blower against the wall, but has the additional improvement of not requiring you to struggle to get the blower on the hook. This can be a problem if the hook is high up and the blower is heavy – it can be a real struggle to slip it over the hook.

Further improvements can be made to mount the nozzle to the bottom or the side of the shelf to prevent it from swinging around. If you’re not particularly DIY-friendly, there are several similar designs available for purchase online.

Roof Storage

If you’re tight on wall space, you could look into a roof storage option. These come in many shapes and sizes, and could be a suspended shelf above your car or a simple hook and pulley method to pull your blower up into the roof on its own.

For both approaches, we always recommend you store your blower in the upright position to prevent fuel from clogging the carburetor. If you use your backpack leaf blower very infrequently, then these can be a great way to store it out of the way in the off season, allowing you to leave it in a more convenient place when using it.

Leaf blower storage: Engine Care

Most blowers have a 2-cycle motor which, like any motor, can gum up if it is left unused for long periods of time. The problem with most weed wackers, leaf blowers and mowers is they are used very seasonally. This means you need to put your motors into long term storage to keep them starting sweetly when the time comes.

One of the most widely recommended solutions for a two cycle leaf blower motor is to use a use a certified pre-mixed fuel for the last few times you use it in the season. Unlike the fuel you mix yourself, these purpose-made fuels contain additives to prevent the carburetor from gumming. Although they can be a bit more expensive, they can save you a lot of time and frustration later down road. Our top recommendation is Stihl’s Motomix formula.

Your other option is to simple drain all fuel from the machine prior to storage. With a leaf blower this is relatively easy to do – you just keep blowing until the motor runs out. However, this approach doesn’t work quite as well with chainsaws and other cutting tools.

Summing up

To wrap things up, there are a few simple points to remember. First, store your leaf blower upright to prevent fuel from leaking or gumming the machine. There are couple of different approaches on how to do it, and it depends on your space availability in the garage. Secondly, make sure you take care of your motor before putting your backpack leaf blower into long term storage. The simplest option is to simply run the motor dry, but you can also leave the machine with certified pre-mixed fuel in it, such as Stihl’s Motomix. If you’re going to store your machine for longer than 12 months, we recommend running it dry.

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