There are a ton of exiting projects to take on with glow in the dark paint, but where should you start? We’ve scoured the internet and created this roundup of the 8 best.

Glow In the Dark Slime

Image: A Pumpkin And A Princess

Kids just love slime, there’s no getting around it! But did you know you could make your own DIY slime? What’s more, you can add glow in the dark pigment to it! This very quick home craft project doesn’t take long, and needs very few materials. It’s a great one for a rainy day, and will bring hours of fun after!

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DIY Glow In The Dark Bouncy Balls

We weren’t aware that you could make your own bouncy balls. Growing A Jewelled Rose shows you how in this fun little blog post. We’re a huge fun of craft projects that create a fun new toy to play with after, and this one is a great example. Surprisingly simple and without too many ingredients – anyone could take it on.

Image: Growing A Jeweled Rose

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Glow In The Dark Lantern

Image: KiwiCo

Glow in the dark lanterns are one of our favorites, as they are so simple and look great. If you’re looking for a simple project to start with glow in the dark paint, this is a good choice. Very few tools needed, and you can do it right on the kitchen table. Plus, let’s be honest – they look kinda cool don’t they!

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Glow In The Dark Bubbles 

Image: Growing A Jeweled Rose

We have to hand it to Growing A Jeweled Rose – this was a very original idea. And guess what, it’s a lot of fun for kids and adults alike! While it’s a little messier than some of the other projects in this article, it’s so much fun that we couldn’t help but recommend it. Not for the faint hearted, but certainly worth a go.

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Glow Stick Lanterns 

Image: Lil Blue Boo

Another twist on the glowing lantern, this variation produces a very cool pattern within the lantern. Personally, it’s my favorite project in this list. What’s particularly cool about this one is that it’s deceptively simple. All you need are a few glow sticks, a jar, and you’re good to go.

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Glowing Rocks

Image: Womenio

Not only do glow in the dark rocks look cool, they genuinely do help to mark out a path in your garden. We love the organic shapes which feel more natural than traditional garden lights. Glowing rocks also make for some very fun night time treasure hunt games!

While you are at it, you can also tell the captivating story of the Bologna Philosopher’s Stone and how phosphorescence (glow in the dark) was first discovered in a rock in 1604.

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Firefly Jars

Image: Pinterest

Another clever idea from KiwiCo, these firefly jars are easy to make and look great. Even as an adult it’s hard to not become hypnotized by the funky patterns at night. Much easier than catchy actual fireflies – why not give it a try?

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Glow In the Dark Masks

Masks are great fun for any kids, but adding glow in the dark paint really takes it to another level. I’ll actually admit that my kid really startled me when he tapped me on the shoulder wearing one while we were watching TV. What’s more – there’s plenty of flexibility to take this idea in any direction so it works great with girls and boys.

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