Painting glass is a broad task and there is quite a wide product market depending on what type of glass you are painting, or for what reason you are painting. Today we are going to be looking at the different paints on the market for whatever you are planning to do.

Glass paints are used, from kid’s craft projects to beautiful architecture and buildings. For this reason, the paints we will be reviewing are going to vary in purpose. Hopefully, within it, you will find some answers to what is going to be best for you.

What to look For When Buying Glass Paint

First off, we are going to highlight some key features that are needed in all glass paints.

Drying Time

One thing we want to see is fast drying paint- whether that is in air dry or cure. Fast-drying makes it effective and easy to get more done! Also, important for the most impatient among us. If you are relying on fast drying for your work, to churn out more products then this is essential. Luckily, there are some great paints that we are going to review that can fit this feature well.

Paint Finish

A good finish is crucial for glass paint. Does not matter if it is kids’ crafts, DIY, or items for your business we all want the best quality for money. That is why everything we review will be considering the finish the paint gives. Vivid, strong colors are also crucial, even if it provides a transparent finish.

Do you want a glossy or a matte finish? This totally depends on what type of paint you use as to what finish you end up with. Good thing is that we have plenty of types to recommend to you no matter your purpose!

Glass Paint Durability

Will it wear off? Some paints will need to be cured with heat, but no paint should rub off after the right treatment. That is why we will also be considering what paint will last the longest for you and stay on the glass. Glass is quite a slippery surface so finding the right paint to stay is important. No worries, we will be making sure your paint lasts as much as you expect it to!

Health & Safety

It is obvious but we sometimes disregard it when looking at products. All paint should not pose any harm, especially if you take the right safety procedures. The fumes they give off should not be bad for your health, or, if using with kids, should not be too hazardous if consumed.

Of course, working with glass paint should mean you are also taking methods to keep yourself safe, solvent abuse can lead to headaches, dizziness, and nausea. All safety precautions that can be taken should be taken with the product- so we will be sure to check with that and make sure the paints we review are non-toxic.

Now it’s time to get on to our recommended paints and time to review them for you!

Top 10 Paints for Glass 2021

Best Overall

1. KIDDYCOLOR 40Pcs 3D Permanent Glass Paint

Top Features

Bright Colours

Safe and Fun

Unlimited Use

Value Pack

Easy to Apply

Our Rating

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Our Take

KIDDYCOLOR is a brand dedicated to children’s craft. This product boasts bright colors, good value for money, and to be safe enough for kid use. They also glow in the dark and multipurpose! Glass is just one of the surfaces they can be used on. Kids (and adults alike) can also paint on fabric, wood, and ceramic. Unlike a lot of glass paints as it is multipurpose, it cannot be baked in the oven for the paint to set. The multipurpose paint means that you do not need to invest in all different types of paint, but of course, this may mean these are not recommendable for a specialized job.

The product is good for costume making, and 3D patterns. They are also fantastic on the likes of windchimes and are fast drying. They are great for detail work and are simple to use. One thing to know is that sometimes the bottles are not as big as you would expect, and the paint can be hard to squeeze out. Additionally, it does not always provide perfect vibrant colors especially in the glow in the dark park, but these paints are still good for a fun craft with your kids. So for that purpose, you can’t go very wrong!

Best Paint Pens

2. ARTIQO Paint pens

Top Features

Artist Quality

Bold Colours


Water Resistant

Quick Drying

Our Rating

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Our Take

ARTIQO is a company that believes the whole world should be your canvas. The paints are oil-based pens that can be used on nearly every surface and they air dry. Uses include wood, ceramics, glass, and metal! They are useful for details due to fine hand controls and can make bright patterns which makes them attractive for children to use. “Adult or kiddo this oil paint marker set is designed to get them beaming”.

Now we know what the company says, let us look at what this product can do. The key purpose for these paints seems to me to be for creating cosmetic decorations, such as mugs, rocks, or glasses. You can use these paints with children and also use to make hand-made crafts- so if that’s your kind of thing these pens may well be perfect for you. Additionally, these paints do dry very quickly and effectively with most colors, such as blue, and they are also incredibly vibrant. They boast a smooth, glossy finish, so if that is your aim for your finished creation then you may well check these out!

Sometimes, however, the pens can cause issues such as easily leaking, blobbing of the paint on surfaces and this can lead to messy finishes. They can be fiddly, with a risk of ‘exploding pens’, so do be careful if you decide to purchase them and have them near anything precious to you.

In conclusion, these pens lend themselves well to crafts and at-home creations- less so for a more professional finish.

Best Durability

3. Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Paint Outliner

Top Features

Opaque, good for relief effects.

Bakeable paint.

Lots of colors available from the brand.

Multipurpose, glass, crystal, porcelain, and metal.

High viscosity.

Our Rating

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Our Take

The company has aimed, from the start to create ‘new trends’ and to push boundaries. They work with mixed media and that is certainly what these paints do. They are non-toxic which means they are still safe around kids but are also professional grade- so you can certainly create a more put-together product when using. The paints themselves often can be used to create a textured finish and once baked at 325 Fahrenheit they are impossible to rub off.

Of course, beforehand they are easily removable if you make a mistake. The paints can create various types of opacity so you can adjust to what you are doing. There are certain criticisms to make of the product as some colors can be a little too opaque and it can dry out quickly if not looked after carefully.

There are many positives too though, as their effectiveness of staying on glass, much more so than the previous products. Overall, for a more professional finish, these durable paints will work well for you!

4. Arteza Acrylic Pouring Paint 32 Assorted Colors

Top Features

Already mixed.

Various types of colors, neon to pastel.

Non-toxic and safe.

Quality guarantee offered by the company.

Intense colors!

Our Rating

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Our Take

The products claim to be multipurpose and can be used on glass, with beautiful colors. The paint can flow easily from the bottle, but without being too leaky and again, like the other products the non-toxic nature makes it suitable for kids too! You certainly get a lot for your money in these paints with 32 different colors.

Their multipurpose nature could mean you do not get quite as good a finish if you are aiming to specialize in glass alone. Like the previous paints sometimes the paints can be rather watery so just be careful when pouring out the bottle!

Overall, these paints are safe, good value for money, and can be used for multiple mediums.

5. Zenacolor Acrylic Paint 24 Tubes

Top Features

Intense color



Company quality guarantee

Easily mixable

Our Rating

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Our Take

These paints boast a wide variety of acrylic paint, which are easy to mix and are useable for kids and adults alike! The kit provides a large number of color options and is useful for all abilities- they can even be used in airbrush painting!

As for use specifically on glass, they don’t technically specialize, and like most of the other paints reviewed thus far are multimodal. They are not quick drying but do provide a lovely matte finish. They also give a vibrant finish and obviously, their non-toxic nature makes them safe to use. They obviously are not as durable as review 3 but they certainly provide more variety of color in one pack.

Similar to the previous review, the paints can be waterier, but if you are not looking for a completely perfect finish and are using them for more personal products, I wouldn’t say it is an issue.

Overall, good value for money- which is always important.

6. Paint Pens Acrylic Markers Set, 12 Pens

Top Features


Good quality

Variety of colors


Easy to use

Our Rating

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Our Take

These paint pens are very accessible, all you need to do is just shake the marker (with the lid on), and once painting, the pen-marker aspect makes it easy to control, so great for little hands too! The pens also have a consistent flow, so you do not have to worry about big splodges on your artwork.

They are not bakeable like review 3, but they do air dry well! The fine point means you can write with them too, so you could even use them to create beautiful calligraphy crafts. Due to being pens, they are also fantastic for pressure applications, so if you want a lighter shade, you just do not press as hard. They do seem quite delicate, so if you press too hard they could stop working which is a challenge with kids and can be very difficult to use on smooth surfaces, which is in an issue if you’re painting on glass.

Overall, these pens are not always the most durable, but if used with care there shouldn’t be any issues.

7. FolkArt Enamel Glass & Ceramic Paint

Top Features


Air dry or bake dry

Dishwasher safe

Durable and scratch resistant

Highly pigmented

Our Rating

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Our Take

These paints are specifically stylized for use with glass and ceramic and are more suited for a neat finish. The colors are bright and work well even on slippery surfaces and can be used for one coat coverage! You could use these paints on crafts or even home projects, but that would require far bigger bottles.

Sometimes the dishwasher can be a little too harsh on the finished products but if you bake them and do not wash on too hard a setting you should all be good to go! It can be used for both kids and adults like most of the reviews and the product meet all safety standards meaning you can use it with your kids without little fear! One thing to note when using it on glass is to make sure it is clean beforehand to ensure a good finish.

Overall a good, durable paint, specifically suited for glass and ceramic.

8. Paint pens for glass painting

Top Features

Vivid water-based ink.

Quick drying.


Perfect for more detailed work.

Multiple colors included.

Our Rating

Check Price

Our Take

These paints are designed for use on, rocks, pottery, fabric, paper, canvas, and glass. They are incredibly simple to use, instructions simply state to shake the pen, take the lid off to air it out, prime, and then write. Just like that, you can get started on your creation.

The packs are available in various colored packs such as metallic, white markers, oil-based markers, and special colors. The paint can be baked and cured but must be left for 24 hours before doing so. The pens themselves are perfect for detailed work and the extra-fine tips make them easy to write in small spaces. Regarding use on glass most pens can be a little slippery on glass but nothing that is unmanageable, and they do seem to work well on glass with care- and of course, once baked the designs stay on well.

Like other paint pens, they do require a certain level of patience and delicacy as they can easily spill or drop paint if pressed too hard. Therefore, they may not be great for kids that do not have that greater grip- but for older, more delicate hands you can create some beautiful designs on glass (and lots of other surfaces).

10. Krylon 9036 Stained Glass Paint

Top Features

Translucent paint.

Specifically, for glass.

Indoor decorating.

Easy, one step application.

Available in various colors.

Our Rating

Check Price

Our Take

This paint requires no pre-treatment of the glass before you apply, which is perfect when you are looking for the easiest way to decorate. The spray dries quickly so is not good for use with a brush but works ‘just like stained glass’. Do be careful when using aerosol cans, do not leave kids alone with it!

The paint can peel off easily so perhaps do not spray onto objects that can easily be rubbed off onto things such as glass containers or cups. Sometimes you may need to add an extra coat depending on what transparency you require. Overall, working with a spray can be good if you are not aiming for detailed work on your glass!

Glass Paint Buyers Guide

Now we are going to focus on the specific product features we mentioned at the beginning. Should you prioritize one over the other, is it worth paying more for better quality. Let us find out!

Fast Drying

Fast-drying. If you are anything like me, you hate waiting. Waiting just takes the phrase watching paint dry to a whole new level! However, with fast-drying comes a big issue. For example, the spray paints we looked at do dry very quickly but they are also not very long-lasting.

Without baking, paint on glass can be easily rubbed off. This is not necessarily a bad thing because if you are prone to making mistakes, or just want to try out ideas, then it may well be perfect for you. However- if you are looking for a long-lasting product, maybe look at some of the bakeable paints!

In my opinion, faster drying paint does not always mean better quality paint, so it may well be a good idea to go for a paint that will give you a better-quality color and texture. Additionally, when paints are baked the colors can tend to change and become more vibrant which is always a plus. At the end of the day, fast-drying paint may sound good, but is it really the most necessary thing. Providing you are not working on a deadline of course!

Good Finish

A good finish is normally considered as a finish that comes with a more premium product. However, of course, this is not always the case, it is also important to look out for good deals. Within the products we have reviewed that does seem to be the case. When buying individually bottled paints, they do tend to provide better quality over quantity. However- if you are not looking for an incredible, professional finish, and you are looking for some fun crafts to do with your kids, paint pens and multipack paints may be better for you.

It is self-explanatory really why you would want a good finish. However, what you define as a good finish depends on what you want. If you want a matte finish if you want a glossy finish, or even if you want a paint that can easily rub off if you make mistakes.

In conclusion- if you are perhaps painting tiles for your house or making a living, getting better quality finish is a better idea- even if it costs you more money.

A good finish is also important if you are making products to sell for a living, as much as you want to buy good quality paint from companies, customers want to receive good quality products from you. The same importance applies when you are using these paints to decorate your home, no one wants a shabby-looking decoration in their home!


Like I have already discussed, will it wear off is a crucial question, and it truly depends on what you are painting. Glass can be quite a tricky surface as it is very slippery, but as we have seen it is totally possible for your paint to stay on even the trickiest of surfaces. It is a given that when you bake the paint onto a piece, it will stay, and can even be dishwasher proof as we have already seen.

Despite this, I have seen even baked paints that can wear off slightly with very heavy use. Durability can matter more if you are painting on pieces such as cups or plates. This is because you are going to be using these items it can cause it to wear away. But also, it could be unsafe if it comes off in your mouth.

However, if you are painting onto a surface you are not going to be touching regularly, or it’s a craft for you to do with the kids the durability doesn’t matter as much.

Durability tends to come hand in hand with the more professional products, such as the paints we have reviewed that are specific for glass. When you have specialized paint, you are going to more likely have a paint that sticks well to the surface it is designed to be on.

Safety with glass paint

The importance of safety- I think, is rather self-explanatory. However, there still is an element of precaution. For example, when using spray paints there is a high risk of explosion if using near an open flame. Although most paints are kid-friendly, it is important to consider safety when working out which paint to buy. This is because some are less toxic than others.

Water-based paints tend to be safer; solvent and oil-based paint are a little more hazardous. They can also cause skin and eye irritation and complications if the fumes are breathed in.

For this reason, do not use these paints around kids where you can avoid it. They could cause danger for those who do not understand how to stay safe around these types of paints.

Safety is paramount and should not cost the world! If you find yourself paying more for ‘safe’ paints, I would question purchasing from that company. All the paints we have reviewed are of course non-toxic as they must be to sell. But of course, I would not advise eating them, or inhaling them- they are not risk-free.


What paintbrush do I use with glass paint?

First, check the paint you are using is suitable for brushes, a lot of spray paints dry too quickly for them to even need a paintbrush! I will be talking about the two main types of brushes, bristle and solid. Bristle paint brushes are really for non-flat surfaces. So, if you are painting a glass bauble for example- then it may be a good choice.

They are also harder to clean so it is advisable to keep a separate brush for each color. Solid brushes are easier to clean and are far better for painting larger surfaces.  Solid brushes are more expensive but in certain cases, such as in professional settings.

How long will my paint last?

That depends on what type of paint you are using! Paints that are baked tend to last longer. But, of course, like when I reviewed the importance of durability, sometimes it does not matter how long it will last. Paints do tend to fade, especially if left on places such as windowsills.

Overall, it really is impossible to say as there are so many variables affecting the durability of the paint. A lot of the paints we have reviewed are water-based. The issue with these paints is that over time they can crack and peel with age. It tends to happen less on the glass as it is a solid surface.

What are glass paint outliners, and why might I use them?

Outliners are often used in stained glass. This is because they provide a ‘barrier’ in which you can flood and fill with your glass paints. Most outliners come in a bottle. They are either hard or peelable. This way, once the glass paint has flooded and filled, you can remove the outliner and no longer have the hard lines in between the paint.

Final Word

There are so many paints out there for all your glass painting needs. I hope these reviews give you a good insight into your options. Maybe they have even helped you decide what you need for your own project and purposes.

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