A cordless leaf blower is a very handy tool to have around the yard. We are in an age now where a lot of things are becoming cordless. In the world of gardening, having cordless tools means fewer concerns about power, cords not stretching far enough, and tripping over wires! Cordless leaf blowers also tend to be easier to store as they can be more lightweight. Plus you don’t have all those wires getting tangled. They are, however, be more expensive. But arguably more efficient in the long run as they serve multiple purposes, including clearing dust or snow.

If you live in an area where you often get heavier falling of leaves, then I would advise investing more in a cordless leaf blower as opposed to its wired counterpart. If you are not as strong as you’d like to be then maybe even investing in a smaller cordless blower would be good. But be aware they won’t be as up to clearing large loads.

In this guide, I will go through several of the options on the market and the important features you need to consider!

Cordless Leaf Blower Best Features

Weight and ergonomics

If the leaf blower is too heavy it’ll be near-on impossible to navigate but if too light it may not have the strength to do the big jobs. Also, if it’s hard to handle and maneuver you won’t be able to do the job to the best of your ability. It’s definitely a delicate balance between ease of use and efficiency.

How is it powered

Petrol powered blowers tend to be more powerful but can be heavier and noisier. Electric blowers are much lighter but not so great for heavy loads, they also sometimes need charging quite often, especially the small models. Petrol leaf blowers do mean you have to also buy petrol, whereas electric powered ones only need to be plugged.

Efficiency at its job

This one is a given, you need your leaf blower to do what it says it can. However, if you don’t plan on using it for larger projects or more stubborn leaves, you may not need as bigger machine, or may not need to spend as much money. Additionally, if you were planning on working at a more industrial level then you may need to invest in a stronger piece of kit.

Value for money

This is something you need to balance out. There are some leaf blowers that do strike that delicate balance between being affordable and also efficient, make sure to look out for them. Sometimes it’s worth spending a little more and sometimes not, whatever the case I will be covering your various options so you can make the best decision for you!

Top 10 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers

Best Value

1. Electric Leaf Blower battery-powered

Top Features

Good battery life

Clear and easy to use

Light body and design

Small and powerful

Comes with lots of accessories and no extra cost!

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Our Take

This leaf blower is electric powered and a good lightweight option perfect for easy use. This tool won’t leave you with sore arms and is super quiet so won’t make the neighbors annoyed! The blower only weighs 1.22kg and is easily assembled and simple to clean.

The battery lasts 30 minutes on full power, and the blower shows you how much battery you have left. The motor is very powerful running up to 130mph so it can easily clear your lawn. You also need not fear about your tool breaking, on the odd chance it does, the company offers a 12-month warranty included in the product. The fact that this product is electric not petrol saves you the smelly oil and gas, and is easily powerful enough to clear patio, lawn, and sidewalks!

This blower certainly matches the criteria of value for money. However, this blower certainly has its faults, being electric means, it can be weak in some cases and a petrol machine would provide a longer using time, and batteries may tire over time. Overall, though, a fantastic and lightweight piece of kit!

Best Overall

2. BLACK DECKER 20V Max Lithium Sweeper (LSW221)

Top Features

Easily clears your drive

Air speed up to 130mph


Low noise design

Battery run

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Our Take

This leaf blower features an interchangeable cordless battery which makes it easy to use and replaced the battery when needed. The battery works with a large number of power tools, lawn and garden tools, and home cleaning.

It is lightweight, 1.67kg so easy to handle and making it useful to avoid fatigue. It clears effectively on hard surfaces such as garages, decks, and driveways. The product is also designed for low noise, so- you don’t have to receive any noise complaints! However, this product does have some flaws, such as having only a one-speed setting- so if you’re stuck with a more stubborn set of leaves you may have a small problem.

It is also far better at dust and small debris as opposed to more stuck items. Overall, however, if you’re looking for a relatively eco-friendly petrol alternative leaf blower, you can’t go too far wrong.

Runner Up

3. KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower

Top Features

Only 1.7lbs

Low noise design

Powerful, long lasting battery

Variable speed settings

Sweeper and vacuum in one

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Our Take

This two in one package means there’s no need for compromise between a vacuum or sweeper- you get both! KIMO has 25 years of experience in lithium-ion power tools. So, you know you’re in safe hands. The kit comes with a load of handy things to get you started such as a dust collection bag and tool body.

The sweeper/vacuum features a lightweight design, powerful turbine, varying speed, and efficient heat dissipation. This tool does serve multiple purposes which always helps you get the most out of your money. Not only can it help clear your lawn, but it can be also used to vacuum and dry your surfaces.

Despite all the wonderful perks of this tool, there are some downsides. Its multipurpose nature can mean that sometimes you won’t always find it the easiest to do heavy jobs. Battery life on full power doesn’t always last too long, sometimes only 15 minutes, and often needs to charge for over an hour. However- you aren’t using heaps of petrol, which is always good. Overall, though there are some issues that can come up with electric blowers, this swiss-army knife of blowers certainly is a good contender.

4. DEWALT 20V MAX Blower

Top Features

Variable speeds

Lightweight and ergonomic

Handy for smaller jobs

Battery lasts at least 15 minutes

Powerful for the size

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Our Take

This little tool is incredibly useful for around the house, lightweight outdoor jobs, as well as inflating, dusting, and blowing grass clippings.

The battery itself can be a little temperamental like all-electric blowers and doesn’t seem to be useful for larger jobs. However, if you’re looking for a tool that will provide a lightweight solution to household work- you can’t go too far wrong. It is important to weigh out the benefits of power versus price/ environment.

This tool isn’t the most efficient tool I have reviewed but it is good quality and can be nifty where you need it. For example, cleaning around the house in places you can’t quite reach.

Overall, not without its flaws, but not a too bad piece of kit either.

5. WORX WG545.6 20V 2.0Ah Cordless AIR Leaf Blower

Top Features

Great for hard to reach surfaces

Quite lightweight, 3.5lbs

Battery indicator to monitor battery life

60-minute quick charge


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Our Take

This tool isn’t the lightest I have reviewed but it is still very versatile and portable. The battery that you use can be charged very quickly and weighs very little. It isn’t necessarily as strong as a plug-in blower but weighing up the maneuverability it provides you is important to consider. Personally, I would advise this blower if you want to avoid gravel being picked up with your leaves when blowing your driveway.

The battery lasts at least 15 minutes on the battery provided and you can purchase larger batteries. The faults lie in its inability to get rid of the more stubborn leaves, but in all honesty, most cordless blowers will have this issue as they don’t tend to have a stronger power, at least not all of the time.

This isn’t the quietest tool so do bear that in mind before purchasing. Overall, this is perfect for small yards and drives and good value for money, it definitely saves you having to get the sweep!

6. EGO Power LB5804 Cordless Leaf Blower

Top Features

Brushless motor

Variable speed

4 times quieter than a gas operated blower

Different nozzle attachments included

Battery powered

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Our Take

The EGO Power delivers or exceeds the power of gas without all the horrible noise and smells that come with it. Additionally, the lithium battery provided works with all EGO Power tools, which really helps when you have multiple tools- perfect.

The blower boasts many positive features like variable speed, turbo boost settings and interchangeable lithium batteries. The battery itself recharges in as little as 100 minutes which is always handy as electric blowers do not tend to last as long. The tool itself is regarded as quite a heavy investment but if you are looking for an efficient machine and it is one that is necessary for you- then it is worth considering.

EGO is definitely one of the more powerful blowers available, but it can also be tricky to use as a handheld so do consider getting a strap to help you handle it better and avoid back pain. Overall, rather expensive but also a very effective blower.

7. Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

Top Features

Up to 40-minute running time

Up to 130mph speed

Easy to control speed settings

Ergonomic rubber handle for comfort

Brushless motor

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Our Take

This brushless motor is a good, dependable cordless electric blower. Like some of the other models reviewed, they have interchangeable batteries which are always handy if you need a more powerful battery to handle a bigger job.

The benefits of this cordless blower are that is low maintenance and easy to navigate. It is rather pricey in comparison to some models but there are definitely a lot of benefits and it is just as powerful as a gas or corded blower. The blower is rather quiet, but of course, I would still recommend using ear defenders as a safety precaution.

It isn’t always reliable at directing airflow in comparison to other models around its price range so do consider this before purchasing. I would say this tool is good for light jobs such as clearing your driveway or light grass clippings. Overall, a good piece of kit but on the pricier end of which we have reviewed.

8. WORX WG584 40V Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower

Top Features

Multiple speed options

Switchable battery options

Brushless motor

One handed operation

High capacity air volume for an easier job

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Our Take

This cordless leaf blower features turbine power and dynamic airflow and is lightweight and portable (7.3 pounds), what more could you want? It is also slightly cheaper than some of the other products I have reviewed.

Turbine technology is super handy as it gives you a powerful tool that is also handheld and not too heavy. If the battery provided isn’t powerful enough, no problem, you can switch it out with another compatible battery that gives you more power! Also, if you don’t need heaps of power, you can easily switch the blower to the lowest setting to avoid actually creating more of a mess than you started with.

The battery provided can be a little fiddly and sometimes not last more than 15 minutes, but I would think that is a sacrifice for the slightly cheaper price. This blower is good for low to moderate jobs, so, if you’re not looking to spend too much money whilst having a way of clearing out your drive or sidewalk, it’s perfect!

9. PAXCESS 20V Cordless Leaf Blower

Top Features

Two speed options

Powerful airflow

Lightweight (6.4 pounds)

Ergonomic design handle

High quality turbofan

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Our Take

This blower comes with 2pcs Lithium-ion batteries, 20 volts with maximum initial voltage, and 18 volts under the workload. The tool uses 2 different variant speeds, one which is good for small chores like cleaning the sofa from pet hair and the other better for covering larger areas such as snow or more stubborn leaves.

It also features an easy release button between the blower tube and the leaf blower, which makes it far easier to clean! Also, from a safety point of view the normal issue of overheating batteries is helped by the over-heating device that will stop the battery charging if it begins to overheat, then will start again when it’s cooler. Nice and safe.

This device is good quality and not the most expensive one I have reviewed however the battery can have a short life, no more than 10-15 minutes constant use, but if you need a good quality device for helping round the house and garden then this blower may be for you.

10. Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower

Top Features

Brushless motor

Variable speed up to 185 mph


Powerful enough for wet and dry leaves

Lightweight and maneuverable

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Our Take

Though a little more on the pricey side the Greenworks blower/vacuum provides a good solution and more cost-efficient solution to gardening and housework. It features low vibration for comfort and low noise for a more helpful and neighbor-friendly experience. It’s also so easy to change from vacuum to blower.

What’s even more wonderful about this tool is the fact it can manage the most stubborn leaves and even snow blowing! You can even use it to vacuum your house. It’s more powerful than most of the models I have reviewed and so arguably it is worth the money. Value for money can be considered important, but sometimes it is worth paying more for a better-quality tool where needed.

It also still has that lightweight and ergonomic edge (with easy to use buttons) that makes all cordless vacuums more desirable. The issue is the battery isn’t multi-compatible, but if you can let go of that, this is definitely a good purchase for you.

Cordless Leaf Blower Buyers Guide

Weight and ergonomics

As I have previously explained, these are the main reasons to motivate you to go over to a cordless leaf blower. Being able to clear your yard without breaking your back is always desirable! Of course, the more ‘ergonomic’ tools I have reviewed do tend to lie on the pricier side, like the Greenworks blower. However, it is important to remember that even a cheaper option would provide you with the ease of use you won’t get from a corded option. It is important to remember that lightweight can mean less power, especially if you go with a cheaper option- but if you are stronger then that wouldn’t be a problem.

I would personally say, if you are looking for a more routine cordless leaf blower, used for completing minor chores and tasks then you could perhaps compromise on something like the Worx blower, which is heavier but on the cheaper side.  If, however, you need power and lightweight then Greenworks is the way to go. One other thing to note is that some blowers come with multiple battery options and the batteries can be heavier or lighter depending on the power you choose. Also, sometimes companies will advertise their blower at a certain weight, but they may not include the battery weight in the total- so do watch out for that if heaviness is important to you!

Electric powered

All the blowers and vacuums I have reviewed are electric powered. This means they are great for getting rid of that horrible petrol smell, or handling cartons of the pungent stuff. For this reason, it may seem more cost efficient to use an electric powered blower. However, you could also find that you are using a lot of electricity if you are charging constantly for larger jobs.

Electric can also work out more environmentally friendly, but again, if used in excess it can still not be so friendly for the environment. Electric blowers and cordless blowers often tend to be more expensive to buy but can be less expensive to maintain- however this isn’t always the case. There are many benefits to going electric and cordless, for example, they can be carried on your back, are easier to look after, and tend to be easier to handle and negotiate. It is key to note that you can get electric blowers that don’t rely on batteries of course, but I haven’t covered those as they aren’t cordless.

Power and efficiency

These are key. However, efficiency tends to come with a price tag which is why you need to ask yourself, do I really need the strongest, most powerful option, or can I settle for a good, middle-range blower for a far cheaper price? Some examples of these options are the Worx blower or Dewalt blower. Often it is the case that electric motors may not always be as powerful, not unless you’re not willing to spend a small fortune, but the ability to just recharge and then finish the job does still make the idea of these blowers quite tempting. Of course, some blowers may be more efficient for certain jobs like the Greenworks blower which can also be used on snowfall.

The electric blowers we have reviewed are all battery-powered which do tend to be good for smaller jobs. If this isn’t what you are looking for then maybe you should consider a different type of blower. You could always make sure you have a spare battery charged so that you can change over and carry on working for longer which does make the work more efficient. However, no matter how many batteries you have, if the electric models aren’t powerful enough for you, easily rechargeable batteries are not going to change that. For a more powerful version, a backpack blower is an excellent option as it holds the weight on your back instead of your arm.

Value for money

This is of course very important, who doesn’t love a good deal? I hope the blowers I have reviewed show you that it is possible to get value for money. For example the Worx which allows you to do your basic jobs without breaking the bank. You can also get blowers that are fantastic for multi-purpose use like the KIMO which is both a vacuum and blower.

As previously stated it isn’t always necessary to get a fantastic ‘all-singing-all-dancing’ blower when you just need to run small household tasks. I would advise setting out a budget when looking at your options. Make sure you are clear about what is good value for money for you personally. If you can afford it, it can be worth paying a little more if you need the power or perhaps a slightly more ergonomic model such as the Greenworks blower. Overall, value for money means different things for all of us, you may prioritize value versus power. Or perhaps heaviness versus value- it totally depends on what you need the blower for.

How to use A cordless leaf blower

Of course, all cordless leaf blowers work differently but there are a few procedures that always need to be followed no matter what. First off, safety, no matter how much a company tells you that their product is low noise, always use ear defenders when using any leaf blower or vacuum. They may be quieter than your usual petrol leaf blower, but they aren’t noise-less and can still damage your ears! Additionally, you need to wear eye protection, goggles are vital. You don’t want to have leaves hitting you at high speeds in your eyes, or dust particles. So be careful.

It is also important to remember that your cordless leaf blower may not get every tiny leaf away, especially with the cordless models. Leaf blowers are meant for the larger job, you can use other garden tools to get the little leaves left behind. You can also use the vacuum part of your blower if you’re lucky enough to have that.

Care in Extreme Weather

I would also advise not working in extreme weather if working outside. It wouldn’t be the most efficient way to work when all the leaves you are blowing are just coming back in your face! You will also find that wet leaves are far harder to move than dry ones, so be patient and wait for the leaves to dry out. Of course, if you are using the blower for indoor chores then you don’t need to worry about it!

Cordless leaf blowers have a limited run time so it’s important to work efficiently. Don’t just blow about aimlessly, you need to have direction. If your blower doesn’t have a vacuum focus on a direction you going to form the pile leaves in and then you can then put in the trash. If you have a vacuum, I would still recommend this technique as it’s a far easier way to work.


What blower would be the lightest, do I need a cordless model?

Of course, cordless models are desirable. But they can be slightly heavier than electric plug-in blowers as they will have batteries attached to them. However, they don’t have the same heavy motors that gas powered blowers do. So no, they aren’t the lightest on the market, but there are many benefits of not having a cord attached.

Why is the mph important and what does it mean for the cordless Leaf blower I want to buy?

For cordless blowers, the average mph is approximately 125mph. Overall, a larger mph will mean a more powerful blower. However, this isn’t necessarily a signal for how good quality a machine is. This is because if the blower cannot point its airstream effectively it will just blow air at a fast speed in no direction- making it unusable.

What do I do with the leaves after I’ve cleared them up?

Of course, the first option is to compost your leaves which I would recommend as the best idea. However, if this isn’t possible you could consider mulching. Leaf mulch is shredded leaves that can be used as insulation for plants in your garden. They are also great for blocking weeds from growing. You can make it easily by shredding leaves after you have collected them into a pile.

Should I consider buying a 2 in 1 vacuum and blower?

2 in 1 blowers and vacuums are very useful. You can gather the leaves and then suck them up to compost them or dispose of them how you see fit. It certainly saves you time! However, the 2 in 1 approach can mean that the blowers do not tend to be as powerful. So, I would say if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of power then it’d be worth considering getting one of these.

It’s definitely a scenario where you need to weigh up the pros and cons. Especially as they often come with the capability to mulch leaves automatically when they are sucked in. These blowers can be more expensive, but that isn’t always the case so it’s important to shop around.

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