Best Sliding Miter Saw Reviews
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The Best Sliding Miter Saw in 2020

A good sliding miter saw is an essential addition to any wood shop or work site. In this detailed review, we cut through the noise and show you the best options for home DIYers through commercial pros.
Best Metal Garden Hose Reviews
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The Best Metal Garden Hose in 2020

Need a new garden hose? To save you time, we’ve assembled the top options on the market right now, comparing features, brands and thousands of buyers’ reviews. Cut straight to the point and find the best hoses out there.
Best chalk paint reviews
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The Best Chalk Paint In 2020

Few products are quite as versatile as chalk paint when it comes to home DIY. We take a look at the best chalk paints on the market right now and how to get the best finishes out of them.
best cordless impact driver
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The Best Cordless Impact Driver In 2020

Searching for a new cordless impact driver? We’ve assembled the latest offerings from all the leading brands to help you find the best cordless impact driver for your needs. From pros to weekend warriors – there’s something for everyone.
Best drill press reviews
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The Best Drill Press In 2020

For accurate drilling, nothing beats a quality drill press. We’ve reviewed the top options available this year for everyone from DIY enthusiasts to commercial shop owners.
Best drill bits review
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The Best Drill Bits In 2020

A good set of drill bits are a key part of any tool box – but many buyers are confused by all the options available. We take a look at the best drill bits for everything from metal to masonry.
Best Table Saw Fence Reviews
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The Best Table Saw Fence in 2020

Table saw fences are the ultimate upgrade for your table saw. Great for either commercial or home woodworking rips where accuracy is always essential. We have narrowed down the huge range of table saw fence choices and features in the following reviews and guide.
Best backpack leaf blower review
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The Best Backpack Leaf Blower in 2020

For cleaning a yard quickly and efficiently, nothing beats a backpack leaf blower. In this review, we compare the best options on the market right now for everyone from homeowners to seasoned pros.
Man operating a zero turn mower
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The Best Zero Turn Mower In 2020: Our Review

Zero turn mowers make mowing large areas of grass a breeze. These machines offer fast, consistent mowing and excellent maneuverability. We’ve carefully reviewed the best mowers available to produce this 2020 buyer’s guide.
Best Compound Miter Saw Review
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The Best Compound Miter Saw in 2020

A good quality compound miter saw will help you make precise cuts quickly and efficiently. In this review we take a look at the best options for everyone from weekend warriors to industry pros.