Are you looking for the best electric weed eater this year? Owning a quality one can really improve your gardening game. We recommend that you try out these products on our list as we checked out each one of them and reviewed them for quality. Keep reading to find an electric weed whacker that suits you the best.

Who are these products designed for? Well, if you are interested in landscaping at home or just want to have a neat and clean appearing yard- then these products are perfect. No matter how much space you are dealing with, owning one of these will be a huge help.

And we mean that whether you have a tiny yard in the city or own a lot of space. Weed whackers are an effective tool to have for cleaning up the edges of your yard.

They help deal with unwelcome plants that spring up and are effective at dealing with weeds that grow in hard to reach cracks. If you do not own an electric weed eater yet, you should. We are sure that you will notice a difference right away.

These are the features that point towards a quality weed whacker:

Product Features

Power Type

When it comes to an electric weed whacker, you want to be sure that you are familiar with the power source it is going to use. Some of the time, they have a battery. This means that you can charge it up and then use it in your yard cordless. A lot of people prefer this option now, since the wire will not get in the way.

The second type, are the weed whackers that need to stay plugged in. If it were to come out while you were using it, the tool would shut off. This can be a bit inconvenient, but they are cheaper than electric battery weed eaters and offer the same amount of control.

Feed Systems

There are a few different types of feed systems that you will want to be aware of. These are the mechanisms that control how much of the string comes out of the tool.

The most common, and traditional method, is known as the bump feed. To start it, you push the guard down, releasing the line. Some people prefer this option, since they have the most control over how much of the string they are using.

The second type of feed system is known as the automatic feed. This feeding system involves the trimmer handling the length of the feed line on its own. If you do not want to have to keep an eye on your string, this is a feature you will appreciate.

Safety Features

You will want to buy a product that has a few different safety features in place. The good news is that many modern weed eater brands make sure to add a lot of additional safety features to their products.

Make sure your new weed whacker has a safety guard and does not require you to get near the head while it is running. This could be dangerous for you and others who happen to be nearby. Some weed whackers include more than one safety guard.

Product Reviews

Best Overall

1. PAXCESS Cordless Weed Eater

Key Features
  • 2 batteries and a charger
  • Guard to protect plants
  • Converts from weed trimmer to edger easily
  • Two wheels for the string
  • Keeps trimming smoother
Our Rating

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Our Take

This weed eater comes with 2 batteries. We really appreciated this additional pack. If you ran out of power while working in the yard, you could simply swap out the deap battery for the charged one. Doing so would put much less of an interruption in the middle of your yard work.

If you want to make the swap to a reliable trimmer, that does not weigh too much, this is a great option. You get edging, trimming, and normal weed eating all in one handy, wireless tool. You will not feel excessively sore after using it either.

Overall, it seems to be mostly easy to set up and get running. The only hang up is when it comes to the wire protector. Some customers seemed to have some issues getting it set up quickly.

The final feature we want to mention is that it comes with an adjustable height. If your back is sore from using a trimmer that requires you to bend over uncomfortably, you can switch to this one and adjust it properly.

Runner Up

2. Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer

Key Features
  • 2Ah battery and charger
  • Pivoting head
  • Perfect for edging and trimming
  • Electric start
  • 12 in cutting path
Our Rating

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Our Take

If you are searching for a cordless option, this could be one of the best ones. The weed trimmer is reliable and has a decent battery life of about 20 to 45 minutes. This is perfect for getting a lot of work done in a single charging session.

The product even comes with an extra guard. You can use this edge close areas, so that you do not hit your other plants on accident. This trimmer is excellent for gardens because of this additional feature.

We think it is also a good replacement for a heavy gas powered weed eater. If your arms are extremely sore after using your old whacker, this one can be useful. It is much lighter than gas models and is easy to move around your yard.

This model comes with an automatic feeding system. However, it might not be the most efficient option out there. Despite it being automated, some customers said they had to mess with the string quite a bit to get the results that they wanted.

Best Corded

3. BLACK DECKER String Trimmer BESTA510

Key Features
  • Amazing price
  • Corded, no battery
  • Comes with replacement spools
  • Can include leaf collection bin
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Our Take

Sometimes, it can be a hassle to deal with charging batteries. If you forget, then you might have to wait a few hours before you can use your product. This trimmer is not battery operated, so as long as it is plugged in, it will run.

It comes with a fixed roller that can edge your yard vertically. If you need a guide to help you see where you are cutting, it also helps a lot.

Many customers praise the auto-feeding system. It is important to note that it does eat through a lot of string, very fast. This is because the trimmer is working hard- you can expect one spool of cord to last you an hour. (Maybe more if you have a smaller yard.)

Overall, we think that this is a fantastic product and have no complaints about it. The only issue is that the cord might get in the way on occasion, but that happens with every corded weed eater out there.

4. WORX WG163 Cordless String Trimmer

Key Features
  • 2 batteries and charger
  • Tilting head
  • Shifts 90 degrees for trimming on slopes
  • Automatic string feeding
  • Trimming and edging abilities
Our Rating

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Our Take

This is another electric weed trimmer that comes with two batteries. Having both on hand is great for continuing your yard work if the first were to suddenly die before you were finished.

The string feed is automatic- and the system for it works great. You will probably not have to spend a lot of time messing around with it for it to run properly. The whacker itself is also very lightweight.

We thought that it might be worth mentioning the four year warranty that only costs five dollars. This is pretty impressive on its own and can ease any worries you have about the trimmer breaking when you try to use it for the very first time.

It features a tilting head that allows you to trim effectively on slopes. It adjusts to the angle you need it to without much hassle, so your workflow is not interrupted.

Many customers stated that this was not a heavy duty trimmer. If you expect to be running it for long periods of time, it might start lacking in quality.

5. CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer CMESTE920

Key Features
  • Powerful motor
  • Great for tough plants
  • Push button string feeding
  • Trimming and edging capabilities
  • 2 replacement spools
  • 3 year warranty
  • Corded
Our Rating

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Our Take

This corded trimmer is powerful, despite being very lightweight. As long as you are careful with the cord, you should have no issues.

The head of the weed eater can rotate, allowing you to edge your yard and cut crisp lines into it. Many customers appreciated this feature. The height on it can also be adjusted, which is beneficial to anyone who is not an average height.

Customers also praised the automatic feed for the string. It does what it was supposed to do and keeps the process simple. We appreciated that the trimmer could handle both small weeds and larger, thicker ones with ease.

When there are problems, customers said that the machine was easier to troubleshoot than any gas models that they have worked with in the past. This is good to know, since every electric weed eater runs into trouble at some point or another.

Overall, we think this is a decent option for someone with a medium or small yard. The product is light, so it can be handled easily by someone living alone.

6. PowerSmart Cordless String Trimmer PS76110A

Key Features
  • Converts between trimming and edging easily
  • Long battery life
  • Automatic string feeding
  • Fast charging
Our Rating

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Our Take

If you need a longer battery life than most, this product comes with an impressive battery. It lasts a long time, so you can get a lot of work done. The battery only takes an hour to charge, sometimes less. While that might sound like awhile, that is pretty good for a trimmer battery.

Many customers mentioned that the weed whacker was easy to set up and use. If you want something to go practically right out of the box, you may want to consider this option.

On the other hand, some customers did have issues with the spool of string. It was tough to set up or snapped easily in other cases.

Overall though, we think that this product is a good cost-effective option. It can handle yard work easily and has some edging capabilities to make everything look nice and neat. It is pretty light, so older users should be able to handle it with ease.

Best Multi Use

7. BLACK DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower, String Trimmer and Edger MTC220

Key Features
  • 3 in 1 lawn mower kit
  • Mower, trimmer, and edger
  • Battery and charger
  • Automatic string feeding system
Our Rating

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Our Take

This option is a little bit different than the others we have listed so far. It has the edging and trimming components that you would expect, but also has an attached mower that you can use.

If you have a small yard, this product has everything that you need. There were barely any complaints from customers on this one. It truly has the best features for getting your yard back into shape.

We would have to recommend this to someone who wants to care for a smaller yard. If you have no real need for a large lawn mower, this makes a good alternative. It cuts weeds and trims grass a bit, keeping everything looking crisp.

Customers also mentioned that it works well in areas with a lot of plants that you do not want to cut. For example, if you had a garden or a lot of vegetables that you wanted to avoid- while still cutting weeds.

The mower shape is extremely easy to maneuver and does not take much energy to push around. If you are trying to find a replacement for a gas mower, we would recommend this item, since it has all of the features you need and an incredible ease-of-use factor.

8. WORKPRO 20V Cordless String Trimmer

Key Features
  • 3 in 1
  • Mower, edger, and trimmer
  • Strong battery
  • Automatic string feeding system
  • Flower guard
  • Perfect for close edging
  • Adjustable height levels
Our Rating

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Our Take

This is a very light product, so you should not feel sore after using it outside for awhile. It takes a bit of assembly to get it up and running- be prepared! You will need to attach the guard and then the additional flower guard.

The flower guard is a handy feature to have. Chances are, if you love taking care of your yard, you have some additional plants around that you do not want to accidentally hit with your trimmer.

We appreciated that you could adjust the height of the whacker easily. Not enough weed trimmers include this feature and we wish more did. It is useful to have one that does not hurt your back while using it.

The battery also has a pretty decent lifespan. It takes about an hour to charge and will run for a good amount of time. If you have a smaller yard, you should be able to take care of everything on just one charge.

The main downside is that you will want to have a lot of string on hand. The unit seems to use quite a bit of string when compared to other models.

9. AIPER 20V Max Cordless String Trimmer

Key Features
  • 2 batteries and a charger
  • Switches between trimming and edging
  • Long running time
Our Rating

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Our Take

This trimmer is a decent option if you want something cordless to use on your yard at home. It does not have any stand-out features, making it a pretty average product.

That being said, it does have a nice little wheel that allows you to switch between trimming and edging efficiently. The wheel on the cover gives you some more control over the tool. That additional stability is great for making smoother, crisper edges in your yard.

It comes with two batteries. Again, this is perfect. Slip the second one into your pocket in case the one you are using runs out. Doing so allows you to get a lot more running time out of your electric weed trimmer.

There is a support arm on the handle that allows you to hold it comfortably at an angle. Add that to adjustable height and you get a trimmer that should not hurt your back at all. It is pretty light, so you should be good there as well.

Best Stringless

10. Sun Joe Cordless SharperBlade Stringless Lawn Trimmer

Key Features
  • Great for trimming and edging
  • 180 degree rotating head
  • Adjustable height
  • Flower guard
  • Battery and charger
  • No string
Our Rating

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Our Take

This model is really light- and it has no string that you need to mess with. It is simple to use and comes with extra blades. It works well and is easy for anyone to use, no matter their experience levels in doing yard work at home.

The battery can charge in 30 minutes at its fastest. This is really impressive, since it lasts pretty long. If you want to get the most use out of it, you can run the trimmer for an hour straight before taking a break to recharge it. It will be ready to go when you are!

Many people get frustrated with using string, so it is nice to include an option that has none of that hassle. It does struggle with thick weeds or long grass, however. You will want to go over denser areas like that slowly to ensure that the blades are cutting through everything evenly.

Some customers complained that the blades were hacking the thicker weeds instead of cutting through them. This would leave them with an unfavorable result. Still, we think that it would work excellent if used with a lawn mower.

Now that you know what to keep an eye out for in your electric weed trimmer, we gathered this list of fantastic products for you to browse through. We included the key features and a helpful description, so you can decide if it works for you.

Electric Weed Eater Buyer’s Guide

We decided that it would be worthwhile to put together a buyer’s guide for you. This is the information that you need to know when it comes to electric weed trimmers:

Battery or Cords?

When picking out your trimmer, you will first want to decide what you want to power it- and what you want to deal with. Both have their sets of pros and cons.

For instance, with a battery operated trimmer you get the following. You can travel your yard easily and maneuver without the cord getting the way. Many people appreciate not having to worry about running over the cord and slicing it open.

On the downside, you have to deal with battery power. Some models drop it much faster than others. If that is the case with the one you buy, you might be spending a lot of time charging it before you can get back to work.

To avoid that problem, you will want to search for an electric weed eater that comes with at least two batteries. That way, you never are interrupted for long when the battery dies.

When it comes to a corded model, you have a constant source of power. But, it means that you have less mobility and have to keep track of the cord at all times. Some customers report using extension cords with their trimmer to reach all of their yard.

Because of that, you will want to make sure that the cord is long if that is the power option you choose. Extension cords can be a hassle and might not be safe, depending on the type of weed eater you are using.

Know the Maintenance Level

All weed eaters come with some basic maintenance that needs done. You will want to be sure beforehand that you are comfortable with doing it. Some need more than others.

You will want to know how to clean the trimmer and replace the string that runs inside of it. You also want to be sure you are familiar with how the battery operates. Do you need to plug it in the night before or is an hour all it needs to be fully charged?

What can An Electric Weed Eater do?

When it comes to more modern weed whackers, they can do a lot more than previous models. Most nowadays can edge and trim, switching effortlessly between the two. There are units now that can transform into a miniature lawn mower.

Of course, they are not as powerful as a traditional gas lawn mower. But, they still work perfectly in cleaning up yards. We would recommend a product like that to someone who wants to make their small to medium yard look more finished.

Know the Shaft Type

There are two kinds of shafts in a weed eater. They are the straight and curved shaft types. Each one has some different benefits to offer you.

Straight weed eaters are better for trimming close to objects. For example, they would work well when you need to get near fences, bushes, trees, or other plants that you do not want to cut.

The curved weed trimmers work best on flat, open spaces. That would be because their head is parallel to the ground at all times, making it easier to handle those types of surfaces. Some variants even come with a head that rotates- making it better suited for sloped yards.

Check the Weight

Finally, you will always want to check the weight and know how much you are comfortable lifting for long periods of time. If anyone else at home is going to be also using the weed eater, make sure that you take them into consideration as well.

Gas weed trimmers are much heavier, which is why many people prefer electric ones. However, electric ones might have issues with their balance.

By that we mean that the electric weed eater feels awkward when you hold it naturally, as though the weight is causing it to tilt to one side. When you hold your weed eater for the very first time, check the balance for yourself.

This is important, since you might feel like it is pulling you over to one side when you are using it.

FAQ and Electric Weed Eaters

When it comes to weed trimmers, people have a lot of questions. We decided to answer the most common ones.

Can an Electric Weed Whacker get Wet?

You will want to make sure that your tool does not get wet- you do not want to use it in the rain. Electricity and water do not go well together!

Always check the weather before you start using it, if you can. You would not want to be caught in the rain.

Modern weed whackers are safer than the older ones, so you will not be in immediate danger if the machine gets wet. However, we recommend that you shut it off and unplug it right away if that were to happen.

Why is My Electric Weed Eater not Starting?

When an electric weed eater is not starting, you will want to check your power source first. Make sure that the cord is plugged in correctly or that your battery is charged. In some cases, the charger might be broken or the battery has died.

You can replace them by finding the brand again. If you have a warranty, they might even cover the expense for you.

Overall, with an electric weed trimmer, the battery is going to be what causes the most problems. They can die suddenly and without warning, so be sure you either have a spare on hand or enough time available to charge it.

If you are using a cord and nothing seems to be wrong with it, try plugging in another device and see if it reacts. If not, then something is wrong with your outlet. When that happens, you might want to consider contacting a professional for help fixing it.

Why Does the Trimmer Line Break?

If the trimmer line is breaking a lot, the line might be too crowded. This happens when the trimmer head is too close to other objects. Cement, fencing, or brick can all cause your string to snap- meaning you have to get everything set up once again.

To avoid this in the future, make sure the line is fully extended. Do not bring it too close to other objects and it should last you longer.

How do I Change the Trimmer Line?

The way you change the string is actually going to depend on the model that you have. There are usually five different ways that it might need to be changed. You will need to check your instruction manual to figure out which method applies to you.

Having an additional cutting line on hand is going to be helpful. Pre-wound spools are even better, since you do not have to waste time wrapping them up.

What Maintenance is Required For an Electric Weed Eater?

When it comes to an electric weed eater, you need to do very little to keep it in good shape. Just clean away debris and dirt with a slightly damp cloth when needed. You will want to be certain that the unit is unplugged and that you are not using a soaked cloth.

The battery might need some extra care. Do not overcharge it too long, as this can actually cause damage to it over time and ruin how much of a charge it can hold.

Do I Need to Replace the Filter?

Yes, if you have one, you will want to replace it often enough. Your instruction manual will let you know how frequently to do this, although you should be able to see a difference in the quality of your weed trimmer.

A clean air filter is necessary for the engine inside the tool to run smoothly. When a filter is clogged, it makes the engine work harder than it has to- wearing it out and shorting the lifespan of your electric weed eater.

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