Over the years, “Ikea hacks” is a term you may have seen thrown about the web, but what are they exactly? Well to put it simply, IKEA hacks include an array of imaginative, and quite frankly genius, modifications or hacks to any IKEA furniture that allows the user to get more out of their flat-pack bargain. This could be as basic as hanging some decorative plants from a coat rack to building a workspace from some shelves.

Whatever the hack, the idea behind it is that the customer gets creative and imaginative, so really there is no limit. If you have some flat-pack IKEA furniture, assembled or not, you might just have an idea as to how to use it better than its original design. Although sometimes it can be difficult to think about how adventurous you can really get with a 4-legged table, you would be surprised.

How do i start IKEA-hacking?

To give you a head start and get you thinking, we wrote a list of the top 15 IKEA hacks that we can think of that can really enhance your flat, making it look that little bit better. Whilst many of these hacks apply to the home in general, our list focuses on the most accessible yet effective hacks to do in your flat, as this is a great way to enhance aesthetics and really make your flat into a home.

Since there are easily over 500 different hacks, we decided to narrow them down into hacks for small spaces. We begin by talking about our choice for the most famous hacks we found, before moving onto the top 10 hacks for flats or apartments. By doing this, we account for those DIYers who may not own a house and live in a smaller space, but don’t worry-these hacks can be done in a house too.

By the time you’ve finished reading, we hope to have sparked your creative side to get you trying some of these hacks, whilst maybe coming up with some new ones yourself. As much as we could talk about the ingenuity of IKEA hacking, let’s get started with the list.

Our top 5 famous IKEA hacks

Despite originally calling out the internet trend a few years back and not being too happy about it, IKEA has since embraced the new hack culture to help their consumers get everything they can out of their products, even by making a list of their own. Since then, many ideas and hack tutorials have circulated the web, becoming more and more popular. This list comprises the top 5 famous, most common IKEA hacks that are a great way to introduce yourself to the art of IKEA hacking.

The coat hook hack

With such potential, taking a standard 4-hook board can really have wider use in your home than just hanging coats. Instead of securing on a door, place wherever you want in the house before doing this and start hanging. For example, hang it in the kitchen as somewhere to put keys, or in the bathroom for small towels.

Since you will need to suspend this on a wall, make sure to drill some pilot holes first. After this, a simple screwdriver will get the screws in and make it secure.

The shelves into noticeboard hack

How an earth can you turn a shelf into a noticeboard I hear you ask? Well, put up two standard shelves of the same size, leaving space in between. Then, with a wooden panel attached to the space in-between, secure it with screws. This combo makes it look like an entirely separate unit, which can act as a notice board with shelving.

To do this, first, attach the panel to the wall at each corner with the pilot hole method. Once done, attach the floating shelves as normal above and below, leaving no gaps.

The BEKVAM spice rack

Purchase a BEKVAM spice rack for no more than 5 dollars and you can make the most of it. For your kitchen, add a few hooks onto the front to act as a utensil holder. If in the bedroom, turn it upside down before attaching and it’s a clothes rail. In the bathroom, attach two hooks onto the base and place roll on a wooden rod to hold it. The creativeness really is yours.

The Kallax hacks

IKEAs infamous Kallax unit can be modified into a shelf-drawer combo in any instance. Simply buy some hinges from the hardware store alongside some door inserts, and screw them in. Examples of this include using the 2-piece as a bedside table and the 8-piece changed into a TV storage unit.

The Vittsjö desk upgrade

As this one doesn’t require any hardware modifications, it’s the easiest. This desk is the best basic deck you’ll find, but it looks a bit plain. Using spray paint, paint it into any color you wish, and even put some patterns on the mirrored top panel!

Our top 10 IKEA hacks for your flat

Whilst the list above is what we think are the most common hacks, they might be difficult with less room. Here are 10 easy, beginner-friendly hacks to spice up your flat a bit more.

The shower caddy hack

Whilst a simple hack, it could be something you never thought of. If you use makeup regularly or just have a lot of products, this is for you. Buy yourself a few of IKEAs cheapest Tisken shower caddies and secure them onto the walls of your bathroom instead. Secure them with hooks (or screws for a cleaner look), and you’ve reduced clutter in your bathroom for cheap.

The toy box hack

Got little ones leaving their valuables everywhere? Simply build your own toybox and purchase one of IKEAs 2×2 Kallax shelves and place it on its side. Then, cut some 6-9mm MDF and attach as a base with screws, using a quilt to cover the top. Not only does this allow easy access to toys, but it makes sorting them a lot easier!

The toy box hack (for grownups)

Need some storage of your own? place two 1 x 4 Kallax shelving units horizontally facing opposite directions, you can make your own lounge storage. Attach both shelves together by directly securing the shelves or buying the right size wood to cover. Screw in and secure. With some fabric on top, you’ve got yourself a handy storage table that sits nicely in front of the couch.

Extra book storage

If you find yourself leaving magazines or letters around everywhere, we have the perfect IKEA hack for you. Purchase 2-3 IKEA book holders and secure them onto the sides of storage units with some screws. Do this in the middle of the unit you’re attaching it to for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Make sure to paint/stain them the same color as the attached unit!

The office workstation

This is a simple way to make a basic workstation rather than buying an entirely new desk, complete with storage. To do this, simply buy two of the same IKEA drawers. Then, by deciding on the length you need prior, buy a piece of flatwood from IKEA or a hardware store. This that can be placed on top of both sets of drawers with each end hanging over slightly.

Finish this off by securing the top panel with screws, making sure its strong enough to work on frequently.

Shoe rack hacks

Too many shoes blocking up the entryway of your flat? For a simple change, use large coat hooks and attach them to the wall upside down. If you want to be more creative, lie a 1×4 Kallax unit sideways and attach some cushioning on top. This will act as not only storage but provide a comfortable seat for taking off your sneakers.

The easy footstool

Got some spare fabric or cushioning laying around? Even if you don’t, purchase just enough to cover a simple, 4-legged IKEA table. Attach it to the table with some staples/carpentry nails and you’re good to go. Now you have a comfy footstool!

The wall box hack.

Need somewhere to put your daily belongings, instead of putting them in different jackets and being unable to find them? Or simply need a small cupboard? Simple-buy a single kallax unit and screw it to the wall. Then, buy the appropriate door insert with hinges and screw on. The small size and compact nature mean it should stick on the wall with some strong screws and gives you a handy hallway cabinet.

The DIY Kallax wardrobe

If you are wanting a wardrobe do-over but you’re on a budget, then buy yourself the Kallax 4 x 2 unit with 4 inserts. Simply spray paint it the color you want and turn it vertically so it’s standing and not laid flat. Then, place the large inserts on the bottom two spaces with the smaller inserts in the space above.

With this, you have a cupboard and drawer space with 4 open shelf spaces above for shirts and pants, etc. With room for personalization, this is a lot cheaper than a fresh wardrobe!
As this is originally designed to be horizontal, make sure you set it up as usual but only up to attaching the inserts.

Then, place it on its side and screw the insert doors as described above. If new holes need to be made, make sure to not drill deeper than the screw, as this will leave sharp nails pointing out the side.

The RÅSKOG rolling cart hack

Sometimes in the kitchen, especially if you’re adventurous with cooking, space can become a slight issue. Whilst you can just buy some spice racks to store smaller tubs in, we suggest purchasing the IKEA rolling cart. Spray paint it the same color as your kitchen or whatever color suits you best, then place it next to a counter. It’s perfect for storing spices, but would also be great for any herbs or herb plants you’ve got growing.

However, a rolling cart can be used in other rooms too. If you need extra space for books in the office, or for bathroom cleaning products, this rack is for you. For only around $35, the use you can get out of it is remarkable.

That’s our hacks- but it doesn’t finish there.

They Are Just Some Ideas To Get You Started, But In Reality, IKEA Products Offer Such A Range That You Can Easily Get Creative With All Of Them. Whether That Means Just Doing A Respray Or Using The Materials For An Entirely Different Purpose Completely, It Can Save You Money In The Long Run And Can Look Pretty Impressive To People Coming To See Your Flat.

There Are Many Hack Ideas Around The Web That Could Give You Some Inspiration, But We Advise That You Just Focus On Your Own Creative Side First, And Who Knows-Maybe You’ll Become The Next Great IKEA Hacker.

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