Vacutec was one of the original smoke detection brands that started back in 1994. Becoming a leader in the automotive diagnostic smoke vapor technology sector. Pushing new regulations and helping create a safer America.

Its products are able to trace leaks in almost any automotive system, including gas, oil, turbo, and EVAP systems. For more information check out a detailed description of what diagnostic smoke detectors can be used for.

UV Dye System

One of their best solutions was to use a UV dye that would show up exactly where the leak was present. This was used widely around the world to help identify leaks in systems. Check out our link here for a full guide on diagnostic leak testing.

Their systems come with multiple connectors and accessories to make testing as simple as possible. They can be used on both low and high-pressure systems and vacuum or normal leaks. If you are just looking for a simple dye test leak product then they have variations to suit.

Always make sure you use the recommended fluid for your machine. Some require UV fluids and all must be accredited to be used in automotive engines for safety.

Product manuals

We have collected the Vacutec product manuals for your reference only. Please note we are not affiliated or associated with Vacutec.

Please note we are not affiliated or associated with Vacutec and any trademarks are not our property. This information is provided for educational and research purposes.

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