Top 5 Low Maintenance Houseplants

Low Maintenance Houseplants

Although many of us associate plants with the great outdoors, they can make fantastic additions indoors as well. Plants are the lungs of our planet as they filter carbon dioxide out from the air we breathe and provide us with an ample amount of oxygen to thrive. Houseplants are incredibly beneficial to our wellbeing and there are plenty that requires low maintenance to bring life into your living space. 

Low Maintenance Houseplants Guide

If you’re just an aspiring or beginner plant parent like me, there are a few suggestions that make amazing houseplants and require low maintenance to survive you have to check them out! 

Peace Lilies

One of our personal favorites is the Peace Lily. It smells and looks fantastic, making it a perfect addition to any room. Peace Lilies thrive on neglect, overwatering it can hurt them more than you think. They’re far more tolerant to drought so just check the topsoil every week or so to see what it needs.

Peace Lilies doesn’t just have a pretty face, they do us a favor by breaking down some dangerous chemicals from the air as well! Toxic gases like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide that are extremely harmful to our health can be easily taken care of by these beauties. Although it is not a replacement for other forms of defense against these chemicals, who wouldn’t like Mother Nature’s dainty air purifier?


Bromeliads are another great addition to any household. It thrives without the need for a sunny spot or much maintenance at all. These plants are completely unique in their shape, color, and pattern. Subsequently, they also regulate and remove nasty pollutants from the air. These babies can really help to freshen up small rooms and bedrooms, they’re not only low maintenance houseplants but they are absolutely stunning with long green foliage and an enticing aroma. 

Although Bromeliads are easy to take care of, they do appreciate a reasonably humid room and the occasional exposure to sunlight. If you haven’t got a window sill, you can leave it outdoors once a week for it to soak up some sunshine! Bromeliads are also made to withstand drought so they don’t require much watering.

Hence, overwatering them can have the opposite effect of what you might expect so make sure to leave a week or two between waterings. It’s always wise to check the top two inches of topsoil before deciding if it needs to be watered.

Chinese Evergreen

Known amongst some communities for its ability to bring luck, the Chinese Evergreen makes a great houseplant to fill a shelf or side table. Its beautiful foliage and small stature mean you can leave it on your desk as a beautiful ornament while allowing its purifying nature to work its magic. 

Its foliage is green and will turn pink if allowed to absorb a fair amount of sunlight, but be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight as this can damage the evergreen quite quickly. The best way to let your Chinese Evergreen thrive is to leave it by a window sill. Chinese Evergreens also adore high humidity and moist soil so they will require watering quite often. Although this may seem like a chore, their beauty will not fail to make up for it! 

Trailing Philodendrons

The trailing Philodendron is a sprawling plant with a lot of foliage. When taken care of properly its leaves are a lovely heart-shaped, iridescent green that adds that natural feeling to anywhere you put them. It is probably the easiest plant here to grow with only occasional watering needed. Philodendrons can grow in a variety of possible light conditions meaning they’re a perfect match for any room.

It should be mentioned that Philodendrons do enjoy a little time outside every once in a while. Although it’s not absolutely necessary, leaving them outside your door or window once a month can encourage growth. 

Pothos Plant

The Pothos Plant, otherwise known as the “Devils Ivy” is another beautiful sprawling green plant. As it’s almost impossible to kill and is a great low maintenance houseplant. It’s a perfect match for this list and anyone who doesn’t have much time to spare to keep their plants healthy. 

An easy way to know if your plant baby needs water is to allow the top inch of soil to dry up before watering again. This may take a week or two depending on how warm the room is. Check occasionally to see if it’s ready for water and you’ll have a full-grown Pothos in no time.

Now you know our favorite five low maintenance houseplants, which one do you think you’ll be getting? They’re a beautiful addition to any room and in this case, easy to maintain and difficult to kill.

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