Metal Garden Hoses: A Short Introduction

When working in the yard or garden we are always looking for ways to make our life easier. The garden hose is one of those pieces of equipment that we rarely think about. When we go to use it and find it is damaged or corroded, we find ourselves stuck for options. This is where a metal garden hose can be very valuable.

Here at we have known about metal hoses for a while. We decided to test them out to really see if they live up to their expectations. The factors that draw us to them is that they don’t kink easily and are leak proof. This is because of their multi-layer design which makes them much more durable.

In comparison, plastic garden hoses are damaged easily from accidentally running over them with a truck or lawnmower. Simple operations such can cause a plastic hose to puncture and fail. This might be dragging the hose past the edge of the house or particularly spiky plant. Don’t forget about animals either, dogs love to chew on a plastic hose which causes irreparable leaks.

We have reviwed several of the top brands to help you pick the best metal garden hose for your needs. Comparing length, material composition, weight, and even accessories to help you make the right choice.

Features To Look For When Choosing A Metal Garden Hose

Garden Hose Length

Hose Length

Consider the area that you will be using your hose in the most. If it is in your yard for watering the plants then you want to be able to easily reach all the corners. However, if you just need to for washing down your boat or cleaning your truck you might need a shorter metal hose.

Hose Materials


There are two main materials in a metal garden hose. A stainless-steel exterior and a PVC, polyvinyl chloride, interior, these used together make sure the hose is flexible and durable. It is also worth checking the material that the connectors are made from as some are made from aluminium while others are brass just which may not last as long, but doesn’t get stuck when wet.

Internal Diameter of Hose

Internal Diameter

Metal garden hoses are made up of a metal exterior and a PVC interior, the water flows through the interior pipe. When choosing your hose check that the internal diameter is wide enough to allow for a good flow velocity of water. We recommend at least ½” of internal diameter but too large can result in a low water pressure.

The Best Metal Garden Hose Reviews 2021

Best Overall

1. Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose

Top Features Include
  • 50 or 100 foot long
  • 304 Stainless Steel Outer
  • PVC Inner lining
  • On/off valve on fitting
  • Brass fittings
  • 497 PSI burst pressure
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Our Take

The Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose comes in either 50 foot or 100-foot sections. It uses 304 stainless steel for its outer housing which is puncture-proof and deters corrosion and cracking in the sunlight. The inner lining is a pressure-resistant latex -lined lumen that can handle up to 497 PSI of pressure.

It is lightweight at only 3 lbs for the 50-foot version and its compact stainless steel design stops it from kinking, twisting or tangling. It comes with both male and female brass fittings which make it easy to unscrew even when wet. There is a built-in on/off valve on the female fitting to quickly turn off the water flow when switching attachments.

The Bionic steel pro garden hose allows for consistent and steady water flow, even with high-pressure systems. It is fully corrosion and rustproof stainless steel to make sure it will last your year after year. It is built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions from sub-zero to extreme heat it has been proven to cope with it all. We have no worries about recommending this excellent metal garden hose.

Best Value

2. The Original Metal Garden Hose

Top Features Include
  • 75 foot long
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 11oz
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Our Take

The Original Metal Garden Hose is 75 feet in length to maximize the amount of area it covers in your garden. There are other options available for 25, 50, and 100 feet. It is dog chew, thorn and tear-proof as it is made from a stainless steel exterior.

It is compact and lightweight, yet just as flexible as any other garden hose due to its overlapping stainless steel shell. It is an excellent addition for any RV or boat to assist with cleaning or water filling.

The hose has been proven to stand up to an industrial-strength grinder and not puncture. Impressively it stays cool to the touch even when left in the sun as the stainless steel reflects the UV rays. This stops the outer shell from getting hot so you can still handle it and also stop the water heating inside the hose.

When reviewing the Original Metal Garden hose we liked it because it is puncture-proof and cool-touch. However, the internal diameter is quite small so check what your application is before purchasing as you may not receive the water pressure you were expecting. Make sure to be careful with the fittings on this hose as they are the clear weak spot.

Best Premium

3. Hercules Stainless Steel Garden Hose

Top Features Include
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • 50 foot in length
  • Hose Reel included
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Our Take

The Hercules Stainless Steel Garden Hose stands out from the others as it includes an excellent hose reel. It is more than tough enough to push through drains and gutters to help with cleaning.

It is made from 304 stainless steel with an interlocking armor design similar to that of an armadillo. The same way the armadillo’s plates move as it walks the Hercules Hose uses the same concept to keep the hose puncture free. You won’t have to worry about running over the hose in your garden or leaving it baking in the sun all day as it is fully protected.

Even though it is made from rugged and durable stainless steel the hose was found to remarkably lightweight, making it easy to carry around. It coils easily onto its included hose reel to make storing it simple and effective.

The hose can handle a high-pressure flow without bursting which allows for a strong stream from any attachment. This is perfect for watering your garden, cleaning your wheelbarrow, or dog! At only 3.5 lbs for 50 feet of hose, this is an excellent metal garden hose that you can buy with confidence.

4. Sun Joe Aqua Joe Metal Garden Hose

Top Features Include
  • 304 Stainless Steel Outer
  • 25 foot – 100 foot length
  • PVC Inner core
  • Aluminium fittings at both ends
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Our Take

The Sun Joe Aqua Joe Metal Garden Hose is flexible, lightweight, and very importantly didn’t leak at its connections. Even when just placed onto a hook on the side of our workshop we found no kinks.

It is made from lightweight industrial grade 304 stainless steel and is free from Lead, Phthalates and BPA. The rugged and virtually indestructible stainless steel outers sheath surrounds a flexible inner core for the best performance possible.

The fittings at each end are made from aluminum to provide a secure and leak-proof connection. At the connectors, there are bend restrictors that make sure the hose isn’t forced too far and causing it to snap.

The 100-foot long version of the Sun Joe Metal Garden Hose is only 11.3 pounds even though it is made with a metal sheath. Claiming to be the last hose you will ever need we would like to agree, however as it only uses aluminum fittings instead of brass we think there are better hoses in our review.

We also found that its water flow was limited as the internal diameter is quite narrow. Therefore we would recommend this for watering around the garden where pressure isn’t important, but not for cleaning your truck or RV.

5. Yanwoo 304 Metal Garden Hose

Top Features Include
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 50-foot length
  • Up to 290 PSI pressure
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Our Take

The Yanwoo Stainless Steel Garden Hose is a more basic metal hose and you can tell that some of its materials aren’t quite as good as some of the others we reviewed. However, it is still an interesting option and has lots of great features.

It is 50 feet long and is as flexible as the other hoses we reviewed. It will not kink thanks to its cleaver metal interlocking outer sheath. Plus we found it to be tangleproof and convenient to tidy.

Its good water pressure was quite a bit higher than some of the others we reviewed only 290 PSI. This is plenty of pressure for watering your garden and plant pots and even car washing.

At only 50ft long it is also shorter than some of the others, but you can join up multiple hoses using a brass connector. 

The hose, however, was strong and the 304 stainless steel lived up to its durable qualities. Animal, tear and crack proof confirmed and even kept cool in the midday heat. Once used it was simple to coil away and store until further use.

Metal Garden Hose Buyer’s Guide

Material Corrosion

A major concern with metal garden hoses is that they get easily damaged due to corrosion. Water a metal famously doesn’t mix well, when exposed to water many metals begin to oxidize which damages the surface. However, all of the metal hoses we have reviewed are made from stainless steel, often 304 stainless.

Stainless steel is known for its fantastic corrosion resistance in environments where other steels corrode. Chromium, an alloy element, forms a protective layer around the outside of the stainless steel. This oxide layer is great at protecting from water and air. However, but be careful if you use acids or other chemicals in your yard as these could damage the stainless steel.


Another advantage of a metal garden hose is that it is very easy to coil up after you have finished using it. The interlinking technology used on all of the metal hoses we have reviewed stops the hose from kinking and making coiling and unreeling the hose very simple.

You would also think that because the hose is metal, it would be a lot heavier than a plastic or rubber hose. But we found that as there is just a thin outer metal layer on the hose, the weight increase isn’t considerable and very manageable when carrying around. Overall, we found that the added benefit of a kink free and easily coiling hose made all of our reviewed hoses very portable.

Fittings And Accessories Compatibility

Some of the hoses we reviewed come with their own attachments such as a spray nozzle. Even if your hose does come with a spray gun you will often want to look at other attachments depending on the job at hand. The type of attachment fittings used on each hose can be different between suppliers, so make sure to check the fitting before purchasing.

The most popular fitting material of the hoses we reviewed was brass. It is easy to unscrew even when under pressure and wet. Aluminium fittings are also common as they last longer but you might not find them as easy to detach when swapping attachments.

Some common hose attachments include spray guns, lawn sprinklers, water timers, and patio misters. Lawn sprinklers and watering timers help a lot when taking care of a home lawn in the summer. There are many different types of spray guns and nozzles and some even come with a wand for extra reach.

Reeling Options

As mentioned in our reviews the Hercules Metal Hose comes with a free hose reel. You can also buy aftermarket reels for all of the hoses we have reviewed. They are perfectly suited to be used with a hose reel because of the way that stainless-steel hoses conveniently coil up.

When purchasing a hose reel check where you want to store it or if you want to mount it onto a wall. If you want to mount it to a wall or inside your workshop, decide if you want to be able to swing to the direction the hose is being pulled from.

Also, check that it is large enough to fit the length of the hose you have purchased. Some of the best hose reels include guides to coil the hose as neatly as possible.

Hose Weight

There is no denying that metal garden hoses weigh more than a standard rubber hose, but they aren’t considerably heavier. The added weight comes from the metal protective layer that surrounds the internal tube. However, metal hoses are still lightweight because this layer is made from thin stainless steel that interlinks to give it extra strength.


Are Metal Garden Hoses Any Good?

Metal garden hoses are a great alternative to a more traditional rubber hose. They come with many added benefits such as puncture protection and anti kink technology built in. Their protective metal shielding means you can freely move around your yard and guarantee a strong and constant jet of water without worrying about damaging the hose.

They perform better when compared to rubber hoses in most environments. Sunlight in hot environments affects water temperature. Metal hoses keep the water cooler compared to a rubber hoses and stay cool to the touch.

Metal garden hoses are easy to store on keep tidy as they naturally roll up into a perfect coil thanks to their interlinking metal outer skin. The metal layer stops them kinking up and protects from animal bites and sharp items. They practically unreel themselves when it is time to water the yard.

What Is The Best Metal Garden Hose?

We recommend the Bionic Steel Pro Garden Hose as it has excellent reviews and notably uses brass fittings. It comes in two lengths of either 50 feet or 100 feet. Depending on the size of your yard you can pick the best length. The Bionic Steel Pro is durable and doesn’t tangle up, saving you time spent cleaning or watering.

Are Expandable Hoses Worth It?

Expandable hoses are a relatively new type of hose. They have some benefits and disadvantages when compared to metal garden hoses. An expandable hose expands up to 3 times its length when the water pressure is turned on. It returns to its original length when you turn the water off. They are very small and lightweight, at up to 5 times less than a traditional hose. This makes them easy to tidy away and carry.

However, this is still a new technology. Take caution when purchasing an expandable hose. Some manufacturers are using poor quality materials and users are finding that their hoses are leaking or puncturing easily. We recommend a strong fabric exterior of at least 400D x 400D and a good manufactures warranty.

How Do You Coil A Hose Without A Kink?

Coiling a standard rubber hose without a kink can be difficult as it can easily twist over itself. This isn’t an issue with a metal garden hose. The hose can bend into a perfect coil because of the strong metal exterior.

First disconnect your water supply and allow the water to drain out of the hose. Lay one end of the hose on the ground and form a large circle with the rest of the hose. Continue creating more circles on top of the original layer. Make sure you allow the hose to roll in your hands to prevent kinks. Use a small piece of rope or string to secure the coil after finishing.

Are Stainless Steel Hoses Better Than Rubber?

As mentioned previously we believe that in general stainless steel hoses are better than rubber hoses. They are longer lasting, harder wearing and have the added benefit of keeping the water temperature cool inside the hose. Not forgetting that stainless steel hoses are kink proof and are very easy to coil up after use.

The metal casing around the hose provides UV protection from sunlight. This stops the sun from penetrating into the internal hose as well as heating the water up. This means you won’t damage your plants with hot water or damage the internal hose.

There are some cases where a rubber or expandable hose might be beneficial such as a car or boat wash. Where you might be dragging the hose past objects and surfaces you don’t want to scratch. In these situations, take extra care to make sure not to puncture the hose by running a truck over it.

How Much Do Metal Garden Hoses Cost?

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap hose under 15 bucks then be prepared for it to fail in under a week. But pay a bit more and it will be built to last with much higher quality materials.

We recommend spending between 40 and 70 dollars depending on the length of your metal garden hose. Some hoses come with spray nozzles included. Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap hose as these are often poor quality and will cost you more in the long run.

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