TIG welding is usually used for thin metals since it makes a more precise weld. It can take a lot of practice to master using a TIG welder. But, once you have it down, you can use it to weld a variety of different materials.

This worm of welding requires a constant supply of weld wire, as well as Tungsten Inert Gas. If you are looking to invest in a TIG welder, you will want to be sure that you are getting a quality product. That way, the machine will not be able to get in the way of your precise welding.

TIG welding is great if you need to work on a unique shape or a surface with a lot of curves. As long as you practice, you can easily control the weld and make intricate connections.

However, it is also helpful to have a high quality machine to work with. If you do not want to waste your money, it is important that you do some research beforehand. If you are not sure what types of TIG will work the best for you, don’t worry!

We did all of the research and gathered it here for you. Keep reading if you want to learn about the best TIG welder of the year.

Product Features

There are certain features that you will want your TIG welder to have. Without them, it can be a bit more cumbersome to get your work done. The following product features are signs that point to a quality TIG welder.


When it comes to welding, you want to have a solid amperage range. The lowest amp is just as important to consider. The lower amps make it possible to work with soft or thin metals, such as a sheet steel- without the worry of melting the metal. That way, you can work on even more jobs, especially ones that require soft materials to be welded.

Higher amps can help increase the number of projects you can work on since they make it easier to manage harder tasks.

AC and DC Capabilities

It is worth looking for a welder that can use both AC and DC since it allows you to work with more metals. For example, aluminum and magnesium work the best with AC. This type of current also allows you more ways to apply materials.

For DC currents, you will typically use it with metals such as steel.

Multi-Purpose Functions

Welders can sometimes have more than one function. They can help you keep costs down if you need to use many different types of welding. Some machines can do a lot more than others, so it is worth taking the time to think about what projects you need them for.


And finally, your budget is going to factor in when picking a machine. It does not matter how much a welder can do if you can not afford it. You will want to stick within a budget that makes you comfortable- you can always save and upgrade later if you want to.

Top 10 Best Tig Welders

Best Overall

1. PRIMEWELD TIG225X Tig Welder

Top Features

225 AMPs

Pulse function

Superflex tech in torch, hose, and flex head

Precise foot pedal control

Advanced inverter

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Our Take

This option uses 225 AMPs, pulse control, Superflex, and an advanced inverter to get the job done. The PWM used also works well with thin metals, such as sheets. The PRIMEWELD offers you a lot of versatility as well- it works wonders in both a home and commercial setting. Why?

The PRIMEWELD utilizes both AC and DC currents, allowing you to work with a wider selection of materials. It has a dual voltage too, which is at 110 and 220 volts. The kit comes with a variety of accessories and tools, including floor clamps and tips. It even gives you a welding mask!

The duty cycle is 40% at 140 AMPs, which uses 120 volts. You can also run it at 40% for 225 AMPs with 225 volts. Overall, you get a lot of versatility and power out of the machine. The only real downside to it is the cost.

Due to the high price, you will only want to consider this product if you know that you will be using it a lot. However, you can feel confident that you are getting a high quality machine!

Best For Features

2. Weldpro Digital 200GD Tig Welder

Top Features

Choice between CK torch or Euro torch

AC/DC pulse function

Foot pedal

110 and 220 volt adaptor included

Torch number 17

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Our Take

With this TIG welder, you can adjust the pulse peak between 10 to 90%. It is expensive, but you get a lot of different modes to work with. That way, you can start any projects that you want to. Users felt that the welding worked smoothly, and there was no sticking at the start of an arc.

There are plenty of included features. You get AC balance in a wide range of 30 to 70%, 2T/4T torch, and a foot pedal. Whether you are looking for a welder to use at home or professionally, this TIG can be a great option.

It is on the expensive side but is made from high quality components. You can be sure that this product will last you a long time. In general, users did not like the Euro style as much as the CK torch.

They felt that it was bulkier, making it harder to move the cable when you needed to reach certain portions of a project. If you want to use this machine for precise welding, you may want to consider not getting the Euro torch in your order. Luckily, you can easily choose between the two options.

Best Premium

3. TIG Welder, Diversion 180

Top Features


AC/DC source

Digital displays

Remote amperage control

Designed for commercial use

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Our Take

The company states that this item can be used for aerospace, construction, infrastructure, heavy equipment manufacturing, and more. If you are looking for a machine that you can use at work, this would be the best TIG welder for the job.

However, since it is mainly for construction and commercial use, the product is very expensive. You would only want to buy it if you knew that you had a use for it already. It works well at welding thin and thick materials alike. You also get a plug for use with multi-voltages.

Most users felt that it was easy to get it up and running. Although, the foot pedal will seem to move away from you if you are not keeping constant track of it. You can mount it if you wish to take that extra step.

Users also brought up that the machine has been lasting them years. The fans can be loud, but the quality and performance of the welder more than make up for the constant sound. Overall, if you put in a small amount of maintenance and care, the machine will last you a very long time.

As long as it is in your budget, and you do not mind paying the premium price tag, it can be a great investment in your welding projects.

Best Portable

4. Lincoln 200 TIG Welder, K5126-1

Top Features

Easy to use

Great for aluminum

Can be plugged in anywhere

Great portability

Only needs one power source

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Our Take

This TIG welder would work great for any serious hobbyists or even some professionals. It is 110 and 220 volts- which helps to make it more portable. You are not going to be restricted from using it in specific areas, although you may have to use a lower amp setting.

The machine also offers 20 pulses per second, which is good. However, we do wish that you could adjust it a little more, especially if you are working with thick metal. The waveform can not be changed from 50%.

Uses said that the machine was very easy to use. The arc is steady, the foot pedal is not too sensitive, and the torch works great. It is in a 17 style if you are already familiar with working with them.

Most people who bought and used this product were not trade welders. They were using the welder to work on home projects and some other hobbies. They all said that the tool was great for that kind of work.

Overall, we think that this product will last you well over the brand’s three year warranty. It comes with plenty of good features and is easy to move around and set up anywhere that you need to work.

Best Multi-Process

5. ESAB Rebel TIG Welder

Top Features

True All-Process features

High frequency start

Adapts to your technique


Digital display for fine tuning welds

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Our Take

The brand states that this product can learn from your welding style. It comes with a variety of settings and features so that you can adjust anything you need to. You can change the language settings, the trim, inductance, pre and post flow settings, and the spot weld settings.

That way, you can tailor the machine to the welds that you want to achieve, making it very efficient and easy to use. We thought that it was interesting that the machine could adjust, in real time, to the way that you were using it.

For example, you just need to set the dial to the width of the material you are using and start welding. The welder will be able to “figure out” how you are working and make adjustments to you.

Users loved this feature the most. If you spend a lot of time adjusting your current welder, you may appreciate it as well. The auto-adjustment makes it easier to get right to work, which is also beneficial if you are on a time crunch.

One of the best features is that it can weld aluminum, even when on 120 AMPs. There are many pulse settings too that you can experiment with. That way, you can achieve further control over the arc, allowing you to work on any projects you want to tackle.

Best Budget

6. Goplus ARC Welder, 200 AMP Lift TIG Welding Machine

Top Features

Multiple types of welding

Reinforced safety features

Naturally adjusts for voltage fluctuation

Quick connection

Easy to use and portable

Our Rating

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Our Take

If you want to get a new TIG welder on a budget, then this is one of the best options. We appreciated that the machine came with additional safety features as well. This includes a reinforced nylon panel and over and under voltage protection. That way, the machine will not overload.

The welder is also very reliable. It automatically will compensate for voltage fluctuation, which is a small yet convenient feature to have. Users appreciated this feature since it was able to take a little bit off of their minds.

It comes with dual voltage input so that you can plug it into any power supply you have access to, and the welder will still run. The machine’s included handle helps to make it even more portable.

One of the best features of this product is the price. If you order, you can feel confident knowing that you got your new welder at an amazing value. Users also brought up that it was a good machine to learn to weld on since it was cost-effective.


Top Features

Dual voltage

Amperage range of 15 to 200 AMPs

High frequency start up

LCD amperage display

Automatic temperature control

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Our Take

This item comes with almost everything you need to get started welding right away. We appreciated the AMP range that this product had to offer the most. It goes as low as 15 but as high as 200. That way, you can use it even for a very thin piece of material.

The product is fairly light yet also durable. It comes with a high-frequency start, which allows for easy arc starting and helps to keep your tungsten from running out so quickly. The system is very easy to run and uses an LCD display for your convenience.

The versatility of the machine makes it easy and great for use as a personal tool in your workshop or a professional tool on the job site. Users said that it was mostly put together right out of the box, so they could start welding right away.

Everything works very well with this welder. The only downside would be the responsiveness of the amperage control. Users said that it did not feel quite as responsive as they would have liked.

Finally, users loved the high-frequency start that the machine uses. They felt as though they had a great amount of control over the projects they were working on.

8. Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i TIG Welder

Top Features

Easy to use

High frequency start up

Infinite amperage control

Automatic fan

Precise control capabilities

Our Rating

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Our Take

This welder works well, with users often comparing it to the Miller brand. It will have almost all of the same parts as well, at a much lower cost. We appreciated that the welder included some tungsten gas, so you can use it right out of the box if you need to.

The components of this machine are durable and high quality- meaning you can expect them to last you years. We are sure that you would be able to use it longer than the three-year warranty that comes with your order. Although, it would be a good idea to get it, just in case something were to go wrong.

Users felt that this portable option worked just as well as the commercial welders they had access to at work. The only noticeable difference between the two would have to be the duty cycle, which is much shorter with this product, especially if you are welding at high amperages.

Overall, this product would work wonders for any projects that you have at home. If you want to use it with aluminum welding, the machine can even handle that. Many users mentioned that they were using the welder to learn to work with that material.

9. HITBOX TIG Welder Pulse

Top Features

TIG pulse functions

Arc capabilities

Distance welding available

High frequency start

Our Rating

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Our Take

We appreciated that this product came with a TIG pulse function. It allows the welding current to change from a peak amperage to a lower one and back automatically. That way, you can work with thin metals and conductive ones easier, without accidentally burning through the materials.

Those who bought the welder felt that the price was good and that the machine was very easy to run. However, the instructions that came with the welder did not seem to contain all of the information they needed. You would want to start with smaller test projects until you moved on to your actual projects.

Users also felt that the machine was a little low on the voltage that it was using. They felt that it was a bit difficult to get into a rhythm with the machine since it was a bit unreliable with the peak of the arc. Still, everything seems to work, just not as well as it could be.

10. Lotos CT520D 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine

Top Features

Plasma cutter current

Precise welding

High frequency arc

Easy setup

Our Rating

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Our Take

The welder can easily be used precisely with thinner materials and comes with a hand torch. The high frequency arc allows for further versatility, although we do wish that the kit came with the foot pedal since the machine is able to support it.

The brand states that the welder is easy to set up and use- only taking one minute. All of the parts that you need are already installed and set up. That way, you just need to connect your air compressor and set up your power source.

The machine is light, making it great for portability as well. Most users were easily able to understand the instructions and purchased upgrades for this machine over time. They loved that switching from cutting to welding was so easy- all you need to do is push a switch and the welder takes care of it for you.

However, there were some negative aspects to this product. The ground cable is not long, it does not come with a 120 volt plug, the hose is not flexible, and you may have issues with the regulator.

Overall, the high frequency start worked extremely well, and the arc was very consistent and reliable.

Tig Welder Complete Buyer’s Guide

When considering what best TIG welder you want this year, there are a lot of different factors that you will need to consider. When it comes to TIG welding, you need to be precise and have a certain skill level to fall back on.

It can help if you have a quality welder to back you up. There are many aspects to a TIG welder that make it worth your time. However, with so many different options on the market today, it can be difficult to find one that works the best for you.

We will be going over all of that information in this buyer’s guide. If you are considering buying your own TIG welder in the near future, make sure that you read over this guide. If a Mig welder is what you are looking for then check out our best MIG welder review.

There are some features that are going to be more worth getting. Here is what you will need to know.

Pulse Welding

TIG welding requires that you remain in control of the heat that you apply to the metal. The newest inverters are capable of running more pulses per second, which is great for making joints or use on a thin metal.

The higher that you set the pulse, the stronger that your weld will become since you have more control over the weld. More pulsing makes it easier to control the arc, which is good for keeping the amount of heat you need on the weld- giving you more control.

You will want this feature if you plan on working with the thin material since it helps to prevent you from accidentally burning through the metal. If you are a perfectionist, pulses are also great for ensuring a smooth and pleasant looking weld on the finished project.

Foot Pedal

When it comes to TIG welding, you will also want to make sure that you have a sturdy foot pedal. Sometimes, you will be required to work on your project in odd positions, which may require that you use both of your hands.

The pedal will allow you to adjust the amount of heat used, even when your hands are preoccupied on the torch and filler rod.

A quality food pedal does not have a steep slope. It also should feel responsive enough to you since you will be using it to adjust the level of heat. If your welder does not come with a good foot pedal, it would be worth your while to replace and upgrade it.

tig Welder Portability

If you want to be able to easily move around your new welder, you will want to ensure that it weighs about 50 pounds or less. They are easy to move if they come with a handle or wheels too.

Larger units can get quite heavy, so you will want to set them up somewhere you never have to use them. Although a small TIG welder can still offer you a lot of functions and power. They do not have a duty cycle that is as long as the larger models, but they are still nice for smaller projects.

The Arc

The lower quality machines tend to have inconsistent arcs. The more stable your arc, the more precise you will be able to be with your weld. You may be able to adjust the settings in some models.

For example, a TIG welder that has settings for a higher frequency can make it a lot easier to control the arc, which can give you numerous benefits as you work. If you can also control the pulse, you will be able to have as much control over the arc as you want.

Tig Welding FAQ’s

When it comes to purchasing the best TIG welder, consumers often have questions. If you do not see yours below, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to help you out.

These are the questions that we ran into the most while doing research into these products.

Can you Tig Weld without gas?

You do not want to do it without gas. The gas acts as a shield that protects your weld and keeps it nice looking. If you are building joints, they will turn out weak without the gas. Overall, you want to make sure that you are using tungsten.

Can all Tig welders weld aluminum?

Any welder technically can weld aluminum. However, there are a lot of aspects that may impact the appearance and quality of your project. All TIG welders can weld aluminum, but the results will not always be the same. If you plan on working with this material often, make sure that you invest in a welder that can handle the job well.

Do you use AC or DC to weld aluminum?

You should use an AC current to weld aluminum. AC is positive, allowing it to provide clean welds into the material. DC may penetrate your aluminum, which could potentially ruin the project, forcing you to have to start over.

 What is better, MIG or TIG welding?

MIG, or Metal Inert Gas welding, is used for large and thicker materials. It uses a consumable wire that fills in the material and also acts as an electrode. TIG, or Tungsten Inert Gas welding, is a lot faster, making it better for more efficient work times and production costs.

What are TIG welders good for?

TIG welders are best for use with steel, aluminum, nickel alloys, copper, brass, gold, bronze, and stainless steel. They are used in a variety of projects, so you can expect to get a lot of use out of your welder.

For instance, you can use it with bike frames, lawn mowers, fenders, and much more. There are many benefits to owning a welder, so if you are interested and love working with these types of tools, we recommend that you order one when you can.


Our top pick, the PRIMEWELD, has a variety of uses. It is versatile and even has a stable arc. We think that this product is very reliable and going to be a great help on any projects that you have waiting for you at home.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to buying a new welder. You will want to take some time to stop and think about the materials you think you will be using the most. Then, you can determine the quality of the welder you need. The higher quality one you order, the more features you receive, but the price tag will also be a lot higher too. Overall, we would recommend any of these products on this list. They all work well at TIG welding, although some are more efficient and reliable than the others.

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