Now that it’s summer, outside DIY projects are ideal. Working in the workshop might get a little too hot for you. However, you might still want to do some DIY no matter how sunny and hot it is.

Outside DIY projects allow you to get out in the sun whilst also exploring your creative side. In the list below, we discuss the top 10 easy projects you can do outside that are not too difficult. Most of these projects will require tools, but they aren’t too difficult or time-consuming when done properly.

So, here are the top 10 outside DIY projects for you to make this summer!

1 – Flower Box Outside DIY Project

Any garden looks good with some flower and plant features, so it’s easy to take advantage of that. With some plywood and CLS, make a basic planter box and plant some colorful, flowering plants. We suggest a vertical, more narrow planter as it’s easier to place than longer, horizontal planters.

Planters aren’t a difficult build, and you should only need a drill and a saw (either hand or electric) too. Make sure to drill some holes in the bottom too for drainage. Sand and stain it, but also apply some waterproof stain if possible, as this helps with the outdoors. Check out our guide on how to build a herb planter box for inspiration! This is a great alternative to a whole flower, vegetable or herb patch.

2 – Trellising For Your Garden

Whatever style or theme you’re going for in your garden, trellising always works. This can either be used for high climbing plants or privacy, but it’s also good just as decoration too. We suggest wide trellising rather than tall, just because this makes for a more effective decorative feature.

To build some trellising, all you’ll need is some nails and ½” plywood. Simply cut it into thin strips (or buy them) and nail them together in the shape of standard trellising. Once done, just attach it to your wall! There are so many different trellises you can make at an affordable price.

Trellis is a beautiful garden feature and easy DIY project for summer!

3 – Flower Wall

You can adapt trellising it into a flower wall if you want some more color for your garden. Simply attach the trellising to the wall and pick your flowers, ideally high climbing and colorful ones. You can use some small string to tie the flower stems to the trellising to keep it subtle.

To make it that bit better, try and mix up the colors of the flowering plants you use. As well as this, cover around half of the trellising rather than all of it to leave a nice contrast. A flower wall would look great above a flowerbed.


4 – Bird Box Outside DIY Project

Now the sun is out, birds are most likely going to be nesting because it’s warm enough. The nesting season is estimated to be February to August, so now is the prime time for them. This is where your DIY skills could be used in a way that is also good for the environment!

By using some ½ or ¾ plywood, you can easily build a bird box for birds to nest in. They’re a great outside DIY project for any skill level and look good in the garden too. Just build a simple box, ideally on a slant, and make an inch-wide hole in the front.

Bird boxes are easy outside DIY projects and great for the local wildlife!

If you want you can build yourself a birdhouse too, but this will need some more tools and material. A birdbox is a really simple but useful project to do outside, and you can even make more than one if you like. It might also attract some colourful birds to the garden too!

5 – Stone Features For Your Garden

Any garden could always benefit from stone features, whether it is large or small. If you have space, get some large stones or rocks and place them together with some plants. This could be arranged in whatever way you like to create an interesting garden feature.

If you want something smaller, try stepping stones throughout the garden. This is a simple but effective way to bring stone features to the garden. They’re also great for small flower beds or paths too!

Just remember, plants always make stone features look the part. Without them, they can look a little weak. Try flowering plants or just green plants depending on what you fancy. Stone features are a great outside DIY project because they are so customizable to your taste and style.

6 – Wooden Rope Swing

With just some wooden planks and rope, you can add a swing to your garden fairly easily. Now, there are two options for what to do here.

Option 1

Firstly, you can do your basic kids swing, which is a simple and cheap way for them to have fun! Just take a thick plank of wood and thick rope and make some holes in the wood. Tie the rope through, tie it to a tree and let the fun begin.

Rope swings are great fun for kids!

Option 2

Second, you could make it into a cozy swinging chair for you and the family. This will require some more material, mostly wood, but it’s a fun challenge, to say the least. You’ll need a long seating unit and two frames, alongside the rope to attach it. This is a very versatile outside DIY project!

7 – Benches

Building some basic benches, whether it’s old material or new, is a great project to get on with. They’ll need to be made from a quite thick material to support weight, but that does have to be an issue.

Benches don’t have to be long, fitting anything from 1 to several people. For a 2-person bench, we’d suggest one large plank of wood (at least a foot wide) and four legs holding it. As long as it’s secured properly, you have a new and simple seating area for your garden!

8 – Firepit

If you have company or if you want to sit outside on a summer night, a firepit is perfect. This is such a simple outside DIY project. A few rocks or stones alongside a bit of sand is enough for a cozy garden firepit. It adds a more tranquil aesthetic to your garden and is perfect for relaxing, as well as toasting marshmallows!

Just remember with firepits that you don’t want it to be too big. A 1m by 1m pit is enough and will allow you to get a good-sized flame. 

Firepits are perfect for a cozy summer evening outside.

9 – Easy Outside DIY Project Pond

It doesn’t have to be big, but a pond is a fantastic decorative and environmentally friendly garden feature. Apart from a pump if you want one, it shouldn’t be too expensive either. You just need some rocks and a pond liner. Surrounding flowers and stones really go a long way in making your pond look attractive too!  

Ponds are good for the environment and don’t have to be expensive to build!

10 – Sandpit Outside DIY Project

This is a great project for the kids, and it isn’t expensive either! Similar to a pond, a sandpit can be made by placing some liner in a hole and fill it with sand. You can also make a more complex one out of wood.

Overall, a sandpit is great for the kids, but you can make it look good too. It’s a simple yet effective outside DIY project!


All of these projects might need some material and tools, but they’re not difficult. It’s worth doing some research into them too before starting to get these projects right for you. Check out our other garden guides for some more inspiration!

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