If you have always wanted to take up welding, or you have a project that needs your immediate attention, a MIG welder is a great tool to have. There are, however, many MIG welders on the market, and they have a wide range of features. If you don’t purchase the right one, you could be left unable to complete the task at hand.

Luckily there are some simple factors that you can keep in mind when you are purchasing your first MIG welder. We will also take a look at ten of the best MIG welders on the market. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned welder, there are some options on this list for you. 

MIG Welder Important Features


A MIG welder can be gasless, or it can come with the ability to produce shielding gas. The idea behind the gas is that in certain environments, the gases in the atmosphere can weaken or create holes in the weld. The MIG welders that will allow for gas will be priced slightly higher because they come with gauges and accessories that allow for the gas. Many welders like to purchase a MIG welder that can be used with and without gas. 

Voltage Control

Welding takes quite a bit of precision. If you don’t have the ability to adjust the MIG welder in any way, it is going to take you a long time to perfect your welding. When welding, you will need to make sure that you can control the voltage. Most MIG welders will have a dial that lets you control the voltage. Some MIG welders have a few voltage settings, and others will have unlimited voltage control. 

Wire Feed Speed

Just as important as voltage control is the wire feed speed. When you are using a MIG welder, the voltage control combined with the wire feed speed is what will help a welder get a custom setting. This custom setting will assist when working with alternate materials and when learning to weld. Each MIG welder will have different levels of adjustability when it comes to wire feed speed.


With the importance of adjustability on a MIG Welder, so is understanding where your MIG welder stands. You will have to know what the voltage and wire feed speeds are to produce the next welds in a proper way. Having a display of what your MIG Welder is set at can undoubtedly help to make the welder feel more precise and capable. Although a digital display could cost a few dollars to add to the MIG welder, it is a feature worth considering. 

Top 10 Best MIG Welders 

Best Overall

1. MIG Welder Flux Core 110V/220V Reboot MIG150

Top Features

Mass production capability

Fair pricing for the performance

Output Range 30-160 A

Three-year warranty 

Cooling fan included 

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The best overall Mig Welder is the Reboot Mig Welder Flux Core. With this model, you will get the perfect combination of adjustability and pricing. You can use the Reboot with both 110V or 220V power. Change the power depending on the type of wire that you are using and the gas as well. 

Perhaps the thing that makes this Reboot stand out as the overall best is its ability to work for a beginner welder as well as a professional. Although the settings can be a little tricky when you first get your welder, you should easily have it set the way you need it for continued use after some time. 

If you want a very clean weld that is simple to accomplish, you can use the Reboot Mig Welder. Many professionals find no difference between this model and the higher end options on the market. Certainly, this says quite a bit about the product. If you think that welding will become a new hobby, this is the perfect model to consider. 

Best Value

2. SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder Flux Core

Top Features

Safety controls


Lower in pricing

Power and Feed Settings 

Lightweight and portable 

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One of the things you will notice about the MIG Welders is that the gas connections and the gas can make them a little more expensive. Although you will limit your capabilities a bit when you use a gasless MIG Welder, you will also lower your pricing. 

The Sunocoo is a small and gasless MIG Welder. It is built for durability and the smaller occasional job. If you need a MIG Welder for commercial use each day, we would choose a more premium model. However, for the price, this is a great portable and lightweight MIG Welder. 

You will get variable feed control between the minimum and maximum power. There are two levels within both the min and the max. When it comes to wire feed speed, there are ten levels to choose from. Ten levels are higher than some of the premium options on the market. 

Obviously, without the gas and with this being a smaller unit, this is made for thinner wire and small general repair projects. The Sunocoo comes with everything you need to start welding immediately.

Best Premium

3. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V

Top Features

5 Position Voltage Control

Operates on 115V Current

10ft work cable

Durable model 

Amperage Range 25-140

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Of course, there are lots of great choices on the market for MIG Welders; however, you will often see the price fluctuate from one to the next. The Hobart Handler 140 is one of the more expensive options on the market. However, with the expense, you are also going to get some incredible performance. 

The Hobart comes with a five position voltage control selector. It is very easy to toggle from one voltage to the next. This voltage control allows welders to get a very smooth arc. 

This MMIG Welder will work with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Even with all the power that you get from the Hobart, it still operates off of 115V household current. The wire feed speed ranges from 40 to 700. Essentially, you will quickly realize that the more adjustability you want from a MIG Welder, the more it will cost you. 

It’s always important to note the contents of the package when you are purchasing a Mig Welder. The Hobart comes with the MIG gun, a work capable regulator with a gas hose, and a material thickness gauge. You will need your wire and a workpiece, and you will be ready to go! 


Top Features

Works on 110V or 220V

Gas or Gasless

Can use with a Spool Gun as well 

Adjustable wire feed 

Suitable for stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum 

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The Sungoldpower 200amp Mig Welder is an excellent project for both at home use and long term commercial use. Although this model is priced just a bit higher than our top choice, it has plenty of features that have helped it earn a spot on our list. 

This particular MIG Welder can be used with both gas and in a gasless way. If you purchase a separate spool gun, you can also use this welder with a spool gun for aluminum welding. One of the things you will notice about the Sungoldpower is the easy of adjustability. 

You can easily adjust your wire speed and the welding current. These adjustments should be made based on the skill of the welder and the thickness of the material. The Sungoldpower is one of the more stable models on the market. When you are welding, a continuous and stable source of power is important, and with the Sungoldpower, you will absolutely get that feature. 

5. LOTOS MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder

Top Features


Wire range .025 to .030 

One year warranty 

Semi Auto switch available 

Digital displays

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There are a few great things about this Lotos Mig Welder that set it apart from the rest. Our favorite feature is the digital displays. If you have a hard time seeing exactly how your MIG Welder is set, the digital displays on this Lotus are a great solution. 

One the MIG torch, you will see that there is a switch that allows you to run the MIG Welder on semi automatic setting. This setting allows welders to take their hands off of the torch for longer periods of time if you are working on a more difficult or longer project. 

The Lotos is a good option for using with a spool gun as well; however, it is not included with this product. When you purchase this model, you will get a ground clamp cable, the gas regulator, and even a welding mask with some wire. This is a MIG Welder that will have you up and running in no time. 

6. 2020 Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Multi Process Welder

Top Features

MIG, Stick or TIG weld

Dual digital display

Easy to change amperage

Adjustable wire speed 

Overload protection

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The 2020 Weldpro is a very expensive and highly capable MIG Welder. In addition to having MIG Welding capabilities, this model also works well for those that need a Stick or TIG weld. The Weldpro is a compact model with lots of amazing features. 

The dual digital display allows welders to see what their wire speed and amperage are before they start their project. This makes it much easier to control what you are doing and remember settings that work for more precise welding. When you find a setting that works for you, you will easily be able to repeat it. 

Weldpro is known for being a high-quality name when it comes to welding. They stand behind their products and are known by professionals as being a great choice. The only problem with this particular model is that it may be a little more advanced for something that is needed for an occasional project at home. 

7. Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG 130 AC Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welder

Top Features

Variable feed Speed Control (10 levels) 

Lighter in weight

High precision

Low pricing

Works on thicker wire 

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The Super Deal Pro Commercial MIG Welder certainly comes at a very fair price. It is great for using both for home use and for work in the field too. This is a compact model that still offers plenty of power and adjustability. 

If you are working on simple at-home projects, this is a model that will take you from being an amateur welder to more of a professional. The Super Deal comes with a comfortable grip and simple operation and precision. 

The ten levels of wire feeding speeds help new welders to get the hang of welding while still making some smooth welds. Luckily the Super Deal also comes with everything needed to let you start welding right away. You will get a mask, chipping hammer, brush, and some wire to get you started. 

8. Goplus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core

Top Features

Two Air vent

Easy carrying handle

10 Levels of wire feed speed

Use with gas 

Four levels of current flow settings 

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The GoPlus Mig Welder is an excellent choice for some at home projects that require a little less speed and power. The GoPlus is a compact model that has plenty of adjustability for a smaller welding project. 

The best part about this welder is the fact that it has four levels of adjustable welding speed. When you combine that with the ten levels of adjustable wire feed speed, you get a highly capable model capable of getting a professional finish. 

Since the GoPlus is so lightweight and portable, you can bring it from one location to another with ease. If you are working in a location that is hard to access, the GoPlus is an excellent choice. Although this is not a perfect choice for a welder that is doing commercial work, the Go Plus can complete an occasional tough job. 

This model comes with a spool of wire and some other accessories to get your welding project completed with ease. 

9. Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder

Top Features

Entry-level welder 

140 amp output

Only weighs 19 pounds

Long lasting

Good adjustability 

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Our Take

The Forney Easy Weld is an entry-level welder. If you are new to welding and have been searching for the perfect MIG welder, this is an ideal choice. The Forney can get up to 140 amp output, which allows you to weld steel up to ¼ in plate. 

The Forney is a very lightweight model weighing only 19 pounds. You can bring this with you when you are working on a challenging project or fix away from your shop. When you choose an entry-level welder, it is essential to get something that you know will train you to be a great welder. The Forney is undoubtedly capable of that. 

The all-metal case around this adjustable welder allows you to get plenty of longevity from this model as well. It will stay in great shape for years to come. When it comes time to upgrade to a more impressive MIG welder, you will have all the necessary skills from working with the Forney. 


Top Features

Compact and portable 

Adjustable wire speed

Adjustable heat settings

Can be used as a TIG Welder with additional accessories

4T features to not have to hold the trigger the whole time 

Our Rating

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Last but certainly not least is the MIG 155 by Weldpro. This is a compact model with lots of great features. The only issue is that in order to get the full functionality out of this model, you will need to purchase other accessories. 

The wire feed choices you get with the Weldpro MIG 155 are from 78 inches to 472 inches per minute. You can adjust the wire speed and heat settings in hundreds of different ways to get the exact operation you need while welding. 

Another great feature is the 2T and 4T modes. If you are welding a larger piece, you will have to have to hold the trigger of your MIG welder for a long time. With the 4T feature, you will not have to have your finger on the trigger quite as long, and you can save yourself some fatigue. 

MIG Welder Buyers Guide

Now that you have a better view of the ten best MIG welders on the market let’s start looking at which ones are going to be the best for your workshop. Here are a few of the things that you should consider before you purchase your MIG welder. 


Pay very close attention to the voltage on the MIG welder you purchase. Some of these welders are 110V, and others are 220V. If you don’t have 220V hookups in your workshop, you will not be able to use your welder. It’s very important to consider the benefits of the 220V vs. the 110V and the safety as well. 

The 220V MIG welders will start up a little faster and will have less chance of a gap in performance while in use. The 110V MIG Welders are perfectly capable, but their speeds could be slightly reduced. The 110V MIG welders are, however, safer. These welders are known for being a good fit for the beginner that is still trying to figure out how to weld perfectly. 


Some MIG welders are also TIG and Stick welders. Other MIG welders are just capable of MIG welding. The more functions that a welder has, the more money it is going to cost you. When you look at something like the premium WeldPro model that is a MIG, TIG, and Stick Welder, you will pay almost three times the price. 

Try to consider what your welding goals are, how often you think you will use the unit, and what you truly need from it. 


MIG welders vary considerably in price. At the low end of the market, they are going to be around $150, and at the high end, you will see them priced over $500. The more expensive MIG welders usually have more adjustability and features. 

If you are a beginner that is just starting out, choosing an intermediate model is a smart choice. Something that has the ability to give you a reliable and stable weld while still being affordable is the best choice. The cheaper models sometimes have less adjustability, and it makes them a bit harder to work with. 


Some welders will choose to work only in their shop, and others will want to travel with the welder to fix something in a specific location. Try to think of where you will use your MIG welder and determine if portability is going to matter for your situation. 

In general, a MIG welder is relatively heavy. Some of the more portable models are around 20 pounds. The heavier MIG welders are going to be closer to 40 pounds. If your MIG welder will sit on your workbench in your shop, the weight may not matter to you. 


It is always important to consider safety features on any tool that you purchase. Some of the MIG welders come with overload protection and cooling fans to help make sure the machine stays in excellent condition. 

In addition, some MIG welders are sold with safety equipment, like a shield or gloves. These are complete kit MIG welders that will allow you to get started fixing things the minute you get the box open. For beginner MIG welders, it is so important to keep safety in mind. Although this project can be very safe, certain precautions need to be considered. 


Welding is certainly an art. You must have an excellent understanding of how to create the perfect weld if you plan on getting a long term clean fit. Having adjustability of both the voltage and the wire speed will allow this to happen. 

Adjustability is sometimes just a turning of a dial. Other times there will be a high or low switch that can allow for a perfect welding speed and power. Generally speaking, the MIG welders with more adjustability are going to be easier to work with. 

Allowing a new welder to work at a lower power with a slower wire speed will allow them to get comfortable with the unit. Getting comfortable and learning the art of welding can certainly take time. However, this is a very valuable skill that not all people can say that they have. 

MIG Welder Frequently Asked Questions

What Safety Equipment is Necessary for A MIG Welder? 

Welding, in general, is an activity that requires quite a bit of safety equipment. There are lots of potential injury locations that will need to be protected. Here are the most important personal protective items to have available when MIG Welding. 

Welding Helmet

A welding helmet will keep your face and the upper part of your head protected from sparks or any pieces of flying metal or wire. After all, the fit of your welding helmet is perfect will be an essential part of maintaining your safety. 

Ear Protection 

Welding can get very loud. Your ears will need to be covered if you are going to use your MIG welder quite often. In addition, the sound can lead to long-term hearing loss, it’s certainly not worth risking this, and you are much better off wearing ear protection. 


Although a MIG welder is relatively small, you still want to make sure that your feet are protected while you are working. This is especially important when you are working with a portable MIG welder. With the portable welder, you may not have a workbench that your feet are tucked under. 


Gloves will help welders keep their hands protected while they are working. Hands are going to be very exposed to heat and potential sparks as well. Welders will need to keep their hands steady while they are working, and a good pair of gloves will help with this. 

What Is Spool Gun Capability? 

If you noticed when we were reviewing the best MIG welders on the market, many of the options had spool gun capability. Spool guns help when working with aluminum, and they will make sure that the wire does not get tangled on the welder. 

Spool gun capability is a great feature to have because of the ability to produce a very thin weld. The problem with the spool gun feature is that you will need to purchase other accessories. If you think that you will be working with aluminum quite a bit, the spool gun could be a smart addition to your purchase. 

Are MIG Welders for Beginners? 

A MIG Welder is an excellent choice for a starter welder. We would recommend choosing something that is highly adjustable but a bit more basic when it comes to features. The more basic features will make the overall operation easier, but the finished product that much more professional. 

Although MIG Welders are an excellent choice for a beginner, there are also professionals that will use the MIG welder as well. Understanding the difference between the different types of welding machines is also quite important. 

What Metals Do MIG Welders work with? 

As you saw from most of our reviews, the MIG welder is known for working with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. MIG welding stands for Metal Inert Gas, and it is one of the more basic types of welding that a person can do. TIG welding allows for a great variety of metals. 

What Is The Difference Between MIG and TIG Welding? 

Both MIG and TIG Welding are essential to know how to do. There are a few differences between these types of welding procedures, and it is good for beginners to understand the differences. Without a doubt, MIG Welding is easier to learn. TIG Welding takes much more time and patience to be able to master. 

Another important point is that the MIG weld is also much faster than the TIG weld. Because of the precision that you get from TIG welding, the process takes quite a bit longer to complete. The MIG Weld is going to require a bit of cleanup to have a perfect professional and clean look. With the TIG welding, you are going to get a very high quality and good looking weld. 

Since the TIG Welder is quite a bit more precise and professional, you will also find that it is much more expensive. If you are looking to make a quick fix around the house or try your hand in welding, the MIG is undoubtedly a better choice to consider. 

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