Whether you have been in gardening a while, or growing herbs is entirely new to you, mint is one of the easiest plants to grow. This is one of those plants that will grow so quick and fast that you will quickly be researching what to do with all the mint you are producing. One source of confusion for those that are growing mint is what to do with the mint flowers.

The flowers appear rather quickly, and some gardeners may be concerned that the mint leaves are no longer good. If you have ever worried about these mint flowers and how they will impact your plant, you are in the right place! 

Should You Let Mint Plants Flower

It is completely fine to let mint plants flower; however, it will impact the strength and the taste of your mint leaves. Once the plant starts to flower, the leaves are going to be kind of dull, and you will need more of them to achieve the same results. 

If you plan on making something that would normally require about three mint leaves, you will need to double it if the flowers on the plant are present. As you become more experienced with growing and mint plants, you will know when to pull the leaves before the flowers arriving. 

It is a good idea to remove the mint plant’s flowers to promote new growth on your mint plant as well. Hard pruning does not harm mint plants. In fact, if you want a very strong crop, pruning is essential. 

Can You Eat Mint Flowers

As we mentioned, the leaves of the mint plant are going to have stronger and better flavor if you can harvest them before the flowers start to grow. However, if it is too late and the flowers have started, you may wonder if those flowers are edible. 

Mint flowers are edible, and they can work well in individual flavoring dishes; however, they are not the preferred part of the plant to eat. If you are making some herbal remedies, it is fine to use the flower; however, the leaf is going to be stronger and better tasting as well. 

Tips For Growing Mint Plants

Mint plants are one of the easiest plants to grow. In fact, if you are considering starting a garden but afraid you will fail, start with mint! Here are some tips to help make sure your first experience with mint is a good one. 

Plant In Container

Mint spread very quickly. In fact, if you plant mint in the center of your garden, chances are it will pretty much take over. If you want to avoid having an entire garden full of mint plants, you must plant them in a container. 

When you bury the container in your garden, it will block the roots of the mint from spreading. The spread of mints is rather easy to stop. You can use a rock or a barrier under the ground to keep it from moving around the garden too quickly. If you start seeing mint flowers on your plants, they probably won’t spread quite as fast.

Partial Shade

Mint plants do the best when they have some shade in the afternoon. If you allow the mint plants to have sun all the time, they will likely get a bit dried out. Typically speaking mind does best when it stays a bit wet and the leaves keep that deeper green color. 

If you plant mint in pots on your patio or deck, you can always move them from one location to another so that they can get the perfect mix of sun and shade. 

Prune for More 

If you want more and more mint to keep growing, you can prune your mint plants. When you pick mint leaves, you are also pruning them. Therefore the more mint you use, the more mint you will have. This is partly what makes this such a great plant to grow. 

What Can You Make With Mint and Mint Flowers? 

Now that you are an expert at growing mint, what will you do with it all! 

There are quite a few things that you can do with mint. Of course, this will partially depend on what type of mint you are growing. One of the most popular things to do with mint is to use it in tea. Whether you are drinking cold or hot tea, mint is a great additive. 

Mint is also excellent for use in things like salad, smoothies, and even when you are making pesto. The more mint you grow, the more creative you will get with the ways to use it in your kitchen. Mint has a very clean fragrance as well, and keeping it in your home can help to give your home a great smell. Don’t worry about those mint flowers being harmful to the mint plant; simply pick your mint leaves before you see the flowers, and you will get a bounty of fresh mint. 

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