Have you recently invested in an ATV snow plow, but are not sure how to attach it? Sometimes the instructions that companies include with your order are not as helpful as they should be. In those cases, assembling something like a snowplow can be very frustrating.

In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about hooking up a snow plow to your ATV. Plus, we will be covering some other useful information. You will want to keep reading to find out more.

How to Attach a Snow Plow to An ATV

There are three parts to the snow plow- the plow blade, plow tube, and the mounting plate. Before you start on your installation, make sure that the company you ordered from has sent you all of the parts that you need.

The Mounting Plate

Next, you will need to raise your ATV with a jack. Once you have done so, you will be able to install the mounting easier. You will need to use U-bolts to hold the plow in place under your ATV. Once you have the mounting plate attached, you can move onto the plow tube.

The Plow Tube

The plow tube comes with pins and latches that you will use at the front of your ATV. They come in two styles, which are straight or articulating push tubes. Which one do you need?

Straight Push Tubes

The straight push tube is best if raising your plow tube will not cause problems, as they are not going to elevate the plow. They are usually blocked by the ATV frame.

Articulating Push Tubes

This type of tube is better if you want to be elevated. Since articulating tubes touch the ATV frame, the plow blade rises more. They usually will have more hinges, meaning that they can achieve more elevation.

Attaching your plow tube is pretty easy. All you need to do is use the pins and latches that came in your kit to install the component on the front of your ATV. When you are finished, you can move onto the plow blade.

The Snow Plow Blade

Plow blades come in many different sizes, designs, and materials. Ones that are made for the ATV usually will be made from steel and a size of 60 inches or less. Keep in mind that anything larger than 60 inches is not likely to work with your ATV.

The styles will vary between straight and v-shaped blades. Although, when it comes to use on an ATV, we recommend that you use a straight blade.

Since you have the push tubes and mounting plate already attached, installing the blade will be easy. Your operator’s manual should have further information that is specific to your model.

However, you can use the included bolts in your blade. From there, secure them with the nuts and ensure everything is tight. Often you will need to connect this section to an angle level lever. Once you have completed building that component, you can attach it to the plow blade and connect it to your vehicle.

Each model of snow plow is going to vary. To make sure you are taking the correct steps, we recommend you look over your instructions thoroughly. You may also be able to find videos on YouTube to assist you further.

What Size ATV to use for Snow Plowing?

Do you already own an ATV and want to know if it can be used for snow plowing? As long as it is an average size, it should be enough. For example, a mid to upper size ATV will weigh between 400 and 700 pounds.

 The ATV should fall between 400cc and 800cc, so that you do not overload your engine. However, as long as your ATV falls in the correct weight range, you should be fine.

Your ATV should be heavy enough that it does not get tilted by the addition of your snow plow. It is a good idea to check out the weight of the blade and the rest of the components before you make any final purchases.


If you have an ATV, setting up a snow plow on it is easy. If you have a lot of area that you need to clear, this helps out a lot. You will be glad that you no longer have to clear snow by hand.

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