Right angle drill attachments are an essential part of any DIY toolkit. Whatever home improvement project you’re doing, if you’re using a drill, you need the right attachments for the job. Trying to drill holes for screws in small, difficult areas can be a frustrating process for even the most experienced DIY expert.

Right angle drill attachments are very handy for working at these awkward angles. If you’ve got a tight corner to drill into, they’ll make your life a lot easier. These attachments allow you to drill at ninety-degree angles, which comes in really useful in many home improvement projects. 

This article will take you through what to look out for when picking the best right angle drill attachment. We’ll also give you a few product recommendations to make your choice easier! 

What To Consider When Buying A Right Angle Drill Attachment? 


There are a lot of drills available on the market. You need to make sure your attachment is compatible with the type of drill you have. Check the product descriptions and reviews on websites like Amazon to work out which attachments are usable with your drill. 

Length of Chuck And Drill Bits

Whatever attachment you’re buying, it’s essential to check the size of the chuck. Drill bits will only work with certain size drills. You need to know the drill size to avoid making a wrong purchase. 


Whether it’s for daily use or occasional use, you want your right angle drill attachment to be durable. Most attachments are made of metal but some have plastic coverings. Consider the materials the product should be made from for the amount of use it will endure. Look for longer warranty periods to cover any unexpected damage. 

Efficiency and Portability

Lightweight, portable designs are much easier to use in tight spaces and at awkward angles. Cordless drills are ideal for flexibility when working. Think about what type of drill you have or want to buy when looking for what to buy. 


Finally, you need to set a budget for your purchase. Don’t pay a high amount for something you’re only planning to use occasionally. However, you shouldn’t go for a cheap item if you want it to last a long time or will be using it regularly. Think about the quality of the product you’re looking for, and view your choice as an investment. 

Top Picks For Right Angle Drill Attachments

Now we’ve gone over the most important considerations when looking for the ideal right angle drill attachment, we’ve got some recommendations to help you with your purchase. These are the most highly-rated products out there, giving you an idea of the type of product to search for. 

DEWALT Right Angle Attachment, Impact Ready (DWARA120):

This is an extremely highly rated attachment with a lot of five-star reviews. Lightweight, robust, and allows you to drive or drill with ease, this is a great all-round product at a reasonable price. We recommend this DEWALT right angle drill attachment if you’re relatively new to the world of DIY. 

DEWALT Right Angle Attachment, Flex Shaft, 12-Inch (DWARAFS):  

Pick this drill if you want a longer shaft that is flexible for reaching tight spaces. It’s a bit more expensive but still reasonable and suitable for more advanced drilling work. 

ARES 70790 Right Angle Driver Max Torque of 504 in/lbs For Use With 18 Volt Or 2,000 RPM Drills Features Quick Release Easily Swap Out ¼-inch Drive Bits:

At more of a mid-range price point, this ARES drill is a reliable product with a good three-year warranty. It features an additional support handle for accurate drilling, so is good if you’re a bit less steady with your hands. 

Milwaukee 49-22-8510 Right Angle Drill Attachment Kit:

At the more pricey end, the Milwaukee right angle drill attachment is a professional-grade tool great for working in tight spots. It’s all made from metal meaning it is very durable and comes in a compact design ideal for use with cordless drills. 


Whatever your project and budget, there is a right angle drill attachment on the market to make drilling in those tight spaces and awkward corners much easier. This article has given you a few tips for finding the best product, and will hopefully make your hunt for the right tool a lot easier! 

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