With the electric elements inside, many assume that heated jackets must be hard to care for. One question we often see is: Can you wash a heated jacket? In this article, we’ll go over some common tips and tricks to help you care for your heated jacket.

Once you’ve owned a good quality heated jacket it can be very hard to go back to a traditional one. These clever designs are getting increasingly popular in the areas of the country with the harshest winters – like the Midwest and Northern U.S – and given how well they work, it’s easy to see why!

Before You Wash

Before you wash your heated jacket, make sure you remove the battery. If you cannot remove the battery, you should not wash the jacket. After you have removed the battery, tuck the battery cable back into the battery pocket and zip it closed. Leaving the cable loose can cause it to get caught on other clothing in the machine, or the machine itself.

At this point, it’s also worth taking a quick look at the care tag, if possible. Sometimes you might learn something that is specific to your jacket.

Pre-washing & Stain Removal

If your jacket has stains, you should pre-treat them before you wash the jacket. Locate any areas on that jacket that need treatment, and apply a very mild stain treatment. Be sure not to use bleach, and only use treatments that are safe for use on jackets and technical clothing.

If you aren’t sure, it’s a good idea to test the detergent on a small area out of sight. That way you can check to make sure you aren’t going to damage the jacket. Inside the waistline or the hem are great places to do this.

Washing Your Jacket

Now you can go ahead and wash your jacket. You’ve got two options – hand wash it, or wash it in a machine on a delicate cycle. You should use a temperature of 86F or less, and do not use any fabric softener. Finally, we recommend keeping the wash cycle to less than 45 minutes, which most delicate cycles will do anyway.

If you are handwashing, mix your detergent and use a large tub of lukewarm water. Carefully massage the stain areas, but do not wring or twist the jacket, as it can damage the heating elements. Afterward, empty the tub, and rinse the jacket a few times with cold water.

Drying Your Jacket

We strongly recommend against tumble drying your jacket, as it can damage the material. You should hang it up for air drying. Don’t leave it on a radiator, close to, or touching any hot surfaces.

Manufacturer’s Care Guides


Milwaukee Tools


Venture Heat


Contrary to what many people think, you can wash your heated jacket as we have discussed. The key is to be very gentle, and avoid washing it for prolonged periods. Keep it short and sharp! Put the battery back into the jacket once you’re done and you should be good to go!

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