Whether in your backyard or as part of a local community project, a basketball court can be a great place for staying active and having fun. If you have an outdoor basketball court already or are looking at making one, painting it correctly is essential. Our guide will give you a rundown of exactly why you should paint a concrete basketball court. Plus why using the right concrete basketball paint is important!

Do You Need Lines On A Basketball Court?

One of the first things to know is why painting lines on an outdoor basketball court is so important. Paint is used to mark the edges and lines within the court to tell players where to stand and shoot from. These lines need to be clear so players can follow the rules of basketball properly. The sidelines, midcourt line, and baselines must be clear for players and spectators so the game can be played correctly.

Paying attention to the lines and measurements during painting is especially needed if you’re painting a concrete court for a basketball team. However, it’s also good to have the lines right if you’re just painting a court for your children. This will help them learn the game of basketball properly!

Why You Should Paint A Concrete Basketball Court

Beyond marking lines on your outdoor basketball court, paint should be used to cover the whole surface of the court. In professional basketball, the NBA uses hardwood basketball courts with different types of finish to protect them. This is because the courts endure a lot of wear and tear from players running around and jumping for balls. The finish of the wood also helps with absorbing shock and bounce, leading to better performance.

Similarly, on outdoor concrete basketball courts, paint can be used to improve the durability of the court, players’ traction, and ball bounce. Painting the whole surface of your court ensures the surface is protected and makes it better for playing on. Plus, giving it a coat of paint means it will look more authentic, just like a real NBA basketball court!

How To Paint A Concrete Basketball Court?

Painting a concrete basketball court is relatively easy. A few tips are helpful if you’ve never done it before, though!

First, you need to prepare your court properly. Make sure the concrete is clean using a pressure washer to get up any dirt, especially if it’s an older surface. Dirt will stop the paint sticking to the concrete properly. Second, fill any cracks or gaps that may have appeared over time. Home Depot and other DIY stores sell concrete patchers to do this. This will make sure the finish is clean and professional once painted.

Preparing The Surface

Priming concrete is also key. Clear concrete primers are available from many DIY shops. When applying you should always use the appropriate clothing, skin, and eye protection. If laying a new court or resurfacing one completely, make sure the concrete has had enough time to dry before prepping and painting.

After the preparation is done, you need to measure out your basketball court lines. This can be done using simple instructions available online, which tell you the exact measurements between basketball court lines on concrete.

Choosing Your Paint

Finally, pick your paint. You must use an outdoor concrete paint, as paint does not stick to concrete unless it’s a special type. Other paints may also be slippy, which could cause injury to players or children using the court. There are many different brands of concrete basketball court paint that you can pick from. Some of these are Duracourt, Dyco’s Instacourt, and Sherwin William’s concrete sealer paint. Most DIY stores have a range of ordinary outdoor concrete paints. There also specialist basketball court paints to choose from if you require the highest specifications.

Pick whichever color you like to paint your court. There are different colors to create logos if you’re painting for a specific team or group similar to professional NBA courts. NBA courts are normally built from hardwood floors that is better for the players to run on. Typically, a basketball court is painted blue with white lines.


Painting a concrete basketball court is quite simple when the correct preparations are taken. Taking the time to paint the basketball court and mark the basketball court lines onto the concrete will make your court much more professional and fun to play on. Putting in a little bit of work will help transform your basketball court into a great outdoor area for plenty of games!

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