Fall front porch decor is an American essential at this time of year. In the U.S., Halloween is the second biggest commercial holiday after Christmas: we spend an estimated $6 billion annually on decor, costumes, and treats! Autumn is also all about those cozy, homely vibes, however. So, what’s better than decorating your porch to fit the seasonal aesthetic?

Although we’re prone to spending a lot on holiday decor, your Fall front porch does not have to be mega expensive. In this article, I’ll take you through 5 inexpensive and seasonal decor ideas to elevate your porch this spooky season.

Top 5 Fall Front Porch Decor Ideas

Now, there are plenty of ways you can update your Fall front porch decor that won’t cost the world. You can opt for a particular aesthetic, swapping out the usual fall colors for neutrals, metallics, or even something entirely different like purple. However, in this article, I’m sticking to the basics! Feel free to switch up your porch decor to whatever suits your tastes.

1. Pumpkins – Quintessential Fall Front Porch Decor

First, you can’t go wrong with pumpkins. Perhaps the most autumnal vegetable that is also super versatile for display and decoration, they’re a brilliant choice for adding some seasonal flair to your Fall front porch.

You can grow pumpkins yourself, get them at your local supermarket, or go to a seasonal pumpkin patch to have your pick of the crop. Carve your pumpkins into spooky Halloween ornaments, also adding candles to turn them into jack-o-lanterns. Or simply leave them as they are. You could also find alternatives if you don’t want real pumpkins: there are plenty of ceramic, wooden, or other faux pumpkins to use as porch decor.

Pumpkins make great Fall front porch decor!

2. Fall Leaves And Flowers

Create a beautiful seasonal aesthetic on your Fall front porch using seasonal leaves and plants. This is a slightly more subtle way to decorate than using pumpkins. However, you can also use a combination of these decorating ideas to make your space feel really Autumnal.

Use potted plants, hanging vines, or even a Fall wreath to decorate your porch. You can use real or faux plants but just think about keeping them alive and how long they will last. Faux plants can be packed away for Winter and Summer and returned to their spots when the Fall comes again. Real plants are also a bit more of a year-round commitment. Dried flowers and leaves are a great item to make a wreath out of.

3. Spooky Seasonal Decor

A slightly less subtle way to decorate your Fall front porch is by going all out with the spooky season aesthetic. Who doesn’t love a bit of Halloween spirit? This is definitely one if you have kids who love the holiday or have a big neighborhood tradition of trick-or-treating.

Plenty of home supply stores, like Home Depot, or other online shops like Amazon sell Halloween decor supplies. You can opt for classic decorations like plastic skeletons, ghosts, and witches, or alternatively find something a bit more traditional made out of natural materials like wood. Incorporate carved jack-o-lanterns too.

Spooky Fall front porch decor is a classic option that you can’t go wrong with.

4. Paint Your Door To Elevate Fall Front Porch Decor

Next, a slightly bigger DIY project: painting your front door. There’s not much better than giving your front door a fresh lick of paint to make it feel brand new in the colder months. To get the Fall aesthetic, why not temporarily paint it with some brilliant, bright Autumnal colors? Go for a deep red, an orange, or even a green to add a little something extra to your porch this season.

Alternatively, opt for more traditional colors like gray, black, white, or blue to give yourself a year-round look that can be dressed up or down with other seasonal decorations.

5. Seasonal Seating And Weatherproofing

Finally, do you have a wrap-around porch? If so, now is a great time to add some seating and seasonal weatherproofing to make use of that space year-round. Whilst not everyone has this option, make the most of it if you do! So many porches go unused in Fall and Winter, but it’s such a shame to waste that space.

Swap out Summer garden furniture for something a bit cozier. Add comfy cushions and blankets to great a snug area. You could even get some outdoor heater lamps so you can sit out there even on cold days. Get some outdoor curtains or blinds to protect your porch and also decor from the elements. And there you have it – a useful space year-round!


Decorating your Fall front porch doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. These are just a few of many ways you can get your porch ready for the Autumn months, whilst also giving it something extra to make it useful and seasonal. As I’ve already said, you can also combine a few of these ideas to go all out this Fall!

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