The bathroom should be a relaxing space, so why not make your bathroom feel like a spa? You might not have space for a full spa or hot tub in your garden, but a spa-like bathroom is a great alternative. This can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want. There are so many ways to update your interior design and decor to create the perfect, relaxed spa environment right in your own home.

This article takes you through my top 5 tips for making your bathroom feel like a spa. With these little tricks, your bathroom will become a space to unwind and pamper yourself. Read on to find out more!

1. Get Rid Of Clutter To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

There is nothing relaxing about a cluttered space. People are spending more time at home, and clutter builds up so easily. If you want to make your bathroom feel like a spa, you need to declutter.

This can be as simple as throwing out old toiletries you’ve collected over the years. Get yourself some good storage units, shelving, or baskets to hide away products and cleaning gear. You can also move any extra toilet paper and cleaning products into a laundry room or storage cupboard if you have one. Freeing up some space and removing clutter is the first easy step to making your bathroom feel like a spa.

Do Some Redecorating

After decluttering, you may also want to renovate a little. Maybe your bathroom is a little run-down or worn out from years of use? Or it’s not quite your style? Retiling, getting a shiny new sink, or even a clawfoot bathtub will add to that spa feeling.

2. Get A Bath Caddy

A bath caddy is essential for getting the luxury and convenience of a spa in your bathroom. These can be bought from a lot of home supply and DIY stores. They are also often pretty inexpensive. I would recommend opting for something made in wood. This is because it adds a natural feel to your bathroom, as well as being light and less likely to damage your bath. A bath caddy is a simple way to make your bathroom feel like a spa!

A bath caddy is luxurious and practical.

3. Display Your Towels

Spas often have towels on display. A lot of people hide their towels away, however, they can be made into a great feature for your bathroom. You can install some simple shelving to stack your neatly folded towels on. Or, you could roll them up in rattan baskets and display them on the floor or surfaces. Either way, make sure you keep your towels fluffy and soft so they really make your bathroom feel like a spa.

4. Add Some Plants To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

Getting a bit of nature into your bathroom can help to make your bathroom feel like a spa. The types of houseplants which do well in kitchens are also quite good for bathrooms. Opt for succulents and tough leafy plants like Snake Plants if your bathroom doesn’t have much light. Check out our list of low-maintenance houseplants for an idea of what to buy!

Plants add a natural element to your bathroom.

5. Add Spa Products And Candles

Finally, you can’t have a spa without spa products and candles. All spas create a relaxing atmosphere with luxurious products and candles. You don’t have to spend a lot on these: stores like TJ Maxx are great for inexpensive yet indulgent products and candles. Go for fresh scents and gentle products to really make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Candles are essential for a spa bathroom!

Eucalyptus In The Shower Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

What if you don’t like candles? Hanging fresh Eucalyptus leaves in your shower will add that finishing touch to make your bathroom feel like a spa. Buy some Eucalyptus leaves, crush them a bit with a rolling pin to release the scent, and hang them under your showerhead with some string. As the shower steams up, the fresh Eucalyptus scent will be released. It’s also good for your health. You have to change the leaves every week or so, but they really add that extra something to your bathroom!

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