Are you looking to buy the best electric pressure washer on the market, but don’t know how useful it will be? Or maybe you’ve already purchased your new kit and don’t know what it can do? Pressure washers are amazing tools that can take on a whole host of cleaning jobs around your home. To get the most bang for your buck, it’s important to know exactly what they can do. In this article, we’ll guide you through the top 10 uses for the best electric pressure washers available, giving you ideas for where and how to use them at home! 

Before You Start Using Your Pressure Washer

There are a few things you need to think about before you jump into using your pressure washer. If you haven’t bought one yet, take a look at our review of the best electric pressure washers for tips on what to purchase.

Looking for something bigger for a commercial setting? We also have a review of the best commercial pressure washers

Safety should always come first. Remember, like any DIY equipment, pressure washers can be dangerous if misused. The best electric pressure washers are very powerful and you have to be careful during use. Always read the instructions with your pressure washer, and think about your safety before you start.

Wear sturdy shoes that cover your toes, and you might want to wear earplugs and goggles to protect your ears and eyes from noise and debris. Never point a pressure washer hose at yourself or anyone else, and keep a bit of distance between yourself and the surface you’re cleaning. 

10 Ways To Use A Pressure Washer 

With safety in mind, here are the top 10 uses for an pressure washer at home! 

1. Pressure Washing Your Car

First, and perhaps most obviously, you can use a pressure washer to clean your car. You can spend a lot of time hand-washing and waxing your car to get that professional finish, but you might want something quicker if you’re short on time. A pressure washer can be used to cut your car cleaning time right down. Check out our article on using a pressure washer to clean your car for more advice. 

2. Wooden Decking 

Wooden decking should be cleaned once a year (at least) with a pressure washer. This makes sure that the surface is safe to use, as it removes mildew and mold, and keeps the deck from becoming slippery. Don’t hold your pressure washer too close to the wood, as it can damage it easily if you’re not careful and the wood is soft.

3. Tile Patios 

Instead of a wooden deck, you might have a tiled or concrete tile patio in need of a clean. Pressure washing your tile or concrete tile patio will get rid of any mold and moss, things prone to growing on these outdoor surfaces. Pair your pressure washer with a good detergent made for concrete and tiles, and you can’t go wrong! 

4. Garden Furniture 

Wooden garden furniture is prone to looking grey and dull after sitting outside in all seasons. Use your pressure washer to get rid of dirt and grime, and make your garden furniture look brand new! Using a pressure washer is the best way to clean anything like this which might be outside year-round. 

5. Fencing

As well as wooden garden furniture, you might have a wooden fence around your property. Pressure washers work on these in the same way as garden furniture. Fences become very dirty over time and can leave the outside of your property looking run-down and tired if you don’t clean them once in a while. Using a pressure washer can get this job done quickly and efficiently. 

6. Driveways and Garages 

Nothing will clean your concrete driveway or garage floor as well as a pressure washer will. Cleaning with a brush, detergent, and a garden hose is a slow task. However, a pressure washer speeds this right up and gives you a much more thorough clean. 

7. Window Washing 

In addition to your patios, driveways, and furniture, you can keep your windows sparkling clean with a pressure washer. Exterior windows collect a lot of dirt over time and can be especially tricky to clean. Pressure washing windows will get them clean fast, and it’s even better if you can use purified water to eliminate watermarks. 

8. Using pressure washers for General Home Maintenance 

Pressure washers aren’t just good for window cleaning! You can use your pressure washer for cleaning out those hard-to-reach places like gutters, chimneys, and drains. You could even take your pressure washer to that tough grime that forms in swimming pools after they haven’t been used for a while.

9. BBQ or Grill Cleaning

One of the best uses for pressure washers is cleaning your grill or BBQ. If it has accumulated lots of dirt from cooking, a pressure washer can come in handy. These are notoriously hard to clean, but a pressure washer can cut through the grime and grease in seconds.

10. Lawn Mowers

Finally, you can clean your lawnmower with a pressure washer to keep it in top working order. Cleaning around the blades of your mower gets any grass and grime out, ensuring it runs smoothly on your next use. This can be done regularly if you mow your yard often! 


As you can see, there are a lot of different uses for pressure washers. They’re great pieces of inexpensive kit which can make a huge difference around the home. Once you’ve found the best electric pressure washer for you, there’s so much you can do with it. If you haven’t already got one, maybe all of the uses they have discussed here will convince you to buy an electric pressure washer!

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