Miter saws are an excellent tool for multiple jobs around the home. However, over time your miter saw blade can become dull and damaged, or you may just want to use a different blade depending on the task. We will run you through how to change a miter saw blade yourself.

It’s a very easy task to replace your blade. Let us help you through these simple and easy steps to make sure you change it safely.

Don’t worry you don’t have to be a professional to change a saw blade, miter saw blades are deliberately made to be easy to change by anyone.

First of all, it is essential that you turn off the saw and remove the plug from the outlet.

Next make sure you have the correct replacement blade.

Tools you will need:

  • Allen wrench (or blade wrench provided with your saw)
  • Screwdriver
  • Oil
  • Gloves

We have created this simple checklist to make sure you are ready to start.

  • Clear a safe area to work in
  • Turn saw off
  • Unplug and check it isn’t connected by squeezing the trigger a few times
  • Rotate saw to a vertical position so that the blade teeth are facing down
  • Make sure you have the correct replacement blade

7 simple steps to replacing a miter saw blade

  1. Make sure your saw is off and unplugged
  2. Move the blade guard out of the way
  3. Lock the blade using the spindle lock
  4. Remove the bolt
  5. Change the blade
  6. Replace the bolt
  7. Replace the blade guard and secure

Miter Saw Blade Replacement in Detail

Making sure that your compound miter saw isn’t connected to an outlet you can begin by removing the safety guard around the blade. We recommend you wear gloves throughout this process due to the sharp blade edge.

Or if you have a cordless saw make sure you remove the battery before starting.

The blade guard is often held in place with a couple of screws. Loosen the screws and using your hand gently to move the blade guard up out of the way to allow you access to the blade.

Locking the blade in place

Next, it is important to stop the blade from rotating while being replaced. Press the saws spindle lockdown, this can be located at either the front or the rear of the saw housing and looks like a little button. To confirm that the blade is locked check the spindle button is all the way down and the blade doesn’t rotate.

It is important to make sure the blade is locked before moving into the next step.

Using an Allen wrench, or blade wrench provided with your saw, turn the bolt in the center of the blade clockwise until it is loose, this is the blade bolt. You may have to apply pressure to the spindle lock to stop the blade rotating. If your miter saw doesn’t have a spindle lock or pin then a piece of wood can be placed under the blade and the blade gently forced into it.

Remove the blade bolt and the outer blade washer. Carefully remove the old blade and place it to the side. Clean the inner and outer blade washers, including the area around the blade mounting point. Wipe a drop of oil onto each of the washers on the side that will be making contact with the new blade.

Fitting the new Miter Saw Blade

Fit the new miter saw blade inside the blade guard onto the spindle. Make sure the blade teeth are pointing downward, this is essential to make sure your blade is in the correct cutting orientation. Often there is an arrow to help with orientating the blade in the correct direction.

Replace the outer blade washer and blade bolt. Turning the blade bolt counterclockwise using an Allen wrench or blade wrench provide. Make sure that the blade is secure and is correctly mounted.

Finally replace the blade guard and secure it back into place using the screws. Now you have finished changing a miter saw blade, a few final checks and we are ready to start cutting.

Checks before using your miter saw.

Raise and lower the saw head to ensure that the miter saw blade guard operates correctly. Next, check that the spindle lock isn’t still on and the blade is able to rotate. Always remember that blades are very dangerous and improper fastening can cause them to spin-off and disengage from the miter saw at high speed.

Don’t forget!

Use this as a great opportunity to clean the saw and remove any unwanted dust, empty your dust bag, and give the whole area a good clean. Finally, once the machine is clean make sure to apply oil as per the manufacturer’s user manual.

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