It’s the time again; the lawn seems like it never stops growing. Like the dishes never stop getting dirty, and the laundry never comes to an end, the grass can be the same way. It’s a tricky thing being a homeowner. You will notice your luscious grass growing and thriving; then you have the realization that it is on your to cut it. If you need some extra motivation to get your lawn cut, try to consider the physical benefits. So is mowing the lawn a good workout? Let’s take a look.

What Type Of Lawn Mowing Are You Doing? 

There are several ways to mow your lawn, and each one of them will burn a different amount of calories. 


Sitting on a tractor or riding on a mower is going to burn very few calories. Although it may burn more than sitting on your couch, you won’t be making any progress towards your fitness goals. Try to add a bit of exercise by raking up after the fact; otherwise, this one will be low on the calorie burn. 

Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Most people choose to use a self-propelled walk behind mower when cutting their grass. If you use a mower like this, you will get a good workout. Chances are you will be walking at a relatively fast past. Also, you will notice that you still need to push a self-propelled mower. It does not do all the work for you. 

Non-Self Propelled Power Mower

If you don’t have the automatic drive feature in your lawnmower, you will burn quite a few more calories. This is because you will be pushing the lawnmower weight in its entirety as you walk. Pushing a mower like this for an hour or so will burn hundreds of calories based on your current physical condition. 

Rotary Mower – Non Powered 

A rotary mower is going to also help you burn quite a few calories. Since you don’t have the help of an engine to move you across the turf, you will be getting a great workout. In fact, if you want to lose some weight this summer, go pick up an old fashioned lawnmower at a yard sale!

How To Burn Even More Calories Mowing the Lawn

If you find that you like this concept of mowing and getting a workout, there are more things you can do to get some exercise in the yard. One of the best ways to add in a few more calories is to rake up the grass when you are finished cutting. 

Raking up the grass as opposed to bagging is going to help to increase your calorie burn and physical activity. Raking is a great way to raise your heart rate and work on arm strength as well. 

If you still feel like you need more of a workout, you can always sweep the driveway, trim some bushes or plants or cultivate some soil for a new planting area. Spending time outside and in your yard is going to be a healthier experience than watching a movie! 

Safety Considerations for Lawn Mowing 

Although mowing the lawn is a good workout, you will need to be sure that you are careful. If you are not in good physical condition or the weather is extremely hot, make sure to take proper safety precautions. 

The most important thing to do is to stay hydrated. You will need to drink water when you mow the lawn. As you are mowing, you will sweat, and it will cause you to become dehydrated. Always keep a water bottle nearby, and if you need to stop and take a break, that is entirely acceptable. 

Make sure to protect your skin as well. When mowing, you will be exposed to sunlight for quite some time. Wearing a hat and sunscreen can work well to help you prevent sunburn. Sunburn could have lasting effects on your skin. 

Lastly, always consider protecting your eyes as well. When mowing, a piece of debris can quickly fly up and hit your eye. This is a painful and scary experience that can be avoided by wearing some eye protection. 

Conclusion – Is Mowing The Lawn A Good Workout

Hopefully, you can now clearly see that mowing the lawn is a good workout. You will get your heart rate up, get in plenty of steps, work your arm muscles, and spend time outdoors. All of these things will be good for you, and it’s suitable for your grass as well. If you have never mowed the lawn before, you may want to ease into the process. Mow part of the turf one day and finish it the next. Before long, you will be mowing each week and feeling good about your physical conditioning. 

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  1. I’m moving into a property with a really big lawn, and I want to make sure that I can mow it properly. It makes sense that getting a ride-on mower would make this so much easier for me! I’ll be sure to work with a professional to ensure that I do this properly.

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