People have so many bad cleaning habits and they don’t even know it. Looking for ways to make cleaning quicker and more simple means often cutting corners. However, some of these cheats can actually make cleaning harder.

So, to break bad habits we first need to identify them. In this article, I’ll explain 5 of the worst cleaning habits that you might be forming. I’ll tell you why you need to break them, and ways you can make cleaning easier without making mistakes. Read on to find out more!

1. Using Too Much Cleaning Product Is A Bad Cleaning Habit

One of the first cleaning sins many people commit is using too much product. Most of the time, a little goes a long way. You might need a little more of something if a surface or item is especially dirty. However, overloading the product won’t make it work any better!

Don’t Use Too Many Products!

Using too many different products is also a bad cleaning habit you need to break. Years ago, we didn’t have so many different cleaning items to choose from. Basics like castile soap and vinegar did most of the work. Now, there’s so much on the market, and some people really overdo it. Viral Tiktok cleaning videos make people mix all sorts together and overload on products. This isn’t any more effective than sticking to the basics. Also, it can be dangerous, as some products should never be mixed together.

You don’t need to use loads of harsh cleaning products to clean effectively!

Harsh Cleaning Products Aren’t Always Needed

Sometimes, the harshest chemicals aren’t always the best as well. Sometimes, they can be damaging to surfaces, especially on things such as stained or treated wood. Some people love using bleach for everything. However, it’s very harsh and there are a lot of things you should not do with it.

These cautions bring us onto our next bad cleaning habit…

2. Never Reading Product Instructions

In the second place, one of the worst cleaning habits is that some people never read the product instructions when cleaning. These can be really important.

First, they tell you how to use something in the most effective way. This can save you product and therefore money, and make sure you’re not using too much. Second, they tell you what not to do with the products. As we’ve already mentioned in the case of bleach, there are some things that are very dangerous. You have to keep safe when cleaning, so reading product instructions is always important! It is not time-consuming either: most instructions are quite concise.

3. Cleaning With Dirty Appliances And Cloth

Next, some people do not clean their cleaning tools enough. How can you expect your house to be clean if you’re trying to clean it with dirty appliances? One of the worst offenders here is dishcloths or sponges. You really need to change disposable ones every week or two. Other reusable types can be cleaned regularly in the dishwasher.

The same goes for bigger cleaning tools like mops and hoovers. You should regularly clean these out so you’re not just spreading dirt around. You must also remember to clean your dishwasher so it can clean your plates and cutlery properly. We’ve got a great article on how to clean your dishwasher to help you out.

Cleaning is much easier with clean tools.

4. Leaving Cleaning To Pile Up Is The Worst Cleaning Habit

In fourth place, leaving the cleaning to pile up until it becomes unmanageable is a super bad cleaning habit you should break. Doing little and often will prevent it from getting too bad. This also means cleaning tasks will be shorter and you can clean more efficiently. There are a couple of associated bad cleaning habits that you also need to avoid…

Leaving Dirty Dishes Is A Bad Cleaning Habit

Leaving your dirty dishes to pile up for days is unhygienic and makes cleaning a lot harder. Utilize a dishwasher regularly if you have one. If not, stay on top of your washing up daily.

Don’t let dirty dishes and cups pile up!

Don’t Leave Damp Towels Lying Around

Additionally, don’t leave damp towels to pile up around the house. This can cause mold in your home which is bad for your health. It can also smell really bad. To help with any potential damp, air and wash towels regularly. You should also install a bathroom extractor fan.

5. Irregular Dusting And Vacuuming

Finally, a lot of people don’t realize the importance of regular dusting and vacuuming. These activities keep dirt at bay and should also be done weekly to every couple of weeks, if not more often. It also helps lower allergies to dust.

There you have it: 5 bad cleaning habits I bet you didn’t even know you had! It’s now time to kick these habits and make cleaning a lot simpler and quicker.

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