Having a good bathroom vent fan is really important. They serve a very practical function in the bathroom. It can be hard to pick a good one, however. Workshopedia already has some great articles on doing a bathroom renovation and other home DIY tips. We’ve never discussed bathroom fans before, though.

In this article, I’ll take you through exactly what a bathroom fan is and what it does. I’ll explain why it is super important to have one if you want a clean and safe bathroom. Following this, I’ll take you through the things to look for when picking the right fan for you.

What Is A Bathroom Vent Fan?

A bathroom vent fan is quite self-explanatory. It is a fan that draws indoor air outside. It operates using a tube or duct. They are typically installed when a bathroom is built or remodeled. Many building codes now insist on a vent fan in new bathrooms.

A standard bathroom vent fan.

These fans are wired into your house. They operate on a standard 120-volt electrical current. This is similar to light fixtures or ceiling fans. They are turned on and off by a typical wall switch. When turned on, the fan draws air out into a plastic or metal duct which deposits out through the roof or wall of the house.

What Does A Bathroom Vent Fan Do?

A bathroom vent fan basically does what it says on the tin. It is used to ventilate a bathroom. These fans improve air quality by drawing moisture out of the air and depositing it outside. You might not need a fan if you have a well-ventilated room through other means. For example, you might have big windows in your bathroom.

Why Is A Fan Important?

Now you know what a bathroom vent fan is and what it does, you might be wondering: why is it important? First, it removes odors from the bathroom, keeping the room smelling pleasant. Second, because it removes moist air, it discourages mold growth. Mold can be extremely bad for your health but also damaging to your bathroom fixtures and surfaces.

A fan will help with these issues. It prevents the excessive buildup of moisture which can damage your lungs and house. We recommend having a bathroom vent fan if you want a healthy, safe bathroom!

Advice For Buying A Bathroom Vent Fan

Now you know why a bathroom vent fan is so important, I can take you through some advice for buying a vent fan. It’s really quite basic.

Where To Buy A Bathroom Vent Fan?

These fans can be bought from most home and DIY stores. For example, you will find many options at the likes of Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes. Amazon also has a lot of options. There are a lot of different sizes and shapes to choose from. Check out the 7 best fans of 2021 reviewed here.


Like any home improvement purchase, you also need to consider the cost of the product before you buy. Luckily, however, bathroom fans are not super expensive. They will therefore typically cost you between $50-100. Most mid-range models will be decent. However, spend a bit more if you want to ensure the fan will be top quality. More expensive models can be more powerful, so check the CFM (cubic feet per minute) to make sure it is not too powerful, or powerful enough, for your space.


Bathroom vent fans can also be loud. Therefore, you must look at how noisy the different options are if this is something that matters to you. Find a fan rated 1.0 or below. The quieter the fan, the lower the sound rating.


Next, you also need to consider how the fan is installed. Many will be easy to install yourself if you already have the appropriate wall holes for them. This will mainly be the case if your property is newly built or you’re replacing an existing fan. You might also need to hire a specialist to install if you’ve got an older house without the correct fittings.

Install the bathroom vent fan where there is a lot of moisture. For example, near the sink, shower, or bath.

Install your vent fan in an area that creates a lot of moisture, like near the shower.

HVI Certification

Finally, many fans are certified by the Home Ventilation Institute or HVI. This means they have been independently tested and also meet specific industry safety standards. Always look for this certification as it guarantees great quality. This kind of recognition is also important for everything you install in your home.

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