Adhesive putty is a wonderful tool for interior design. However, not many people know what it is. It can also be a bit of a mystery when working out how to use it. Also known as museum putty, it has been used in museums and exhibits for decades. It’s also a great tool to have around the home.

In this article, I take you through the top 5 uses for adhesive putty around the home. It is surprisingly versatile and extremely easy to use. You’re sure to find a way to incorporate it into your space here. Read on to find out more!

What Is Adhesive Putty?

Adhesive putty is a white or clear gel-like substance. It is high-strength and typically reusable. You can get it in different forms, but most ‘museum’ style putty is clear and very malleable. If used correctly, it can be a damage-free way to attach things to surfaces like the kitchen worktop or a painted wall.

It is relatively inexpensive. You can purchase it from places like The Container Store, Home Depot, and Amazon.

Top 5 Uses For Adhesive Putty

So, now you know what adhesive putty is, how do you use it?

1. Stop Rugs Slipping With Adhesive Putty

One very simple use is to stop rugs from slipping around. If you have hardwood floors or a wood flooring alternative, it can be very slippy. All of us with wooden floors know the frustration of rugs constantly moving around. Plus, it can be very dangerous, especially with older people in the house, for rugs to move so easily. This is where putty comes in!

Use adhesive putty to secure rugs, making them safer.

You can attach adhesive putty to the underside of your rug in several places to stop it from moving. I recommend putting a substantial amount on each corner with smaller pieces at a few intervals along the lengths. Once applied, place your rug down and press into the adhesive until it feels firmly stuck. Try this out in your bathroom on bath mats as well.

2. Secure Breakable Decor

Next up, you can secure breakable decor with museum putty. Often used in museums to keep objects in place in exhibit cabinets, putty is therefore also ideal for doing similar in the home. Use it on vases, sculptures, photo frames, and candles to keep them in place. You can even give it a go in the kitchen, securing things like your electric knife sharpener or coffee machine.

This use is very helpful if you have children or pets. Children can pull down decor, breaking it and injuring themselves. Dogs and cats especially can very easily knock ornaments off of surfaces when running and jumping around. Check out our article on how to make your home safe for cats for more advice on using putty in this way.

3. Hang And Secure Art With Adhesive Putty

Hanging art can be difficult. Whilst we have an article on how to hang picture hooks, that might not be for you. You may be renting, or don’t feel like doing the work. If you’ve got lightweight artwork, prints, or frames to hang, adhesive putty is for you.

Putty is perfect for hanging up smaller, lighter pieces of art. It’s a great tool for creating a gallery wall, as it saves putting in lots of picture hooks or nails. Furthermore, you can use it to temporarily test out picture placement if you’re not sure where you want something.

Adhesive putty is great for temporary gallery walls.

4. Hide Electricals

Next, adhesive putty can be used to tidy away and hide electrical cables. Cables can be unsightly, ruining the aesthetic of a room very easily. They can also be dangerous. Small children and pets might chew on them or get tangled in them. Putty can help you fix both of these problems!

Use the putty to stick cables together or secure them to a surface. You can attach wires to the floor under the edge of a carpet or rug. Or if you’ve got a computer on a desk, attach the wires to the back or underside of the desk with the putty. It can really tidy up a space without much expense or effort.

5. Hang Seasonal Decor

Finally, hanging seasonal decor can be a pain. However, adhesive putty can make it easier. As it is largely damage-free if used correctly, putty is brilliant for hanging seasonal decor which you don’t want up all year round.

Seasonal decor can be put up using adhesive putty.

Use your putty to put up birthday bunting, festive garlands, or Halloween spider webs. You can also attach ornaments to surfaces, as I’ve mentioned previously. It’s so simple to do and also makes decorating for the holidays and any events a lot easier.


As you can see, adhesive putty has so many uses around the home. It’s a brilliant, inexpensive tool that has such a versatile range. If you’re not already using it, go out and get some!

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