Home renovation videos have taken off on TikTok DIY accounts. Because of this, they are a great place to find ideas for your own DIY projects. They can also be helpful if you’re not sure where to begin.

With so many videos on TikTok, it is hard to know who to follow. To help you, we’ve put together our top 6 TikTok DIY accounts to watch. They are also split into 2 different types. Historic home renovation is first. After this, we have interior design accounts.

We know you’ll find at least one home renovation and DIY TikTok account to follow!

Historic Home Renovation TikTok DIY Accounts

First, we’ve listed accounts showing historic home renovations. This is because TikTok is the perfect place for finding this type of content.

There are lots of new and experienced DIYers are showing off their beautiful old homes.

1 – Old House Adam (@oldhouseadam) 


When a wall goes up, I build a tunnel and find gold, then I buy the wall. Thanks for the support along the way! #oldhousetiktok #interiordesigner

♬ Here’s Your Perfect – Jamie Miller
See Old House Adam’s amazing renovation progress!

Old House Adam’s TikTok DIY home renovation account is one to watch. Adam bought his wife’s 114-year-old childhood family home in 2020.

This house is in the Historic District of North Carolina. Since buying it, Adam has been renovating it. Now, his account is a treasure trove of renovation ideas mixed with history. 

Scroll through Adam’s videos to find videos on lots of topics. There’s everything from woodworking to bathroom installation. He also does lots of things with furniture and vintage shopping trips. If you love everything historic and all-American, this is the TikTok DIY account for you!

Check out this video for an overview of the amazing project Adam’s family is working on!

2 – Brad & Sean & Grace (@back_to_the_studs)

Check out Brad and Sean’s house tour!

This account shows the process of a couple’s mission to renovate an 1881 Brooklyn house. They wanted to make it true to its original beauty.  

One brilliant feature of this home renovation account is that Brad and Sean love to show off their old finds in the house. This has been things like old mailboxes and original tiling. They also throw in some facts about how houses were built in the U.S.A. in the 1880s. 

You can watch a tour of the beautiful house which is being renovated!

3 – Christine Monks (@christine_monks) 

Tour Christine’s beautiful historical home.

Christine owns a beautiful Victorian house. It is also packed with vintage details matching its original design. Christine is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her home is sure to make any history and DIY lovers jealous.

Christine takes her audience around all of the rooms in her house. She shows off the DIY work she has done in her Victorian space. We also get to see her beautiful gardens. These gardens are complete with hedging and water features. 

Check out Christine’s first video to get an idea of what to expect from her account!

Interior Design TikTok DIY Accounts To Follow

Now, we’re moving on from historic home renovation. There are also plenty of eye-catching interior design accounts for you to enjoy. Read on to find out about our 3 favorites! 

4 – Jaclyn Harper (@jaclynhdesigns) 

Watch for Jaclyn’s top tips on home decor inspiration!

Jaclyn Harper is a well-known Canadian interior designer. She is also a TV host. She has taken the TikTok DIY world by storm since last year.

Jaclyn’s account is full of advice, tips, and inspiration for DIY home renovation and interior styling. Because she is so experienced, she shares some of the mistakes she’s made with DIY. This is especially helpful for new DIYers.

For everything from advice on where to buy stylish interior pieces, Jaclyn’s TikTok is helpful. She also gives out tips on how to show off your work as a new designer. What more could you want? 

Now, watch her series on design terms explained to get started!

5 – Kyla (@houseofhipsters) 

See Kyla’s ‘DecorTok’ for great interior design ideas!

If you love a mix of vintage and modern design then Kyla’s TikTok DIY interior design account is for you! Kyla is based in Chicago. She is also a home decor blogger. Using her blog, she wants to inspire her followers to give DIY a go. Kyla also decorates beautiful space through thrifting, recycling, and budget-friendly DIY hacks. 

Kyla also gives advice on cleaning and making your home more practical. None of her ideas will break the bank. If funky interior design style with useful tips is your thing, her TikTok account is the place to start. 

Check out her dining room tour to see the type of styling Kyla does best!

6 – Annika Hinds (@blondesigns) 


This mirror is still one of my favorite thrift flips 🌿 #HomeDIY #tiktokdiy #plants #thriftflip

Annika loves thrift flips and DIY on a budget!

Finally, do you love pastel colors, plants, and cats? If so, Annika Hinds’ TikTok DIY account will be up your street. Annika shows off her beautiful home on TikTok. She also tells you how to DIY on a budget. 

On her page, there are videos on how to make a hammock for your cat. There are also organizational tips for your house. She also gives thrifty advice for turning trash into cash. This TikToker has become very popular in recent months. It’s no wonder why.

You can also watch her 2020 DIY highlights video to see what Annika gets up to on TikTok!

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