TikTok has started a social media revolution, and there are so many good TikTok woodworking accounts for you to follow. Short-form video form serves short attention spans well. There are many uses for this platform, but DIY is one of its strengths.

When you are a DIY woodworking beginner, it is easier to absorb instructions if the format they’re presented in is short and broken down. TikTok woodworking accounts are great for this. Alternatively, if you’re a seasoned woodworking professional, TikTok woodworking accounts are brilliant for inspiration. You’ll find them filled with unique builds and advice.

So, in this article, I take you through my top 5 TikTok woodworking accounts to get you started!

Tyson Moore (@tysonmoorebuilds)

Check out Tyson’s cat-friendly woodwork!

One of my favorite woodworkers and builders on TikTok has to be Tyson Moore! As a cat lover, I couldn’t help but be drawn to his account when I saw the amazing catbox he made.

What I love about this creation is the way he broke it down into several sections. Although it started out as a simple box, you can see the amount of work that went into creating a well-finished final project.

Tyson Moore has many projects on his page. Another favorite of mine is when he creates a French Cleat Tool Storage Unit. It sounds quite simple but his joining technique is amazing. If you like this, check out our article on how to build a tool storage unit for an alternative project!

Walker’s Woodworks (@walkerswoodworks)

Check out Walker’s account to see vintage woodworking tools in use.

Another awesome TikTok woodworking account is Walker’s Woodworks. Like Tyson Moore, he shows his individual projects as well as sharing his tips and tricks.

Some of his best content is when he uses vintage tools. For example, in this video he uses a vintage Oliver planer. I love to see classic tools at work on modern projects.

Walker also does a lot of power carving, which is a fantastic process to watch. Overall, I’d highly recommend his account for some inspiring TikTok woodworking projects. He also has a YouTube channel for more long-form videos.

Blacktail Studio (@blacktailstudio)

Blacktail Studio’s account is filled with fun content!

Blacktail Studio is a fantastic account. They work with epoxy as well as woodwork and teach and educate others.

I don’t know about you, but for me, masonry tools can be a bit confusing. Blacktail Studio often shows off different types of tools so you can get to grips with the woodwork basics. They even show off some really unique ones, like this Japanese Chisel.

Additionally, they also often upload videos asking their audience questions about tools, materials and joins. If you’re looking for a great educational account then this is definitely the place for you.

Woodworking Fun (@woodworkingfun)

Check out woodworkingfun for loads of projects to keep you busy!

Again, like Blacktail Studio, woodworkingfun is perfect for anyone looking for inspiration as well as handy tips and tricks!

One of the best things woodworkingfun has to offer is a website of over 16000 step-by-step projects. They take you through lots of these projects on their TikTok woodworking account.

Simple skills like joining or cutting wood feature a lot on this channel so I would definitely recommend it to a beginner woodworker. Their account is mostly a promotion of their website, so there aren’t many videos featuring people, but it’s perfect for seeing basic skills in action.

Shaping Sawdust (@shapingsawdust)


I’ve made the perfect folding workbench for the weekend DIYer #diy #woodwork #imadeitmyself #foldingworkbench #garagestorage

♬ How Bizarre – OMC
For amateur woodworking videos, see Shaping Sawdust’s account!

Shaping Sawdust is a smaller account run by a friendly amateur woodworker in Western Australia. Being a smaller account makes it much more personal. He often does woodworking projects for his family. For example, see the amazing folding workbench he made for his brother in the video above! If you like this, check out our article on how to build your own woodworking bench.

He breaks his videos down into parts that suit the short video format well. There are also great videos of him teaching a young boy the tricks of the trade. He is incredibly talented at more detailed works, such as sanding and shaping. Good evidence of this can be seen in his custom chopping board video.

Best TikTok Woodworking Accounts – Conclusion

These are just 5 of the best accounts available, but there are definitely many more. I can reassure you I spend hours just scrolling through and am often inspired by what I see on TikTok. Social Media is a fantastic tool for the modern-day woodworker.

If you love seeing what different woodworkers have created on Tiktok, why not try out your own woodworking project? Check out our step-by-step article on how to build a herb planter as an easy place to start!

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